Little kids

How to explain to a child where children come from? Tips and tricks


From the point of view of psychology, the early interest of children in how they came into the world is absolutely normal and natural. But, unfortunately, many parents who did not receive the correct sexual education about this in their childhood, not only do not consider it necessary to answer children's questions, but also resent such curiosity. As a result, the child develops the first complexes and shame that he asked something wrong, which made the parents angry with him. However, modern parents are increasingly trying to instill in their children the understanding that conception and birth are completely healthy and natural processes, while at the same time enlightening them on this topic as carefully and carefully as possible.

Proper sex education can prevent early teenage pregnancy and the development of an inferiority complex in a future adolescent.

First of all, when explaining the appearance of children into the world, there is no need to lie and write stories about being in cabbage or generous storks - the child must get an undistorted understanding of the issue. Otherwise, it can at least be laughed at by peers who have received a more accurate and truthful explanation. If parents cannot find the right words, it is better to entrust this delicate mission to a psychologist who will be able to convey the description of the process to the child without traumatizing his psyche with colorful descriptions or stupid epithets.

Correct explanation

If a child asks how he was born, there is no need to demonstratively grab a bottle of Corvalol and tell him that he is still small for such sacred knowledge. Also, in no case should one shame a child for curiosity or laugh it off - after such “answers” ​​the children either consider sex as shameful or ridiculous, or begin to explore the issue on their own or with the help of outsiders. Therefore, first of all, you need to maintain complete peace of mind, show adequate emotions and not translate the topic, since the child will still return to it - only without the participation of parents.

If the child himself comes with a similar question, this means only one thing - he still completely trusts his parents, which is very important for his further maturing next to them.

It is very important to respond to the child, given his age - so, children under the age of three often have a rather short answer “born”. Older children are already showing active curiosity in this regard, supported by a mass of questions, so this answer is unlikely to satisfy them. First of all, you should explain to them that mom and dad fell in love with each other, they wanted a baby who grew up in the tummy of her mother for nine months, and then was born in the maternity hospital. If desired, you can resort to specialized children's literature, where the conception and birth of children are presented in the form of simple and understandable pictures - however, it is desirable to avoid overly detailed anatomical illustrations.

To tell the truth?

When a preschooler asks you a question about the appearance of children, he is less concerned about human physiology and intimate relationships. Scarce knows the world, trying to understand the basic laws. He will be completely satisfied with the fabulous answer about the shop or the stork.

However, soon the baby will be convinced of the falsity of such information. It will be enough to communicate with friends in kindergarten. Surely some of them have younger brothers or sisters. The enlightener of modern children often turns out to be a TV, through which one can personally see the process of not only giving birth, but also conceiving a baby. Confidence in the words of the parents will be undermined.

How to explain to a child where children come from? Psychologists advise initially voiced truthful information. But at the same time, it is dispensed out according to the age and needs of the heir.

Common mistakes

The theme of gender relations, intimate relationships is very important for children. Incorrectly presented information can be the cause of many complexes already in adulthood.

Therefore, try to avoid the following errors:

  • Departure from the answer. Forget the phrase: "Grow up - you will know." A child should not get the feeling that the appearance of children is a taboo subject. In extreme cases, take a time out, prepare for the upcoming conversation.
  • Inadequate response to such questions. Try to keep the conversation natural, as when discussing other topics. No need to create in children the feeling that sexual issues are something dirty, shameful.
  • Use of ridiculous words to describe human genitals. Many parents do not know how to tell a child where children come from. They resort to encrypted notation instead of using the correct medical names.
  • Podkovyvanie encyclopedias. The child wants to hear a personalized response from a loved one, and not to read the impersonal text. You can resort to the help of books, but then read them together and discuss and comment on the course.
  • Forcing events. Sometimes parents give children excessive information about sex, cesarean section, painful childbirth, without taking into account the age of the baby. All this can cause fear and psychological trauma.

Conversation with a baby of 3-4 years

In the younger preschool age, for the first time, babies are perplexed by the question of childbearing. At the same time, the process of conception, as a rule, does not interest them. How to explain to a small child where the children come from? You can tell that the baby grows in the mother’s belly. Show your photos during pregnancy, describe how you waited for your baby, how you prepared for it a bed, diapers, rattles.

When the baby is growing up, the mother goes to the hospital, and the doctor pulls the baby out of the abdomen. To translate the conversation on a neutral topic, talk about the animal world. Tell that fish are bred from eggs, chicks are from eggs. But kittens and puppies also grow up in my mother's tummy, they are so warm and good. Usually, young children are quite satisfied with such explanations.

What to say to a child 5-7 years old?

At this age, children already know about the sex differences between boys and girls. Therefore, it is necessary to tell about sex, but with extreme caution. How to explain to a child where children come from? Start a conversation with the fact that once mom and dad met each other, fell in love and wanted to get married. They were always together, slept in the same bed, kissed and hugged tightly. One day, my father's cell, similar to a tadpole, got into my mother's tummy and connected there with another cell. So a tiny baby, the size of a grain of sand, appeared.

All women have a house for future babies - the womb. In it, the baby began to grow, he had hands, legs, eyes and other parts of the body. While the baby was in the stomach, he ate the same food as the mother, through a special tube - the umbilical cord. Buy a children's encyclopedia on this topic, look at the photos. Tell us how you waited for the baby, stroked it through the belly, sang songs. When the baby grew up and he felt cramped, the doctors took him out through a special hole that my mother has at the bottom of the pelvis. Everyone was very happy with his appearance.

Ticklish moments

It is not necessary to wait for children's questions to start a conversation on the topic of childbirth. If the son of 6 years does not take the initiative, find a suitable occasion. They may be the pregnancy of a familiar woman. How to explain to the boy where the children come from? First, find out what information the child owns at the moment. Perhaps she needs correction.

Sometimes there are situations that put parents in a dead end. Consider some of them:

  • The kid has learned indecent words from his friends. Explain that rude, rude people say so. You don't want to hear such words in your house. Instead, cultural people use other names: penis, vagina, "make love."
  • The child saw the intercourse of animals or an intimate scene on TV. Explain that adults behave this way when they fall in love with each other. They want to sleep together, hug, kiss, be together. Sometimes later children appear.
  • A friend in the kindergarten says that a stork brings children. Talk about having a baby is a miracle. Therefore, there are many beautiful fairy tales and legends on this subject that are very interesting to listen to.
  • The kid shares his knowledge with everyone he meets, which puts parents in an awkward position. Say that some topics are usually discussed only with relatives.

Almost teen

At the age of 8-12 years old, you can safely acquaint children with anatomical terms. Speak of sex as a natural process for adults. You do not know how to explain to the boy where the children come from? Relax. Most likely, he already has some idea about the bedding scenes.

It is more important to convey to the child the idea that sex is beautiful when people love each other. Trust and mutual responsibility are all the more necessary when it comes to having children. In order for the baby to have everything they need, mom and dad should get an education, find a good job, arrange housing.

Be sure to prepare the child for puberty. Buy a good encyclopedia with lots of illustrations. Changes in your own body should not take the offspring off guard.

Chatting with a boy

Dad usually explains to his younger son where his children come from. In addition, the father will be able to talk about pollutions, erotic dreams, breaking the voice and other changes that await the future man. Representatives of the same sex will understand each other better and will be able to avoid embarrassment. If there is no father for any reason, entrust the delicate task to the grandfather, uncle, elder brother. The boy should be aware of the changes taking place with the girls.

At this age, you can talk about the first love. Explain to your son that being ashamed of a girl you like is normal. Do not make fun of clumsy attempts to attract attention. Teach your child to find common lessons with her darling, do something pleasant for her, ask about interests and respect the decisive “no.”

Conversation with a girl

If the dad explains to his son where the children come from, in the case of his daughter this honorable duty falls on the mother. It is important to prepare the child for the first menstruation so that it does not cause fright. Tell us about other changes in the body - the appearance of body hair, breast growth, teen acne. Do not forget to mention the rules of hygiene.

Explain that after the onset of menstruation, the girl may become pregnant. However, her body is not ready to bear the baby. Teach your daughter to respect yourself, to defend their borders. Reassure the child that saying no to other people is normal. You can not overstep your reluctance and do something, following in the wake of your peers.

Themselves with a mustache

Sociological polls show that adolescents put their first sexual experiments at the age of 14-16. They already know where the children come from. How to explain to a child that early sex life can lead to serious problems? Unfortunately, there is no definite recipe. Notations and intimidation at this age are not perceived.

If you have a trusting relationship with your child, in conversations give more specific examples from the lives of people around you. Be sure to bring to him information about contraceptive methods. Instill the idea that sex is primarily a responsibility that both partners bear. It is possible to have children only after the body of the expectant mother gets stronger and is ready to bear. Abortion is unacceptable, as it may entail serious consequences for the girl, even infertility. Besides killing even tiny, but still human, immoral.

When to start talking on this topic?

When should you start talking to your child about sex education? In fact, the answer to this question is extremely simple - when he asks about it. Only you need to submit information at the level at which your son or daughter is ready to accept it.

So, very little baby can tell that in the tummy of the mother has a special cell, which connects with my father's. There is no need to use special terms and disclose details.

At the age of about 3 years, children begin to learn about their gender. Approximately at this age the first questions “about this” appear. Although, most likely, it seems to parents that there is something indecent in the question, but the child simply perceives the world.

But if you become shy of the answer or express some strong emotions, the topic will become painful and cause undue interest.

Why is talking to parents so important?

It does not happen that a child until adolescence stays aside from the knowledge about this part of “adult” life. Information, especially in our time, is served from all sides.

Do you want your baby to learn about the mystery of love, the birth of children from children in the yard or from a computer screen?

In order for a person's sexual life to be successful, it is important that he develops a proper, adequate attitude to the issues of sex and sexual relations. In your hands give your son or daughter weighted, correct answers.

In addition, are you not afraid that the child may simply receive incorrect information? How many unwanted pregnancies have led a youthful legend that “you will not get pregnant for the first time”! So it is better to talk about everything in time.

Forcibly conveying information is not necessary, but if the kid has grown to class 1, and the question “Where did I come from?” Has not yet been heard, it is better to take the initiative. Maybe he is shy. Or already received information from other sources. It is better to talk - perhaps something that will have to be corrected.

Very little kids

Small children can all be told simply and with a minimum of detail. Scarce will grow up, and his knowledge in this area will grow and expand.

Advice: Never forget about the joke in which mother told what abortion is, and the daughter meant the phrase from the song. " and they fight on the side of the ship. " Sometimes a banana is just a banana.

In three or four years

If a three-year-old child asks you how he was born, answer only the question posed. No need for sex and other joys.

Variations of the answer will tell that a little baby is waiting for her family to meet with her in her mother's stomach, and then, when she grows up, she comes to light through a special door. Children in the 3-4 years of this is quite enough.

Preschool children

At the age of 6, kids start asking not only where the children come from, but also how they get there. This is where most parents start stuttering. And in vain. Tell me how it is. But at the level of six years.

Something about the fact that when mom and dad love each other, they embrace and kiss, and father's cell connects with my mother's. And further according to the text - that a baby grows in mom's tummy.

Junior students

The next round of questions arises, as a rule, a little later - in 8-9 years. It is no longer so easy to explain to the child where the children come from, because a deeper disclosure of the topic is extremely embarrassing for parents.

If earlier questions of physiology and differences between men and women were not discussed - now is the time. At this age, it is easier to talk using medical terms: vagina, penis. By the way, such an approach is often more convenient for adults as well, since the topic turns into a scientific course.

“Big talk” at this age is convenient to combine with viewing children's encyclopedias with images of a person’s device or specialized books for children on this topic.

Such children's books can provide a great service to moms and dads, as they describe difficult issues just in accordance with children's age.

Another rule: Do not go into unnecessary details. The child does not yet perceive the entire system. It builds its knowledge base by analogy with a tree. Each new information becomes another branch of the "tree of knowledge."

Excessive information will confuse the baby and may even scare him. Enter as a rule - to answer only a specific question. As a rule, the piece of information received by the child requires reflection. A little later he will come for the next answer.


The next important point is adolescence. Physiological changes in the body can cause psychological stress. Therefore, children need to be told in advance about what is happening to them.

Be sure to talk about menstruation and pollutions. Think, maybe, it makes sense to describe to the son the changes in the girl's organism, and to the daughter - to report on what is happening with the young men so that they have the right impression about the maturing peers.

From here, the conversation can smoothly proceed to the topic where the children come from. Now that we have figured out why the boy needs a penis, it is easy to understand how sperm get into the female uterus.

Do I need to talk about sex with teens?

Of course yes. However, there is a very fine line here, breaking which, you can lose the trust of a son or daughter. Если они открылись вам для беседы, постарайтесь избежать нотаций и ругани.

Отношения с противоположным полом — тонкая тема, постарайтесь сохранить контакт со своим ребенком.

Интерес к информации о сексе вовсе не означает, что подросток поспешит им заниматься. Наоборот, предупрежден — значит вооружен. Расскажите о необходимости предохранения от беременности и болезней, о том, что лучший вариант в этом возрасте — презервативы.

И не забывайте напомнить о любви. Sex is the highest manifestation of feeling, not a way to satisfy one’s curiosity or give in to a partner.

How to find the right words?

If you find it difficult to find words, try to find the right literature. Now you can find excellent books written for both small children and schoolchildren, telling "about it" in detail, but according to age.

The most important thing is considered by teachers and psychologists to immediately call things by their names. Calling parts of the body, do not invent "faucets" and other parables. The child treats his genitals as well as his arm or leg. Do not be embarrassed and you.

Talking about the appearance of children, focus on love and relationships. Indeed, it is precisely because mom and dad love each other, they have children.

Let your story look something like this:

“Loving people start living together. They have their own home, they do everything together. They like to hug and kiss. Having lived a little together, they may want to have a child.

You already know that men and women are differently arranged. This is specifically designed so that they can have children. Papa's penis gives mom a small cell. Connecting with my mother's, this cell performs real miracles. It makes a real child.

True, at first he is very small, and lives in my mother's belly until he grows up and gains strength. Then he comes to light through a hole in his mother's body. ”

Of course, when the child becomes older, the story will begin to grow into details. Remember - no need to run ahead of the locomotive.

Do not complicate

Do not refer the child to the medical encyclopedia. If you need help - find a book that is suitable for age.

Wonderful books like “Where did I come from?” Were written for young children, and “Sexual Encyclopedia for Teenagers” is more suitable for those who finish school. These books always indicate the recommended age of children.

If possible, do not refer to the parent of the opposite sex.

It is important for children to talk on such topics with a loved one of the same sex as they do. It’s easier for a girl to come to her mom for advice, and a dad for a boy.

If you have an incomplete family, it is possible that someone from relatives or close friends may talk with the child. If there is no such person, do not extinguish. Dad can also explain to the girl about menarche or pregnancy, and mom talk with her son about the first sex.

The hardest thing to start such a conversation. It may be worthwhile to first offer the child some of the books suggested above or discuss the watched movie.

Do not overload with extra information.

Tell us where the children come from, but don't talk about painful childbirth or complications. Everything has its time. As the child grows up, the information will, of course, expand, but it’s not worth throwing out too much at once.

For example, if the question of pain still arises, we can say that doctors and women help the woman. He ensures that everything is fine with mom and baby. And despite the painful feelings, the birth of a child is a great joy and happiness.

What should a young man know

Once the father explained to the son where the children come from. Now is the time to talk about condoms and venereal diseases. The boy must understand that the girl may become pregnant during the first sex. Inspire the guy that it is the man who must show responsibility by taking care of contraception. Show your son where he can get condoms, as many teenagers are embarrassed to buy them on their own.

At the same time, emphasize that being a virgin is not a shame. On the contrary, great willpower is needed in order not to succumb to the herd instinct. Sex without mutual feelings often brings only disappointment. Going to bed with a loved one is a completely different matter.

If a girl refuses to have sex, it does not mean that the guy is bad. It may just not be ready. It is important for the girl to feel loved, to trust the partner completely. We need to give her time, and not insist on her.

What to say to a girl

Do you remember with nostalgia the time when you didn’t know how to explain to your daughter where the children come from? Now she has grown, started to be friends with the boys, and your fears grow with a geometric progression? First of all, learn to trust the girl. Constant bans provoke a riot.

However, warn your daughter that she should think about her safety alone with the boys. Inviting a girl to listen to music, the guy may mean a completely different occupation. You can not go on about it because of the fear of being rejected. Psychological research proves that men appreciate the women for whom they had to fight. It is important to respect yourself and be able to say "no" if you do not want something.

Introduce the girl with contraceptive methods in detail. Explain that the birth control pill cannot protect against sexually transmitted diseases. With interrupted intercourse, the possibility of pregnancy is maintained, as well as during the first time. Inspire your daughter with the idea that it is the girl who should take care of her safety.

You do not know how to explain to a child where the children come from? Drop the fears and time the conversation to a specific situation. The conversation is easier to start, citing the example of a third party. Always answer the child's questions, maintain a trusting relationship so that the children come to you for information, and not to a friend from a parallel class.

How to talk with your baby 3-4 years?

Children begin to be interested in their origin not earlier than 3 years of age. It was at this time in the little man that the idea of ​​his own personality is formed, the little tot is constantly making new discoveries and is aware of his gender identity. The first harbingers of the fact that questions about childbirth will soon be coming in may be remarks of the baby about the differences between the structure of the female and male bodies. A meeting with a pregnant woman or a newborn can provoke curiosity.

Answering the questions of 3- or 4-year-old children, you do not need to go into details and talk about physiology (the kids will not appreciate it anyway or even understand it). Description of the processes of conception, pregnancy and childbirth can have a very negative effect - the baby will have associations with the disease, especially if we mention the hospital. The best option psychologists consider a brief but true story about how mom and dad met and fell in love with each other. They wanted a baby, and then papa presented mother with a seed, which she wore in her tummy for several months. The seed grew, and a baby came out of it, who first lived in my mother's belly. Then he felt cramped, and he asked outside. Children, even half of these explanations is enough.

Telling a story, it is recommended to back it up with documentary evidence in the form of photographs, then the baby will have no doubt about its veracity. We should not forget about the numerous accents that the child is the fruit of the love of mother and father, this effect favorably affects the psyche of children.

How can everything be explained to a preschooler at 5-6 years old?

At this age, everything is a little more complicated. Even if the previous answers still satisfy the child, there are many tricky questions and attempts at detailing. First of all, children are interested in how the father's seed got into the mother, how the child then came out of the tummy and how he had not suffocated there all the time. Questions may be more direct, given the fact that thanks to the development of modern technology, children now and at such a young age may inadvertently see sexual scenes on television.

From questions, even delicate, do not need to run. Sooner or later you will have to talk with your child about sex. By doing this, you must adhere to the following rules.

  1. You can not position sex as a taboo. It is necessary to explain to the child that this is a natural act of nature. It is important to convey to the child the fact that sex is only adults.
  2. You can use books and pictures designed for children. Kids have already formed the concept of bashfulness, but they calmly perceive printed information.
  3. It is not necessary to describe the process of sexual intercourse in all details, you can restrict yourself to information about kisses and caresses. By the reaction of the child can determine when it is already possible to stop. The same applies to the process of childbirth - information about visiting the hospital is also sufficient.
  4. Already at such a tender age you need to bring information about pedophiles. Suffice it to say that only adults can kiss and touch each other, and if an uncle or aunt suggests such a child, this is bad, you need to run away from such a person and tell the parents everything.

All questions arising from a child should be answered in the same spirit - fully, clearly, accessiblely, without constraint and excuses.

Talk on a delicate subject with a schoolboy 7-10 years

At pre-adolescence, children are already quite knowledgeable about sexuality, they may even surprise their parents with some details. It should not be assumed that they already know everything and do not need further instructions. If you do not create an atmosphere of trust between mother and daughter, between father and son during this period, the moment will be irretrievably lost.

Even before the children turn into boys and girls, they still need to convey a lot of information.

  • Despite the amount of knowledge in children at this age, they may be distorted. Do not hesitate to talk - you need to talk to your child and put everything on the shelves.
  • Girls need all the details and available to tell about the upcoming changes in the body, menstruation, breast growth and other important points. A girl should know that she can address her mother with any question.
  • Boys need to prepare to change the shape of the body, the appearance of vegetation, coarseness of voice.
  • Special attention is paid to the rules of personal hygiene, you can slightly touch on the aspects of girls' communication with boys.

The biggest mistake will be a preliminary preparation for the conversation and the creation of a solemn atmosphere. It will only strain both. It is better to start such conversations during everyday moments, it is not necessary to pour in terms, everything should be as simple and accessible as possible.

Do I need to talk "about it" with a teenager of 11-16 years?

Paradoxically, the most difficult period for talking about sex and relationships. On the one hand, everyone already knows everything, on the other - on both sides a lot of questions. To maintain a relationship of trust with the child during this period is not even a science, but a gift. The main thing is not to impose your friendship on a child.

If possible, it is worthwhile to talk with a teenager about contraception, family planning, possible pregnancy, hygiene and caution. Regular lectures will not help here. Children trust more parents who talk to them as equals, cite examples from personal experience.

Threats, horror stories and notations can provoke the opposite effect to what is desired. At best, the child simply closes itself, at worst - it will start to do everything in spite. You can not criticize a teenager for showing interest in the opposite sex and aspects of sexual life. It is especially dangerous to shame a son or daughter for found books, magazines or discs of an erotic nature. It is best to support your child and say that parents are always ready to answer any questions.

Things that parents should not do

There are several things you should not do when introducing a child to childbearing issues.

  1. You can not invent legends and implausible stories that will distract the baby for 1-2 years. A blatant lie will set up the child in such a way that he will never again ask his parents about anything.
  2. To delay time is also not recommended. Phrases like “the time will come, and you yourself will know everything” will only arouse the curiosity of the little man. He will find another source of information.
  3. You can not switch the attention of the baby to the other parent. If you tell your son that his mother will tell him everything, the risk of undermining your own authority and even turning the child against you is high.
  4. Even a small lie children remember for a lifetime. They will either lie in the answer, thinking that it is not scary, or they will begin to question all the words of their parents.

One of the worst mistakes in education is an attempt to take a child to a child psychologist. If such important information is delivered to a person from an early age by strangers, you can not count on trusting relationships in the family.

Faithful helpers modern moms and dads

If time passes, and the child does not show any interest in the subject of the birth of children or the characteristics of sexual relations, it is worth provoking a conversation. If this seems overwhelming, you can start with books and educational CDs. Today, several variants of special encyclopedias have been written that are capable of providing children of any age with the necessary information as well as parents. After getting acquainted with the methodological material, it is necessary to ask the child if everything was clear if he had any questions.

Psychologists advise in advance to prepare for the tricky question, both parents. The baby can “double-check” the information received from the father by contacting the mother. If the versions diverge, it will not lead to anything good.

How to talk to a child of 3-4 years

At the age of about 3 years, the child begins to feel like a person and for the first time identifies himself with representatives of one of the sexes - boys or girls. In this regard, there is interest in the structure of the body, and the children notice not only the differences between boys and girls, but also pay attention to the features of the body of adults. In this regard, questions concerning the purpose of the genital organs, their differences (if, for example, a child on the beach saw a baby of the opposite sex) may be harbingers of questions about childbirth. A lot of questions may arise from a meeting with a pregnant woman, because the belly of outstanding size will not remain unnoticed. More often, talk about birth begins after the baby has happened to see or get to know the baby closely. Some kids may ask a direct question "Where did I come from?". Wherever the “wind” of children's interest comes from, the parents' task is to answer the child honestly and easily.

In 3-4 years you do not need to go into the physiological mechanisms of conception, childbirth and childbirth. You can restrict yourself to a story about how papa and mama love each other very much and really wanted a baby. As a sign of his love, dad presented his mother with a magic seed, which she wore in her tummy. The seed grew, and with it my mother's tummy. From this seed in the tummy grew baby. When he was cramped in his house, he was asked into the world and was born. Together with the story, you can show your child photos from a family album, because many couples make a memorable photo session while they are waiting for a baby.

Talking with the baby about his birth, it is important to emphasize that the baby was waited for and that he was born as a result of great love.

We talk with a child 5-7 years

In the older preschool age, the old explanations no longer satisfy the child. The child grows up, begins to think harder, gets a certain life experience, and he is already beginning to wonder how the seed got to the mother in the stomach, how the child appeared from there, and other things. In terms of psychological development, the age of 5-7 years is the time when a child masters the world of relationships and feelings, therefore at this age he opens for the first time the world of adult relationships, including intimate ones, because it is not always possible to completely protect a child from explicit scenes on the Internet or on TV.

By and large, at the age of 5-7 years for the first time parents will have to talk with their child about sex. It is necessary to speak on this subject in this vein: sex is normal and natural, but only adults are engaged in it. That is, on the one hand, it is important not to form taboos on this topic in the children's mind, but on the other hand, to make it clear that intimate relationships are the prerogative of adults, they are not tolerated for public discussion and do not advertise.

You can tell that when people love each other - they like to be together, touch each other, hug, kiss. It is in the process of such caresses and pregnancy occurs. Talking in detail about the process of childbirth is also not worth it. We can say that the child is born in the hospital, with the help of doctors.

Considering how many children in the modern world become victims of pedophiles, it is worthwhile to separately tell the child that only adult men and women make love. Therefore, if one of the adults offers him to undress or asks to touch him in intimate places, the child should immediately run away and be sure to tell the parents.

IPad app

There is a special application for the iPad that allows parents to explain to the child where the children come from. With the help of the application, you can quite simply and affordably answer the baby to his questions.

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Talk "about it" with a schoolboy 7-10 years

These are pre-adolescent children. Сегодня это ещё дети, но вот-вот они из мальчиков и девочек начнут превращаться в девушек и юношей. Как правило, в этом возрасте дети уже достаточно осведомлены в вопросах секса и деторождения, но знания эти часто очень искажены.

Главная задача родителей в этот период – подготовить своих подрастающих детишек к взрослению и тем изменениям, которые будут происходить с ними в недалёком будущем. Девочкам обязательно нужно рассказать о менструации, появлении волосиков на лобке и подмышками, росте груди. Мальчикам – об изменении пропорций фигуры, ночных поллюциях, «ломке» голоса и появлении растительности на лице. It is better to talk with the child to a parent of the same sex, that is, mothers - with girls, fathers - with boys.

For parents, such conversations are a problem. Often, moms and dads more children are embarrassed to talk about these topics. Perhaps it would be best if the child is informed as if in between times. You should not solemnly report: “I need to talk to you,” sit the child in front of me and give a boring lecture. From time to time, under various pretexts, you can make conversations, talk about your growing up experience, ask about friends and girlfriends. Overloading the child with information and complex terms is also not worth it; it is better to give her out dosed out, give the child time to comprehend and, perhaps, formulate her own questions.

A convenient option for parents is an encyclopedia: donated - and let them read. It’s better not to let the process take its course, and if you don’t tell, then at least discuss the read with the child.

How to talk to a teenager 11-16 years old

Maintaining a trusting relationship with a teenager is a whole art, because at this age the authority of adults depreciates. However, without trust, conversations on a sensitive topic are impossible.

Teens are actively interested in the opposite sex, fall in love, meet. In some ways, they are still quite children, but physiologically they are already ready to lead an “adult” life. ” That is why in the first place there should be talk not about hygiene or changes in the body, but about family planning, conception, pregnancy, contraceptives.

As in matters of preparing for adulthood, in conversations with adolescents, a free atmosphere, a state of dialogue, and not “dry” lectures is important. It is better to talk “about it” as equals, as an adult with an adult, calling things by their names and talking about real dangers. Speaking about relationships with the opposite sex and the possibility of having a child, it is important to emphasize that a child is, above all, a great responsibility, therefore it is better if he is born consciously, married, when both are ready to start a family and share responsibility .

Parents of adolescents are always anxious: what if a child starts a sexual life early? Suddenly there will be an unwanted pregnancy or infection? Unfortunately, in some families, the sexual education of the child is reduced to "I know - I will kill." To even greater regret, in this situation, parents have all the chances to simply not find out. That is why if a child shares something personal - do not criticize, scold, condemn him.

The older the child, the more complex questions are born in his head. He wants to get an answer to each of them, and if not in the family, then on the street or on the Internet these answers will be found. If the child for some reason does not ask questions and does not show interest in a sensitive topic - parents should take the initiative and start talking first. The better the child is “armed” with information, the more he will be ready for adulthood.

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A selection of books

  1. Dumont Virginie. Where did I come from? Sexual Encyclopedia for children 5-8 years
  2. Virginie D., Montagna C. Where do children come from? Sexual Encyclopedia for children 8-11 years
  3. “How I was born”, Katerina Janusz, Mervi Lindman. Age: 4–6 years old
  4. “Where do children come from?”, Doris Rübel. Age: 4–7 years old
  5. A Book of Love, Pernilla Stalfelt. Age: from 4 years
  6. "The main wonder of the world", George Yudin. Age: 6–10 years old
  7. "Before You Were Born", Jennifer Davis, Laura Cornell. Age: 2–4 years
  8. “The True Story of How Baby A Made Is”, Per Holm Knudsen. Age: 3-5 years
  9. “A Kid’s First Book About Sex,” Joanie Blank. Age: 7–11 years old
  10. “Mommy Laid an Egg: or Where Do Babies Come From?”, Babette Cole. Age: 3-5 years
  11. “Where Did I Come From?”, Peter Mail. Age: 7–10 years old

Where the babies come from? By: Doris Ruebel


Children want to know everything:

  • Where the babies come from?
  • What is the difference between boys and girls?
  • What does the baby do in mom's belly?
  • What happens during childbirth?

Informative cartoon where children come from

If you do not want to talk about cabbage and storks, this informative cartoon will tell about the inner world of a person. The child will simply and easily learn how a new life is born, why children are like parents, and even a little about DNA and RNA.

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