Fasting day on fish


Fish fasting day

If you are intolerant of dairy products, instead of a milk, kefir, or cottage cheese day, you can spend another protein discharge day - fish.

Fish meat has a high nutritional value with a very low calorie content:

100-200 kcal per 100 g. This is an ideal product for a balanced diet. The number of edible parts of fish far exceeds inedible. Its meat is well absorbed by the human body, which is largely due to its specific taste and aroma. In this regard, it is especially recommended as the main product for the elderly, the sick and full of people. In addition, it is quickly digested even with reduced secretion of the digestive organs.

The protein content in fish is 15–20%. Especially a lot of it in the meat of ocean fish. Its digestibility by the human body is very high - 93–98%.

Fish oil has a high biological activity due to the high content of vitamin F. This vitamin normalizes fat and cholesterol metabolism, thereby reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Most of it is contained in the fat of fish caught in northern waters.

There are few carbohydrates in fish - only 0.5–1%, and they are mainly represented by muscle starch (glycogen) and its hydrolysis products. One such product is glucose, which gives the fish broth a pleasant, sweetish taste.

The share of minerals in fish is 1–2%, but this is enough to ensure a normal exchange. The most important trace elements for humans are phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, chlorine and sulfur. Most of them are found in the meat of marine fish.

Almost all fish tissues contain vitamins. These are fat-soluble A, D, E, K and water-soluble vitamins of group B. However, fish oil and liver are still a real source of vitamins. The water content in fish ranges from 55 to 83%: the fatter it is, the less water in its tissues.

Fish fasting day is transferred quite easily due to the large amount of food consumed. You can repeat it 1-2 times a week.

Option 1.


Low-fat fish - 650 g, salt.

Boil the fish (preferably steamed) with a minimum amount of salt and eat during the day, divided into 6 receptions.

During the day, drink at least 2 liters of water.

Option 2.


Low-fat fish (cod, hake, pollock, bream, perch, pike, pike perch) - 400 g, unsweetened tea -500-750 ml, decoction of rose hips (or compote of apples or dried fruits) - 250 ml.

Boil the fish (preferably steamed) with a minimum amount of salt and eat during the day, divided into 6 receptions.

Together with water (at least 1 l) drink unsweetened tea, decoction of rosehips.

Option 3.


Low-fat fish (cod or pike perch) - 400 g, vegetable salad (cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes) - 500 g

Boil the fish in lightly salted water and eat with vegetable salad, divided into 4 doses.

In unlimited quantities you can drink boiled or mineral water, as well as freshly squeezed juices without sugar.

Option 4.


Low-fat fish (sea) - 500 g, vegetable salad (cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes), unsweetened tea, coffee with lemon or broth of rosehips - 500 ml.

Fish divided into 5 receptions and eat during the day, along with vegetable salad. For breakfast and lunch, instead of water, you can drink a glass of tea, coffee or rosehip tea decoction.

Consider fish calories? In vain!

Fish is considered a low-calorie product. At least compared to meat. Even very fatty fish is less calorie than a meat chop. And vitamins and microelements, as well as proteins, which are very important for our health, have more than enough in it.

But if we decided to go on a fish diet, what to do with fish? Which one to choose? Salty? Fried? Steamed? Nutritionists have developed a whole menu from which everyone can choose something for themselves.

Which fish to choose sea or river?
In fish, proteins are especially valued. And besides this, more and irreplaceable vitamins A and D. The latter, as a rule, is produced by the skin under the influence of sunlight. The more useful its additional source is fish. And it does not matter whether it is sea or river.

And also claim that after eating a portion of cod, you provide your body with iodine for a whole week! That is why in the Soviet canteens on Thursdays they always had a fish day. And iodine, as you know, has a positive effect on the brain. Cared about the mental health of the nation, what to say.

As a dietary dish, fish is suitable both by itself and in combination with vegetables. Moreover, the diet on the fish except the luxury can not be called. After all, it is served in the most elite restaurants.

Slimming fish

For the classic fish diet fish need to cook. True, without salt. A portion of boiled fish with vegetable salad - no, not for breakfast. And for the whole day! Allowed to drink a cup of coffee or tea, and also without sugar. In a pinch, with a spoon of honey. But water while you can drink as much as you want, in unlimited quantities. But not less than one and a half to two liters.

Fasting day on fish and pepper

Boil perch, grams to four hundred. Again, no salt. Divide into four to five receptions and complement the fish with sweet pepper salad. Pepper should be lightly sweat in a pan, and then it can be flavored with vegetable oil and garlic.

In addition, you can drink plenty of water, in limited quantities - tea, coffee, milk, juice. Everything, and so all day.

Unloading on delicacies, scrambled eggs and kefir

Interestingly, in some sources this diet is also called “fish”. Although in addition to the fish on such a fasting day you can have a lot more.
Where to begin? Morning - certainly with a glass of cold mineral water.

Then you can eat scrambled eggs, and drink it with kefir or yogurt, and if desired, also with tea. True, without sugar.
Before dinner, again a glass of water, and then - fish and vegetables. Also for lunch they offer to eat something from seafood, but with vegetables. Kefir after lunch and even yogurt on this day are recommended.

In the evening, in the afternoon, cottage cheese with honey and kefir or yogurt are allowed. But to drink after such a dinner can not diet for two hours. Perhaps the most painful moment. But to do that - for the sake of harmony will have to endure. Good luck!

How is losing weight

No wonder nutritionists praise the fish fasting day, despite the fact that it is not always possible to lose the promised kilogram during these days (usually the result is 500-800 grams). Experts appreciate this hunger strike for a different quality. The weight does not go away due to the removal of excess fluid, but due to the burning of fatty layers.

For 1 day to reduce the volume, of course, is unrealistic. But if you arrange such hunger strikes 2-3 times a month, believe me: the hated folds from the sides and waist will still melt. And the mechanism of such weight loss is simple and explainable:

  • low-calorie, low-fat varieties of fish do not allow to go to the fats in reserve, as they are simply not in the diet,
  • the diet is very nutritious and saturated with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are necessary for the full functioning of many organs,
  • dietary dishes are varied and tasty,
  • the list of permitted foods and portion sizes are limited to a minimum, which ensures a low calorie diet,
  • protein has a beneficial effect on muscle fibers, preventing them from splitting,
  • the fish is quickly digested, without loading the stomach with work, - rest is very useful to him, since during this time he is cleared of harmful substances.

So it's time to buy your favorite fish and shake up the body.


You cannot lose weight in such a tasty and healthy way if you have the following problems:

  • allergy,
  • kidney and liver disease,
  • helminthic invasions,
  • chronic diseases
  • ulcer.

They are contraindications for fasting days on fish dishes. If you do not pay attention to them, you can seriously undermine health. Do not forget that hunger strikes of this kind are a real stress for any organism.

Advantages and disadvantages

Weight loss on fish dishes, which can be savored throughout the day, unfortunately, does not always bring pleasure alone. He also has the flip side of the coin - a number of flaws. They will have to either put up with them, or somehow avoid them, or pick a different product altogether.


  • Fast weight loss
  • easily tolerated
  • saturation with omega-acids, phosphorus, vitamins,
  • excellent taste,
  • pressure drop
  • oncology warning,
  • varied menu
  • splitting of fat reserves, lack of diuretic effect,
  • reducing the risk of heart attacks
  • lasting result (lost kilogram is not returned back),
  • preservation of muscle mass
  • immunity strengthening.


  • Allergic reactions
  • high risk of contracting parasites from river varieties,
  • there are contraindications
  • not tasty without salt,
  • not everyone likes fish dishes.

In order not to become infected with parasites, it is sufficient to sufficiently process the product thermally. A lack of salt and the loss in connection with this taste is filled with sauces, which are allowed in small quantities.

Features of

If you really want to rest your body, eating only fish, you have to make a difficult choice. There are many varieties, and not all of them will fit into this system of weight loss.

The first criterion to which you should pay attention is calorie content. Anything up to 100 kcal per 100 grams of product is possible for consumption. Anything more than this indicator - alas, will not work. The table contains the lowest-calorie varieties of fish that can be purchased for a fasting day.

The second criterion is your own taste preferences. Meals should like, but not cause a feeling of nausea. Otherwise, the result will not be.

Note also a few recommendations from nutritionists:

  1. Many people are interested in whether it is possible to arrange fasting days on red fish, because it is much more delicious than white fish. Nutritionists do not advise to do this: it is very high in calories (about 200 kcal), oily and does not contain such an amount of protein that triggers the necessary metabolic processes in the body.
  2. Heat treatment plays a major role (cooking method). It is best to lose weight on boiled fish, as it retains the maximum amount of nutrients. Steamed, baked, grilled too. But fried, smoked, salty dishes, canned food is strictly prohibited.
  3. Not everyone can eat fish without salt. At least try to at least minimize its quantity.
  4. 5 times a day you need to eat a portion of 200 grams of fish dish.
  5. To avoid overwork (reduced performance and lethargy characteristic of low-carb hunger), postpone the physical and intellectual loads. Training can be done tomorrow.
  6. During the day you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water.

Do not forget to make a menu in advance in order to calculate the daily caloric content of the planned meals (it should not exceed 1,200 kcal).

Sample menu monodiets

Mixed version

On the basis of the approximate menu, you can always make your own - with those dishes that you will be happy to eat.

Additional Products

On only one fish, and even without salt, it is incredibly difficult to sit all day. But it is possible, if you supplement the diet with other low-calorie foods, successfully combined with the hero of the occasion.

As a sauce, you can use a little soy or lemon juice. They will improve the taste of the dish and will not allow to break with the diet.

The best option for such a fasting day is in fish and vegetables, as animal protein and plant fiber are an ideal pair for normalizing digestion. Carrots, peppers, beets, cabbage, cucumbers, greens will perfectly fit into this scheme. But radish, eggplant, potatoes, corn and tomatoes - a bad company for fish. From vegetables cook salads and stews. At the same time the volume of fish portions decreases to 150 gr.

  • Milk products

You can lose weight on fish and kefir, if in addition between meals to drink a glass of this healthy sour milk drink. Fat-free kefir in this case is the best option, as it is good for health, normalizes digestion. The remaining dairy products (milk, yogurt, ryazhenka) will not provide the hunger strike with such efficiency.

To get the body more animal protein, you can organize a day on fish and seafood, complementing the diet with shrimp, crab sticks, octopus, mussels, lobster, etc. In this case, divide the daily volume between them in half: 500 mg of both. And do not forget that canned and fried foods are not suitable.

And, of course, in order not to choke on a piece of boiled unsalted fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner, pick up diet fish recipes for a fasting day. They will allow to withstand the hunger strike to the bitter end.

  • Tuna salad

Mix 50 grams of green beans, the same amount of mashed avocado, sliced ​​cherry tomatoes (3 pcs.), 100 grams of boiled tuna (chopped into thin strips). Add to taste onions rings. Pour with dressing made from balsamic vinegar (20 ml), garlic cloves and 10 grams of liquid mustard.

  • Dietary fish soup

Remove from the tomato (30 g) peel, turn into mashed potatoes. Grind the onion. Grate 50 grams of carrots. Mix the chopped vegetables, pour a liter of water, bring to a boil, cook for 10 minutes. 200 grams of pollock fillet cut into small pieces, add to soup. After 10 minutes, do the same with a 200 g fillet of flounder. Boil until cooked. Add finely chopped parsley before eating.

  • Pike perch

1 kg of pike perch cut into large pieces. Grate 30 grams of celery, parsley and carrots. Stir them with fish. Pour 3 liters of water. Boil for 40 minutes after boiling. To get the finished pieces of fish out of the water, put it beautifully on a plate, pour sour cream and mushroom sauce.

Fasting days on fish are distinguished by the fact that their main task is not cleansing the body, namely, weight loss. And thanks to this, with their help you can achieve good results. Weight loss will be minor, but not at the expense of a diuretic or laxative effect. Protein starvation will force the body to expend its own fat reserves.

Alternatively, we suggest to consider other fasting days: