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What to do if a child is rude to parents


Yesterday the house was quiet and calm, but today the child began to be rude and rude to the closest people - parents. And then in adults there is a question: to answer with austerity and repressive methods or continue to bring up as before, ignoring its rudeness? Mom and Dad try different tactics, argue, blaming each other for educational mistakes. However, this situation does not correct. What should parents do if their child is rude?

Childish rudeness is a fairly common problem. The causes of its occurrence are varied, and yet you can easily rehabilitate a little cad. The main thing in such a situation is to be patient and try to understand what made the formerly affectionate and obedient child become an uncouth bark.

Causes of child's rudeness

  1. "A difficult age. Child rudeness can occur at any age, but is particularly acute in the so-called age crises. A three-year-old child learns to say “no” or “this is mine!” But not always his desire for independent life is permissible. The peak of the same rough behavior comes in adolescence, when the child organizes a revolt against excessive, in his opinion, custody.
  2. The need for attention. Conflicts between adolescents and parents - hysterics, disobedience, swearing, demonstrative silence - can signal how much he needs your attention and care. Probably you spend little time with him or do it for the sake of "tick". In this case, the child, throwing the scary words “I hate you,” tries to arouse the interest of the parents in their problems.
  3. Personal example of parents. The model of boorish behavior the child often adopts from the parents. When he sees how adults roughly communicate with each other, swear, then very soon he himself begins to unceremoniously get into their conversation, to be rude not from time to time, but constantly.
  4. Responsiveness. Children can be impolite for one simple reason - adults do not respect them as a person. If parents constantly shout at their offspring, raise a hand to him, call him, there is nothing left for him but to be rude in response.
  5. Connivance in education. The source of sharpness in the behavior of a child can be indulging his whims. He was used to getting everything he wanted after tears and a loud roar. And if children are accustomed to snap at parental requirements already in kindergarten or elementary school, then, when they become teenagers, they will behave even more challengingly. We read how to respond to the whims of the child.

How to cope with rudeness

  • Tell us about the consequences. Explain that rude behavior affects the attitude of society towards a person. To be rude is to lose the good disposition of friends and relatives. Also, insults of others can leave an imprint on the child's reputation, and if he values ​​a good name, then an apology must be made.

The family should also have specific consequences for disrespecting adults. Regardless of the choice of disciplinary action, you must convey a simple idea: you must answer for rudeness.

  • Do not follow the requests uttered in a rude tone. Just warn your child about this in advance. Suppose your daughter needs powerfully (does not ask) to buy her a doll. Answer calmly, without losing composure: “I can, of course, buy a doll, but you talk to me in a strange tone. If people want to do something good for them, they say it differently. Think maybe you should ask in a good way? ”
  • Do not respond with rudeness to rudeness. Wanting to overcome rudeness, you can not raise your voice and answer with a cry for a cry. Perhaps the constructive criticism comes from the child, although he chose not the best way to communicate it. Let me know that you continue to talk to him when he calms down and stops being rude to you.
  • Learn to say no. Behind the harsh behavior, the child hides the desire to manipulate mom and dad, who fulfill all his whims. Rudeness can be an effective tool in the hands of a small manipulator to achieve the goal. You need to be able to say no to your children in time. Give a sincere explanation of the refusal, so that they understand: their wishes are respected, but due to certain circumstances they cannot fulfill. See the article how to tell a child NO.
  • Set uniform rules for all family members. It is necessary to establish certain rules of behavior, and they should apply to all households. Are you saying that a child should not be rude to parents and raise their voices on them? Then adults also need to learn to keep themselves in their hands, not to fall apart on each other and children.
  • Pay more attention to the child. Analyze your attitude towards children. Perhaps their rudeness is due to the fact that they are trying to attract parental attention. Try to set aside an extra hour from your schedule to discuss the events of the past day with your son or daughter, play together or just sit side by side. Surely you will soon notice that he began to snap less.
  • Teach to cope with emotions. It may sound strange, but try to teach your preschooler to get angry and offended “correctly” - without harsh words and boorish expressions. It is still difficult for him to cope with his emotions, so he resorts to the easiest, but little constructive way. There are games to overcome child aggression.
  • Communicate on equal terms. Strive to communicate with adolescents on an equal footing, as they are often annoyed by lisping and excessive manifestation of tenderness. They are trying in various ways to prove their own independence and independence. Try to have a conversation with your child as with an adult, and he will not change to a harsh tone to show his importance.

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If you are faced with the rudeness of your own child, do not rush into despair. This problem can be solved; however, it is necessary to work not only with a little snapper, but also on yourself. When everything is good in your family, the child has someone to consult and talk with, he will stop being rude not only to his close friends, but to everyone else.

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Alena Matetskaya (Tretyakov)

Psychologist. Specialist from the website

on the lips. us 5 rolls

I do not even know that I am worse with you, illiteracy or cruelty.

to limit it in everything: in paid sections, pocket money, gifts, entertainment. Plant under "house arrest." Do not give money.

on the lips. us 5 rolls

on the lips. us 5 rolls

just gets to communicate normally and treat parents. and not like some children ***** send them and they continue to lisp.

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Very simple. First - to deprive nishtyakov. Secondly, it is intelligible to explain that if he does not want to live in his own family - it is full of boarding schools and foster families. A suitcase is collected in 30 minutes, parents fail to cope - the government and strangers will cope. You can also try to talk, what is the reason for rudeness and what is lacking in the family. The belt is an extreme measure.

Do not have authority in the eyes of a child that's rude.

Enjoy the fruits of your education!

The circle in the second circle of hell. The beaten-up described children, the abandoned old people who were also described, who beat them in due time.

There are seven circles of hell to go through, and order.

lyuley, show him who's boss and if he is rude, punish) and what to do, if you initially missed this moment, catch up)

Enjoy the fruits of your education!

A child is not the fruit of your upbringing. He is the fruit of biology in particular your genetics. That is, if you are a sophisticated kind intellectual in seven generations, then there is a big chance that your child will come out in the same spirit.
But if you have a border disorder, obsessional disorder, if you are illiterate, lazy, depraved, aggressive, the same copy will be born to you. And if you are a psychopath or your partner is a psychopath or your dad is a psychopath then you will have a psychopath.

Well, I explain however! Read liked. The fact is that I am writing comments on the examination in passing. Oh, ugh.

My when I start, I parody him in words, gestures. He first sulks, then we laugh together.

+++ definitely. It can be seen in your family is the rate of communication between adults. Or you are not respectfully communicating with the child initially

Reasons to understand. If up to 12 years is not rude, then now is in a hostile environment outside the home. If from childhood unrestrained, then pat your head. You allowed it. And physically, I would have limited it in money, only the most necessary plus would be ignored as a person in rudeness. Let him realize that parents are not the ones who will tolerate such behavior.

How exactly will you be impatient?

And then what child? Boy or girl If a boy - select a tablet or PC. If the girl - take away the phone. Delov then.

And here's another question. If for example I myself (mother) *****, then is it normal that my child is a boor, or should I bring him up? And How.

Under the stars the word "*****" disappeared.

Under the stars disappeared the word "hamka".

the child is scared, you need to change the tone in a friendly way, and again, ladushka. And the disease is completely treatable, the main intellect is not affected. Intellect is super.

And here's another question. If for example I myself (mother) *****, then is it normal that my child is a boor, or should I bring him up? And How.

Before the transitional age, what was? Most likely, you are reaping the fruits of your upbringing. If there has never been mutual understanding and spiritual intimacy with a child, there was no mutual respect, now get what you get. It is necessary to raise children not during puberty, but from birth.

Puberty began, adolescents often de / bilami happen at this age. We'll have to suffer.

I do not know, my 15, not rude. My husband and I initially brought him up so that his parents could not be rude. If there are any claims to each other, and they naturally occur, then we try to talk and solve the problem. Well, in principle, I am such a person that I will not even tolerate attempts at rudeness, and the son probably feels it.

difficulty with him. regret love and forgive.

Do nothing. Only endure when outgrow.

This is a consequence of his non-recognition by man. For you, he (and the one who is "on the lips") is apparently a working cattle or property. Psychologists recommend not allowing yourself to the child what you do not allow in relation to an adult person stronger than you. I, at the age of 12, for my mother, for my many years of assault, broke my rib in general. Not on purpose. Just once cracked, and they broke. This is a normal reaction to tyranny. You are a tyrant (and one that "parents can not" too). The child is in a state of necessary defense. Or something does not know. The task of adults is to transfer knowledge, and not to train with a belt and cakes. “Trained children” instead of knowledge receive a bunch of conditioned reflexes, cockroaches and complexes. T. *****. only the enemy of this growing man will do that. And in most cases they will bring up their children as well. "Mother scolded for it - it means it is necessary to scold for it." And why is it bad and bad at all? Nobody knows and does not explain.

The cost constraint (as suggested above) is generally a horror. I also understand when this is done from a lack of money. But out of revenge is unacceptable. He still can not earn. But this does not mean that he should wallow in your legs. You must provide it regardless of whether you like his behavior or not. A limitation in the section is a limitation in development. They also refused to give me money for karate, when I started putting the first blocks. They did not like to beat me from a pleasure walk into hard work with the prospect of turning into a dangerous military operation. Fortunately, the trainer said “go free” and the tyrant parents could not beat me further with impunity. Will weigh, weigh, maybe even lying down on the head. Read something about tyranny. Do not be tyrants. Mind him cripple. I have crippled. It is very difficult to kick cockroaches out of their heads when they are not aware of their presence, but there is no one to suggest. While you are overfishing - time (years and decades) is missed, there is no health, life has never ended. Or admit to yourself that you gave birth to him for slavery, and not for life.

Another good mantra: all people are equal, no one owes you anything, including your children.

Googling the Boomerang short film, just 17 minutes, just look and clarify the main

How do you punish? Screams and lips will not help. It is necessary to punish the deprivation of the important thing for the child, select a laptop, block access to the Internet, not give pocket money, not buy new things and goodies, etc. up to acceptable behavior.

The cost constraint (as suggested above) is generally a horror. I also understand when this is done from a lack of money. But out of revenge is unacceptable.

will grow up and you on eb a lnick weighed

Another good mantra: all people are equal, no one owes you anything, including your children.

Do nothing. Only endure when outgrow.

Experienced parents of teens, I seek advice from you. How to react properly if a child is rude to parents, a child is rude to parents? (child 12 years old). Punishment and in general any manifestation of severity makes it even more aggressive and impudent. How to stop rudeness? How to make a child respect their parents ??

The cost constraint (as suggested above) is generally a horror. I also understand when this is done from a lack of money. But out of revenge is unacceptable.

If a child is aggressive, then he feels threatened and disliked by you. Try at least not to pay attention, not to be rude in response, not to threaten and not to beat. If you can, try to caress and regret. He (she) is harder than both of you. Only good. But this is my opinion. Aggression begets aggression, who is smarter, be kinder). Your child is your genes and upbringing: the apple from a cherry does not fall far enough.

Take educational measures, yell at him, beat (but not much), intimidate, punish, so that the child shouted at me, I would evaporate it.

Take educational measures, yell at him, beat (but not much), intimidate, punish, so that the child shouted at me, I would evaporate it.

What an indicative topic perfectly reflects the Russian "soulfulness".
The author, why the child is rude? Describe, for example, who said what before you Naham.

Another good mantra: all people are equal, no one owes you anything, including your children.

My when I start, I parody him in words, gestures. He first sulks, then we laugh together.

That initially the child will be attacked, then, blitting, what to do, the child is inadequate and rude!))
Observed recently in the Children's World, mother walks, calls her dad: "Beloved! Beloved! Beloved. Where are you? Look what a doll!". A "Favorite" rolls on the floor, I want this, and not that.
*****! Would have nailed something! Then she will bring such a “favorite” at the age of 15, she will not find it.

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