What icon to pray to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby


All the Christian Saints performed amazing miracles during their earthly lives. Someone possessed the gift of perspicacity, someone with a prayer resurrected people, and there were those who helped women find a long-awaited child. Mindful of the miraculous power of the Saints, today thousands of women come to their icons to ask for help in the offensive of the desired conception. Here we will talk about who can and should pray to get pregnant.

Matrona Moscow

There are thousands of testimonies about the luminous help received through prayers before the icon of Mother Matrona. The glory of the faithful assistant for the resolution of women's problems associated with the inability to conceive a child was entrenched for the Holy One.

Every day a long line of pilgrims lined up at the Pokrovsky Monastery in Moscow, where the relics and the venerated Holy Icon are located. Regardless of cold or rain, women stand for hours in order to perform their tearful prayer to the Matron for the gift of children. Here is only one case that can give hope to all hearts in distress.

A certain maiden Pelagaya in childhood became a victim of a monstrous accident, because of which her internal organs shifted, and the hormones were disturbed. As soon as she managed to save her life, the doctors unanimously decided that she could not have children (and then she was still just a little girl). Years passed, and doctors only confirmed the terrible diagnosis made by Pelagia in childhood. After numerous attempts, the girl herself almost resigned herself to the fact that she could never feel the joy of motherhood. But in 2011 she was prompted to go to the Matrona of Moscow in the Pokrovsky Monastery. It’s a miracle, but the very next month Pelagia learned that she was pregnant, and after 9 months she had a daughter.

Ksenia of Petersburg

Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg at a young age lost her spouse, but she retained a kind and tender heart. Left without a person whom she considered to be the meaning of her life, Xenia decided to devote herself to serving the Lord and people. Having distributed her rich fortune to the poor, the Holy condemned herself to a wandering life full of hardship and humiliation. However, despite the callousness of people and the fate of fate, Xenia prayed tirelessly for all, asking for healing for the sick, and unhappy happiness. Especially often, in her prayers, women got rid of the terrible disease of infertility. Today, girls who dream to know the joy of motherhood, pray to Xenia in front of her icons.

Here is one of the testimonies of the miraculous help received through the prayers of Xenia. After the birth of her first child, Svetlana Galaninskaya could not get pregnant for 9 years. Doctors only shrugged, prescribed courses of medication, carried out treatment, but it was all in vain. Svetlana has almost resigned herself to the fact that she won't be the second time to become a mother. Once during a pilgrim trip, a woman was in St. Petersburg at the Smolensk cemetery in the chapel in honor of Xenia the Blessed. Svetlana earnestly prayed the Holy, revealing her soul and her thoughts to her.

Asking Xenia for a child, she made a vow that if a girl was born, then she would be called Ksenia. A few days later, a woman wrote to her friend that she was at the blessed Xenia, praying for the gift of her daughter. And at the end of the note for some reason, she added, “I want my daughter so much, but rather two!”. Very little time passed, and Svetlana found out that she was expecting a baby. What was her surprise when the next ultrasound showed that there will be two children, both girls.

Archangel Gabriel

The Archangel Gabriel is known in Christian history as the preacher of God, who informed the prophets, people, and the Saints about upcoming events. More often than not, these messages were kind and joyful and concerned the early onset of pregnancy.

It was Gabriel who told the priest Zechariah that in the near future he would become a father - and indeed, a few months later the Forerunner of Christ, John the Baptist, was born. Archangel evangelism of the onset of the long-awaited conception of the righteous Joachim and Anna, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

He brought the news of the imminent appearance of Jesus in the earthly world and the Mother of God herself.

That is why the Archangel Gabriel is prayed to get pregnant, bear and give birth to a healthy child. There are 8 recorded testimonies about the help of the miraculous icon of the Messenger of God from the Temple of the Life-Giving Trinity in Ryazan. A prayer in front of her helped the couples recover from long years of infertility.

Alexander Svirsky

Venerable Alexander Svirsky - Russian Orthodox Saint, who lived in 1448-1533. Tradition says that his mother was able to become pregnant after long and painful years of infertility and fervent prayers to the Lord God.

Alexander soon devoted himself to serving the Lord, spent several years in solitary prayer, and then founded the Svir monastery. After the end of his earthly journey, people noticed that various miracles happen at the tomb of the righteous. And when Alexander was canonized, and his icons appeared - the list of miracles began to grow very quickly.

A case of healing from infertility happened to Elena in 1998. The girl married early, at the age of 18, and for 19 years of diligent attempts, she could not get pregnant.

Once, when she was already 38 years old, and she practically lost hope of having a child, a case led her to the temple to the icon of Alexander Svirsky. Elena prayed before the image and went home. It was in the month of September, and in October a woman found out what she was wearing in her heart.

Holy righteous gods Joachim and Anna

Saints Joachim and Anna are the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Until a very old age, the spouses lived without children, although they daily prayed to the Lord for the granting of children to them. One day, St. Anna, while praying another tearful prayer, made a vow that if the Most High blessed her with a child, then the child would be given as a gift and for the glory of God. As soon as the woman made this promise, an Angel of the Lord came down to her and announced that she would soon know the joy of motherhood. In the very near future, Anna, despite her old age (and she was about 70 years old), became pregnant and safely gave birth to a girl named Maria.

Until the age of three, the Most Pure Virgin stayed in the house of her parents, and then she was given up for upbringing in the temple. A few years later, the holy righteous spouses Joachim and Anna passed away: Joachim departed to the Lord first, and Anna followed him 2 years later.

The story of Joachim and Anna’s life has become a source of hope for thousands of Christians who dream of a long-awaited pregnancy. These Saints pray to get pregnant, safely carry and give birth to a baby.

Serafim Sarovsky

Seraphim of Sarov is one of the most revered Saints, and not only in Russia, but also abroad. His earthly life was marked by miracles, and his sermons and teachings helped people find harmony and return the joy of life more than once. Today, women pray before the icons of Seraphim to ask for help in conceiving a child. Moreover, this prayer is simultaneously aimed at strengthening the faith, and at calm the mind, and at the attainment of a long-awaited child. And miracles happen! As evidenced by many couples who have become parents by the grace of the Most High.

Vladimir told about one and such miracles: for a long time his wife could not get pregnant, quarrels began in the family, the relationship fell apart. In 2012, the couple visited the Diveevsky monastery, where they venerated the icon and the relics of Seraphim of Sarov, and tearfully asked the saint for the gift of the child. A month later, Vladimir learned that he would become a father.

There is a lot of evidence about the help of Seraphim during a difficult pregnancy: Elena Komarovskaya, whom the doctors predicted would be prenatal death of the child, prayed earnestly to the Monk and the baby was born healthy. And Alexander M. said that during the pregnancy his wife was constantly diagnosed as “threatened with miscarriage,” and there were regular bleeding. But after visiting Diveevo and worshiping the icon of Seraphim Sarovsky, everything ended like a nightmare, the wife safely carried out and gave birth to a child.

What other Saints help to get pregnant?

In the first place, with prayers for the onset of conception, they turn to the Most Holy Mother of God - there are several miraculous icons in Heavenly Mother, who are widely known for their long-awaited pregnancy. We described this in detail in a separate article, “The Miracle-working Icons of the Virgin, helping to become pregnant.”

Also among those awaiting the miracle of parenthood is the famous Russian surgeon and Saint Luke of Crimea. First of all, he is the patron saint of doctors and hopelessly sick people, but hundreds of believers claim that St. Luke also helps to get pregnant. In addition, you can turn to other Saints - famous miracle workers:

  • Roman wonderworker,
  • Nikolai Ugodnik,
  • David Gareji

Which icon to ask for a child

In any Orthodox family there is an image of the Savior and the Virgin. With a strong faith in the soul and hope in the heart, you can turn to them. There are, however, other icons, it is believed that they, as it were, are responsible for the appearance of the baby in the family. Consider the options in more detail. Before you begin to pray, about getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy child, it is better for the spouses to get married.

Icons of the Mother of God

They are considered very strong, because the image itself is the embodiment of motherhood. it

  • Mammal
  • Georgian icon
  • Feodorovskaya
  • Birth assistance
  • Baby win

It is better to refer to the miraculous originals and lists in the temples, but if there is no such possibility, then purchase any of them and hang them at home. Send your prayers every day, focusing only on your desire.

Those who want to pray in front of the miraculous icons should visit the temples where they are located. The above five icons are stored in Russia. For example, the Mammalian is in the city of Tula. Leaping baby - in Moscow (Novodevichy temple). Feodorovskaya kept in the Moscow monastery of St.. Nicholas. Georgian icon is also in the capital in the Church of the Intercession. Assistant in labor pray in Serpukhov.

There are still a number of icons of the Pure Virgin that will help a family who wants to have children. Each is unique and resorted to it with specific requests.

Holy Matronushka

She always helped women, and it was she who was most often asked to give birth to a child. There were a lot of miracles during his life, even more after his death.

Before being born, the saint has already performed a miracle. Her mother, being on demolition, was planning to hand over a newborn to a shelter, as she lived in extreme poverty and was afraid that she would not feed the child. However, in one of the dreams, shortly before the birth, a white bird with a childish face sat on her hand. The woman thought that the dream was a dream and left the girl in the family.

The child grew up, albeit blind, but sensitive heart. Little Matrona claimed that much was given to her, although at first they did not believe her! She spent much time in the corner with the images of the saints, playing and communicating with them. Provides assistance to all, but more women with their everyday issues.

Ksenia of Petersburg

Many have an icon; if not, then it is worth buying it, especially for those without children who want to have their own child. You can also pray at home, but it is better to visit the church on the Vasilyevsky side, because according to legend, the Blessed herself helped build it.

It is honored not only in Russia, but also abroad, as it helps to get rid of family troubles. Contributes to young girls in a happy marriage. Many are assisted with heavy loss.

Righteous Anna and Joachim

As you know, for a long time they themselves were childless. These are the parents of the Virgin Mary, in their honor one of the Moscow rulers built a temple in order to beg to his heir.

Spouses until old age did not have children. They were ridiculed, and in the temple they did not even accept offerings from them. Unable to withstand this, Joachim goes into the wilderness, where he begins to pray, prays about giving birth to his wife. Soon the news comes to them that they will have a daughter who will glorify humanity.

How to pray for the gift of children

To make the requests heard, it is better to do it in silence. It is advisable to be in front of the icon alone. Send a prayer with all your heart, with all sincerity. Start with lighting the candle. Often, it is unmarried couples who cannot conceive, so it is better to get married.

It is necessary to pray not occasionally, but regularly. If the miracle happened, you can not stop their prayers. Even after childbirth, one must thank God for the happiness of motherhood and ask him about health for his garden and himself.

To pray for that to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy child, the woman herself chooses. The main thing is that the decision be conscious, and the prayers sincere!

The strongest icons

There are icons that are addressed to women, who most of all in life want to continue the race, give birth to a daughter or son, thereby filling their lives with new meaning. Which icon helps to get pregnant:

  • The icon of the Most Holy Mother of God, it is also called the “Helper in childbirth” and often takes it to the delivery room, believing that it will be easy to give birth and the baby will be born healthy
  • Miraculous icon "Add mind". This image helps those women who were cast in the position
  • Icon "quick-hearted" - will help get rid of fears of childbirth and give a sense of confidence
  • The image of the Matrona of Moscow - Saint Matrona or, as it is called by the people Matronushka, helps everyone who turns from a pure heart. Pilgrimage to her face is very popular, to her lead tourists from everywhere. There are many stories of those people whom Matron helped, including stories about a successful pregnancy, even with a diagnosis of infertility.
  • Icon of saints Joachim and Anna. In this icon, you can often find married couples who ask the saints for the gift of a child. From religious history it is known that Joachim and Anna were the parents of the Virgin Mary, who was sent to them by God when they were in old age.

This list does not include the entire list of those images and icons that need to be prayed to get pregnant. It doesn’t have to be any special image, it’s enough just to stand in front of the same altar and read a prayer, asking from the heart and from a pure heart.

How to pray

There are some rules to follow during prayer. First, to perform the sacrament of prayer must be strictly alone and alone in silence. It is best if the images of the saints who patronize pregnant women or women wishing to become pregnant were at home. And it can be wall calendars that can be bought in the church, photo images or a real classic icon.

Prayer implies that you turn to God for help. Very rarely a person comes to church to thank God and to thank him for the gift. When you achieve the result and finally become pregnant, do not stop praying and thanking the saint who created a miracle and gave you the opportunity to become pregnant. Then you can be sure that the bearing of the fruit will pass without problems, and the baby will be born on time, will be healthy and strong.

There is information that, despite the long years of attempts to become parents, the spouses managed to get pregnant only after they were married, and their union was certified by heaven.

If you turn to the church for help, do not forget to regularly take communion and go to confession. Reading prayer texts must also comply with religious canons. It is necessary to pronounce the text slowly, pronouncing each syllable, it is better to read the prayers from the prayer books, there you will be able to find exactly the texts that are aimed at early pregnancy. The most favorable is considered to be the independent pronunciation of the prayer text, that is, a woman or a man should know the words in memory.

Prayer for a couple dreaming about a child

This prayer is known for its effectiveness, there are many reviews of women who became pregnant precisely because of its strength.

“I am a servant of God (the name of a woman) and my husband (the name of a spouse) trust in you, O almighty father, son and holy spirit. May your power be gracious to us and grant us a child. I pray you, give us our blood, our dear. Give us a seed to grow, we will love it, care for and care for our whole life. Lord God, as you created the earth and us sinners, create a miracle, give us a child, show it to the world. I am a slave of God (woman's name) and my husband (spouse's name) is not sinful, do not violate the laws of God, pray for help, ask for protection us baby Amen, Amen, Amen. "

Prayer for a motherless child

These words are better pronounced, standing near the image of the Virgin and it is better to read to a woman.

“Holy Mary, Virgin, you are the mother of our father, Lord God, who gave us peace and all that we have. I am asking you for help. I am a servant of God (the name of a woman), I ask for help, crouching at your feet, and I ask you to accept my prayer. Give me the baby, look at my life empty, turn the light into it, the children's laughter. Прояви милосердие и сжалься над моею мольбою. Хочу быть матерью, берегиней очага. Дай мне разума и веры, чтобы только добро творить, чтобы разум был светел и чистый. Прости меня за содеянное, отпусти мои грехи, совершенные мною. Даруй мне ребенка, пошли мне, рабе божией (имя женщины) и мужу моему (имя супруга) наше семечко. Мы будем любить его, холить и растить его по божьему слову. Замени наши скорбь и уныние на радость материнства и отцовства. Аминь, Аминь, Аминь».

Мольба о благополучном зачатии

This text is best read in the morning, as soon as it is visible to the morning dawn.

“The sun rises in the morning, and I also appeal to you, the Most High Lord. I am full of deep faith in you and your strengths. I believe that you will give me a ray of sunshine and fill my life with light. Reveal a miracle, bring a smile and joy into my life, grant me a baby. Heal my wounded soul, quench my thirst for motherhood. Amen, Amen, Amen. "

Appeal to the holy spirit

A short, accessible reference to the holy spirit that can be memorized and recited. This prayer will help the girl to get pregnant faster and make a healthy baby. If you read this prayer text in childbirth, they will pass quickly, without threatening the life of the child and mother. Before pregnancy, it should be read before bedtime and immediately after waking up, without getting out of bed.

“Heaven, hear me. My thoughts are pure, I am open to you, Lord. All I want is baby. Show divine power, give me a child, help your servant, forgive all my sinful accomplishments. After nine months, give me a kolysat kolysat yes baby swaddle. Amen, Amen, Amen. "

A plea for a baby boy

In order to become pregnant, you need to read the prayers to the icon of Alexander Svirsky. He can bestow not only a healthy boy, but also two babies at once, there are cases of birth of twins (two boys) after the mother often prayed before this icon.

“O, Holy Reverend Alexander, the earthly father, the preacher of heaven. I am a servant of God (your name), we suffer without a child, the extension of our kind. Show our desires out, make what you desire. Let the long-awaited happen and we become parents. I appeal to you, reveal a ray of light in my life, illuminate it with faith and strengthen my faith. Serve for me a sedative and a luminary, which will lead the righteous way and will not allow to turn aside. Amen, Amen, Amen. "

Asking prayer for a newborn girl

For the earliest appearance of the baby, they turn to the famous Moscow miracle-working icon Matrona. If you believe the beliefs, then being a girl, Matrona was blind and has since then received the opportunity of clairvoyance and healing. Saint Matrona helped all people during her life, regardless of the problem with which the aspirant addresses her. Now for help already asking her face. Most often, the visitors of the holy image are women who ask for the gift of a baby, namely, the princess daughter. There are two appeals to the Matron:

A request for the talent of children to Matron No. 1

“Holy Matrona, you have heard a lot of those in need and ill, hear me too. Do not deny your favor. Forgive me the servant of God (your name), forgive me a sinner, save me from temptations and transgressions. I ask the Lord God to grant me a daughter, my little blood. Let her be born healthy, strong, and ills will bypass her side. I trust in you, I will grant you love and unshakable faith. Amen, Amen, Amen. "

A request for the gift of children to Matron number 2

“Of flesh and blood, I stand before you, but I keep grief and sadness in my soul. My life is empty without childish laughter, bring it into my life, make my dreams come true and become my being. Humble me, Blessed Matron, let me become a mother for your child, forgive all my sins and do not give me the punishment of childlessness. Amen, Amen, Amen. "

Prayer to St. Anne and Joachim

If you are trying to conceive a first-born, but all attempts are unsuccessful, ask for help from the miraculous icon of Anna and Joachim, the mother and father of the Virgin Mary.

“Great preachers of Christ, of the holy spirit, you are standing there in heaven, and I am not here on earth. I ask for help from you, I ask for favor and mercy. May the dear god not be angry with me for my transgressions and grant me the long-awaited child. With prayers, I ask you to save your family happiness and make your dream come true. Give birth to our baby, let it be healthy, bright and strong. Amen. Amen. Amen".

It is worth saying that prayer is not a spell, its power is not in a certain order of the words read, but in the feelings and emotions that you lay down when you turn to God and the saints. The main thing that the words came from the depths of the soul, were sincere and did not have negative goals. It is necessary to know what icon to pray to get pregnant.

Folk advice how to get pregnant

Not only people resort to religion, trying to get pregnant. There is a mass of popular beliefs and signs that are known and observed from time immemorial by our ancestors. You can also perform them in order to bring a happy moment of the onset of pregnancy. For this you need:

  • Get a small discreet decoration with agate, it is believed that this stone protects from the evil eye and helps fulfill wishfulness.
  • Remember the childhood, draw a few fish on a white sheet and put the picture on the pillow, do not remove it until the conceived is realized
  • If you have pregnant girlfriends, then ask her for permission to stroke the rounded tummy, sit with her on the same chair, and even better drink tea from her cup
  • If there are nursing moms in your environment, ask her to pump a couple of drops of breast milk for you. It is believed that if you drink it, pregnancy will come soon.
  • the following folk method helps, you must blow out the candle at the same time.

The main thing is not to lose heart and lose hope, even if you make attempts to get pregnant for a sufficiently long period.

Which icon to pray to get pregnant faster

For a full-fledged strong family, a married couple needs a child. If progeny fail to acquire for a long time, this can cause deterioration of family relationships and give rise to a serious crack. It often happens that there are no medical reasons explaining the futility of attempts, then people turn to God, asking him for help in getting pregnant. But in order for prayer to be deep and effective, it is important to know which icon to pray, and to do it sincerely and heartily. It is recommended to take communion before the prayer and make a confession.

What icon to pray to get pregnant

Do not ask God for help if you do not believe in the result. Many couples have found family happiness and hear children's laughter in the house. Only sincere and genuine faith can work wonders and make the impossible possible. Even in the most hopeless cases, when doctors throw out their hands and put up a cross to the appearance of children, religion and prayers can create a miracle and help the birth of a long-awaited healthy baby. We find out which icons need to pray, and which holy images contribute to early pregnancy.

Miraculous icons to help get pregnant

For women who want to get help in the conception through prayer to the Image of the Virgin Mary, it is important to know which icons help more and more often. Such icons of the Virgin Mary are called Miraculous. The most revered are 5 of them that help women become pregnant when their prayer is heard:

  • "Mammalist",
  • "Help in childbirth",
  • "Leaping baby",
  • Georgian icon of the Mother of God,
  • Theodore Icon of the Virgin.

Miraculous icon for conceiving a child

The Orthodox Church knows many examples, when fervent and sincere prayers helped families with no children to receive the grace to become parents. There are many types of miraculous icons for conceiving a child. that help women find the long-awaited joy of motherhood. Many of these holy icons are outside the places where Christians live, wishing to become mothers, therefore, the Orthodox industry offers to buy icons for conceiving a child in the online store. Various types of Orthodox icons can be ordered in icon-painting workshops. Modern types of iconography, such as comfortable folding icons, Orthodox icons, embroidered with beads or icons with the image of the Virgin Mary for wearing around the neck, are very popular. Especially honored among the icons that help in the birth of the children are: the icons of the Mother of God “Help in Labor”, “Mammalian”, “Healer”, Tikhvin and Feodor icons of the Mother of God, as well as the icons of Panteleimon the Healer, Nicholas the Wonderworker and Matrona of Moscow. All these powerful icons are famous for their miraculous ability to help in conception. Also, they are considered to be helpers and patrons of family happiness, helping brides to find a decent couple to create a family.

Strong conception icons in holy places

There are holy places in which any believer can not only heal their spirit, strengthen their faith, but also fulfill their cherished desire, one of which is parental happiness. In the Murom Monastery, couples fall to the relics of Peter and Fevroni, patrons of families, and receive healing from infertility. Here, they are trying to buy icons for conception that have already been consecrated. There is a belief that a barren woman, having been in Kabardino-Balkaria on the Ulu-tau mountain, acquires the ability to become pregnant within a year. Orthodox call it the mountain of female happiness. The unique temple complex in Egypt, in the city of Karnak, has become a holy place for prayers for procreation. Having visited a holy place in Alanya (Turkey), having passed through the Gate of Desires, a woman is healed from infertility. There are many legendary holy sites that help heal infertility in India, China, Malaysia, and Ethiopia. Miraculous icons for conception in each holy church have a certain rite of worship, and the prayers in front of these strong icons endow them with the gift of God.

Prayer for pregnancy and conception

The absence of children in the family at all times is a great sorrow. Believers believe that infertility is a punishment for earthly sins, practical people, seeking explanations for everything, look at medical issues in such matters, and it also happens that doctors cannot explain the couple’s absence of children. But in any case, sooner or later, people ask the church for help, pray for the saints to bless them and give them the gift of having children.

Many doctors and scientists believe in the benefit of prayers, which was verified, one might say, by experience. When a person prays, his body undergoes the processes of normalization of pressure, pulse, as well as the entire life activity of the body, also decrease cholesterol and help in the psycho-emotional state.

What prayers to read for conception?

You can pray in your own words, but any prayer must be sincere, come from a pure heart with soul and faith. You need to pray constantly and daily, you need to attend church, put candles to the icons of saints, confess and take communion, try not to commit sins.

The prayer for pregnancy and the conception of saint matron works wonders. Matronushka come from the province of Tula, she has been an unusual person since childhood. Her gift was that she knew all the sins of any person, and with the help of a prayer she healed people. Infernal women, or simply wanting to have children, came to her everywhere.

To this day, people come to her icon and relics with a prayer before conceiving a child, and ask the Matron for help in the appearance of children.

There were miraculous cases of healing from infertility after this prayer. People claim that it also helps fulfill wishes. But in order to pray to her, it is not necessary to go straight to Moscow, you can just pray on your own, Holy Matrona will surely hear the begging. And after the petition is fulfilled, do not forget to thank the saint.

The Prayer of the Mother of God for pregnancy also has great power. Virgin Mary - the patroness of motherhood. There are folk signs that if you ask for something on her birthday, she will surely hear everyone and help. The church celebrates her Christmas on September 21. On this day, all those who wish to conceive a child must visit the church and pray to the icon of the Virgin Mary, and if there is no such possibility, then it is worth it to do it mentally and sincerely, wherever you are.

Prayer Matrona of Moscow about conception:

“About the blessed mother of Matrono, the ones who will stand in heaven before the throne of God, rest upon the earth, and have given away the grace of various miracles emanating from the grace. Regard now with your gracious eye on us, sinners, in sorrow, sickness and sinful temptations, your dependent days, comfort us, desperate, heal the afflictions of our lyutya, God permissive of us through our sins, save us from many troubles and circumstances, pray for our Lord Jesus Christ forgive us all our sins, iniquities and fall, we are from our youth even to the present day and hour of sin, and with your prayers we receive grace and great mercy, we will glorify in the Trinity of One God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and ever and ever. Amen."

“O blessed ascetic of Christ, mother of our Matrono! We fall down now and we resort to your intercession, and we humbly ask you: many sorrows and illnesses in our life have endured, look upon our sorrows and illnesses, our fortress is oskud in us, we can neither work nor pray diligently. Breathe for us to the Lord and pray to him, may God have mercy on us and our sicknesses incurable, save our life in peace and silence, and for your prayers and warm intercession will bring us together in all our saints to praise God forever and ever. Amen."

Prayer of the Most Holy Theotokos to Conception:

“Oh, the Most Holy Virgin, Mother of the Lord of the Most High, quick-hearted intercessor of all, who have come to you with faith! Prizri from the height of his heavenly greatness upon me is indecent, adhering to your icon! Hear soon the humble prayer to a sinful man, and bring it to His Son, implore Him,

Let my dark soul light upon Divine grace of His Own and purify my mind from vain thoughts, soothe my suffering heart and heal his wounds, let me understand good things and strengthen His work with fear, forgive all the wicked things that I have done and save eternal torment and will not deprive Heaven of His Kingdom. Oh, the Blessed Virgin! Thou art blessedly declare Your name in the form of Your Georgian, commanding everyone to come to You with faith, do not despise the fear of sorrow and do not let me perish in the abyss of my sins. On Ta according to Bose, all my hope and hope of salvation, and I entrust to Your protection and intercession for yourself forever. I praise and thank the Lord for sending me the happiness of the marital status. I pray to You, the Mother of the Lord and God and My Savior, and will send me and your spouse my beloved child through Your Mother prayers. May he give me the fruit of my womb. May he be settled by His will, for His glory. Change my soul's sorrow to the joy of conception in my womb. May I praise and thank you the Mother of my Lord all the days of my life. Amen."

Choosing an icon for prayers asking for a long-awaited pregnancy

Pregnancy, first of all, is a biological process. Properly calculated ovulation days, motile sperm and intimacy between a man and a woman. But in our world, not everything is easy, and in the process of conception, the spiritual component is also important.

A child is a miracle of God and only he decides whether to become pregnant to a woman or not. After all, in the presence of ovulation, sperm and acts of love, pregnancy still may not occur, if there is no blessing from above. Do not despair if you can not get pregnant. It is important to believe and it is important to turn your requests to the saints.

What icon to pray to get pregnant:

Icon of the Virgin "Helpers in childbirth",

The image of "The addition of the mind." Praying to this icon also helps women who were abandoned during pregnancy.

"Soften the evil heart." Will help in the hour of sadness and illness during pregnancy,

"Quick-hearted" - an icon that helps to ensure that all requests are heard,

On the pregnancy also asked Matron Moscow. There is an icon of this saint in Moscow, many go to this city to personally attach to the icon,

About pregnancy also ask Ksenia Petersburg,

You can pray to the righteous Joachim and Anna. These saints are the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Until very old age they could not have children, but God sent them the Virgin Mary,

Of course, this is not the whole list of icons, whom to pray to get pregnant. People record the miraculous properties of icons when the icon helped to accomplish some kind of miracle. But there are so many miracles that not all healings can be recorded in church history.

Note! It is necessary to pray to the saints alone and in complete silence. It is imperative to have icons of the saints to whom the woman is going to apply. Prayer to get pregnant. must begin with the lighting of the candle in front of the icon, the kissing of the cross.

It is very important not to stop praying after pregnancy and after childbirth. God helps not only to conceive, but also to raise and raise a baby healthy and happy. In no case can not appeal to the church only when there are any problems. In the period of joy it is also necessary to remember God.

By the way, many couples managed to become parents after they had performed the sacrament of wedding in a church. When asking the saints for conception, it is very important to go to church. Confess and receive communion regularly.

It is also necessary to remember that the prayer was more effective, you need to read it correctly. You can buy special prayer books or find certain saints on the Internet. Лучше всего, если после нескольких раз прочтения женщина выучит слова молитвы наизусть. Тогда она сможет со своей просьбой напрямую обращаться к святому, а не использовать книгу или листы бумаги с нужными словами как посредника.

Народные рекомендации

Кроме обращения к религии, для того, чтобы быстрее забеременеть, можно также прислушаться к народным приметам и советам. Не зря эти рекомендации прошли через века до нашего времени. Прабабушки тоже были наблюдательными и составили список примет, как можно забеременеть быстрее и что для этого нужно делать.

Какие приметы помогают забеременеть:

If a woman wants to get pregnant, but she still does not get it, the most important thing is not to despair. Ask the saints for help, believe that everything will work out. Each person has his own destiny and if the supreme forces do not give a child yet, it means that they prepare a woman for something. But if you really want a baby, then it is imperative to ask and believe that prayers, icons and saints will help. To believe sincere and pure faith, as children do.

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Icons of the Virgin, helping to get pregnant

There are still a number of icons of the Theotokos, which they pray in the hope of becoming pregnant and having a baby when medicine throws up their hands and refuses to help in any way.

  • Unexpected Joy Icon - prayers are offered to her when hope has turned into a grain of sand, and it remains to hope only for the joy that they did not expect to receive.
  • "Quick-hearted" - prayers are addressed to her in the hope that they will soon be heard and beneficial assistance will be shown, especially in the desire to become pregnant.
  • "Healer" - helping everyone who comes to her to pray for the health of her relatives, relatives, friends - of any age and gender, and also about women who dream of children.
  • The image of the Virgin "quench my sorrows" - helps believers whose prayers ask for help in diseases of the soul and body of a person. The icon takes sorrow, brings hope and joy, especially those who wish to conceive a child, by faith and prayer will be given to them.
  • "Seraphim-Diveevskaya" - parishioners pray with her about any female problem: difficult pregnancy, infertility, miscarriage. Asking for conception and safe delivery

Do everything possible and impossible to attach to one of these icons, to pray and ask for help to get pregnant with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Christ turned to the blind, who asked Him to return their sight to them: "According to your faith, be it unto you." These words show us that the most important thing in prayer before any icon is sincere faith. There are many different prayers for the giving of children: a prayer to the Lord God, the Most Holy Virgin, prayers to the Matron of Moscow and Xenia of Petersburg, St. Sergius of Radonezh, and prayers in front of various icons of the Virgin Mary. You can also pray for pregnancy in your own simple words; the main thing is to address the Lord and the saints with the faith that your request will be heard.

On pregnancy, you can pray before any icon of the Blessed Virgin. It is believed that the icons Feodorovskaya, the Healer, the Gracious, the Milkgiver are especially helpful in conceiving a child. Icon "Healer" comes from Georgia. In Moscow, the miraculous image of this icon is located in the Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Sokolniki. The miraculous icon "Gracious" is located in the Zachatievsky monastery in Moscow. There are special prayers in front of these icons, but you can also pray in your own words if the texts of the prayers are not very clear to you.

Better if you pray about the birth of a baby before the icons will be both spouses. But if your husband does not believe in God's help and does not want to go to church, do not despair, this does not mean that the Lord will not hear your prayers. In the prayers before the icons, also mention your spouse, ask the Lord not to leave him and help him to gain his faith.

If a particular saint is particularly close to you, for example, Matrona of Moscow or Nicholas the Wonderworker, you can pray in front of their icons. You can also read akathist to this saint. Akathist - this is a kind of praise prayer, which describes the whole life and wonders of the saint.

Before any prayer does not place to go to church to confession, to cleanse your soul from the sins accumulated over the years of life. After all, bodily diseases are a manifestation of spiritual diseases. Very often, with a change in the lifestyle of a person, with the appearance of a spiritual component in his life, the ailments disappear. The inability to conceive a child can be attributed to spiritual ailments, so the Lord shows families that they need to change something in their lives and change themselves.

If you have never been to communion, be sure to do it. Communion is the most important church sacrament in which we symbolically, in the form of bread and wine, partake of the body and blood of Christ, thereby becoming partakers of eternal life. Communion purifies our soul, this kind of "medicine" for the soul. If you are determined to ask God for the birth of children, do not neglect the sacraments of the Church. Communion is not some kind of magical ritual, when we take communion, we remember the Last Supper, when Christ distributed to his disciples bread and wine with the words "this is My body, which is given for you, do this in My memory."

Do not hesitate to seek advice from the priest. If you came to church for the first time, ask the priest to tell you how to confess properly, how to prepare for communion, what prayers to read at home.