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The children's doctor Yevgeny Komarovsky is the favorite of hundreds of thousands of modern mothers. Only he knows how to so easily and clearly convey to his parents, far from medicine, all the necessary information about the treatment of children and the prevention of diseases. He is valued for his amazingly subtle sense of humor, for his great love for children. What is the secret of the popularity of the famous doctor, we will tell in this material.

Biography of Yevgeny Olegovich Komarovsky in many sources is set out rather sparingly - he was born, studied, worked. In fact, and he himself loves to talk about it very much, his life has been rather interesting since childhood. He was born in the family of engineers in Kharkov on October 15, 1960. In 2018, Evgeny Olegovich will celebrate his 58th birthday.

Eugene's parents worked at the turbine plant, and his childhood at first glance was not much different from the childhood of millions of Soviet schoolchildren - pioneer, demonstrations, collecting scrap metal. Prior to working as an engineer at the plant, mother Eugene received her first education in the field of culture and worked as a librarian. Due to this, in the standard apartment of Komarovsky there was a rather large library that was completely non-standard for that time. The boy's passion for reading woke up early. When parents were forbidden to read, he hid with a flashlight under a blanket and continued to study another adventure novel or story.

When his wife was 10 years old, his younger sister was born, and this event indirectly determined his future profession.

For some reason, the boy was so afraid for the baby, he was so worried that nothing would happen to her, which constantly and completely voluntarily helped his mother to look after the baby.

My sister was sick, recovered, all this was happening with the direct participation of the elder brother, who knew how to feed the hated medicine and put the banks on. Therefore, by the time of graduation with a choice of profession, there were no questions.

Evgeny Olegovich Komarovsky in social networks:

Evgeny Komarovsky was born in a family where no one has ever been associated with medicine.

Mom was an engineer, dad too, military grandfather, but Eugene himself feels that the desire to be a doctor was passed on to him at the genetic level.

Sometimes he jokes, saying that either in his past life he was a doctor, or there are ancestors who were associated with a medical business.

At school Komarovsky studied well, was quite a sociable boy. When he was 10 years old, a sister was born - his reverent care and fear of losing her played a significant role in the choice of a future profession.

After school, he had two options - either enroll in the medical, or go to the army. He passed the exams perfectly, so I had to wait with the service. In parallel with his studies, Komarovsky begins to earn money in the hospital - At first he was a nurse in intensive care, then, after receiving a diploma, he worked as an infectious diseases specialist in a children's clinic.

A few years later he took the post of doctor in the intensive care unit, and a year later he was appointed head of the infectious disease unit. In 2006, Komarovsky decided to open a private office and advise the population.

We must pay tribute to the beloved by millions of doctors Komarovsky for his works - he is a candidate of medical sciences, has repeatedly written research papers, has been awarded the Teletriumf prize for the project of the Inter channel, the School of Doctor Komarovsky three times.

It is interesting, but its easy presentation and the ability to speak about medicine in an accessible language for the audience emerged in 1993.

Then he wrote his first work, and this was not a scientific work, but a monograph “Viral croup in children”. He wrote for himself and for friends, therefore he chose an accessible and understandable style. The result was an incredibly fascinating book, followed by a number of similar works.

Doctors Komarovsky know thanks to the TV program, but for the first time on television, he appeared in 1992, when a diphtheria epidemic raged in the country.

Komarovsky had to restrain panic and tell his parents how to behave if a child has a disease and what to do to prevent infection. Now almost all the mummies of Ukraine and Russia listen to Yevgeny’s opinion, he publishes books, consults online.

Komarovsky married while still a student, until now, he is surprised that he was lucky from the first time not to make a mistake and choose precisely his woman.

Katerina bore him two sons, Dmitry and Andrey, both independent adults already. Interestingly, the sons almost simultaneously got married, and their children were born in their families in 2013.

Dr. Komarovsky lovingly brings up his grandchildren, often you can see joint photos with your grandfather.

Now Eugene lives in his house with his wife, in parallel with the work he enjoys fishing, which he calls personal pathology. No matter what time of year and what kind of weather outside the window, if he has planned to go fishing, he will do it no matter what.


Parents are native Kharkiv.

The author of numerous scientific papers, as well as popular science articles and books, the most famous of which - “Child health and common sense of his relatives” - sustained more than 15 reprints in Russia and Ukraine.

Doctor Komarovsky lives and works in Kharkov. In practical health care - more than 25 years. He graduated from Kharkov Medical Institute, Pediatric Faculty. Since 1983, he worked at the Regional Children's Infectious Clinical Hospital in Kharkov. Until 1991, he was the doctor of the intensive care unit, and over the next ten years, he was the head of the infectious disease ward. Since 2000, he conducted a consultative pediatric reception at a private medical center; in 2006, he opened a private medical center, a clinic of Komarovsky Clinic.

In 1993, the monograph “Viral croup in children” was published, for which in 1996 the author received a scientific degree of a candidate of science. "The Beginning of Your Child's Life" (1996) - the first popular science book by E. O. Komarovsky, "The Health of a Child and the Common Sense of His Relatives" (2000) is its logical continuation. In 2002 the book "Disposable Diapers" was published. In 2007 - a new, supplemented and fully revised edition of the "Child Health ..."

In 2008-2009, they published: “ORZ: a guide for sensible parents”, “Diary”, “Cough book”, “Book from a cold”, “36 and 6 questions about temperature”, audiobook “Beginning of your child’s life”, and also the first part of the Handbook of Sane Parents, which contains information relevant to all healthy children - growth and development, tests and examinations, nutrition, vaccinations.

2010 - the second part of the parent directory - “Emergency Help”.

The doctor is known to the parent audience also on numerous television projects - as a talk show participant, consultant for specialized programs.

In March 2010, the project “School of Doctor Komarovsky” started on the central Ukrainian TV channel Inter.

Winner of "The most beautiful man of Ukraine 2010" [2].

The method of the doctor for the care and upbringing of the child is distinguished by simplicity, accessibility, efficiency and adaptation to modern conditions and the national mentality, for which it is often called the “Ukrainian Spock”.


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The books "Child Health and the Common Sense of His Relatives" and "ORZ: A Guide for Sensible Parents" have been translated into Ukrainian and Chinese.