Calculate Ovulation Calendar


Your personal calendar of fertile days and days of safe sex.

There are three questions that this calculator can answer:

1. When can you not protect yourself?

(Attention! The calendar method of protection is considered ineffective.)

2. When to get pregnant?

3. When could she get pregnant?

Better ask it to another calculator, it is called "Who is the father of the child?"

The appearance of the baby in the family is a significant and very important event, they always prepare for it in advance. And not always from the moment it becomes known about the future mother's pregnancy - planning for the birth of a child, as well as planning for sex, often occurs long before the onset of pregnancy.

Proper lifestyle, which should lead the expectant mother, is one of the prerequisites for the birth of a healthy and full-fledged baby. In addition, for the birth of a healthy baby, it is necessary, before counting the conception calendar, to undergo a full medical examination, treat chronic diseases (the same tonsillitis), visit a dentist, and also talk with a geneticist. When the preparatory stage is over, and you are convinced that the future parents (yes, and the father too!) Are healthy, you can begin ... to count.

How to calculate the conception of a child

The choice of the right moment of conception today is quite simple thanks to modern science, there is a special calendar of conceiving a child - the average scheme, which can be used to guide the calculation. To obtain reliable information and create an individual conception calendar, automatically calculated by the computer according to the program, you only need to enter your data - the average duration of the menstrual cycle (it is calculated from the first day of one menstruation to the first day of the next) and indicate the first day of the last menstrual cycle. The main task of the conception calendar is to show the days most favorable for conception, when the female body is most ready for fertilization.

Using the conception calendar of the child or the ovulation calendar, you can try to program the gender of the future child - genetics claim that the birth of the girl will ensure the conception of the baby before the peak of ovulation. And if you correctly calculate the conception and implement it directly at the time of ovulation or immediately after it - the boy will be born. You can find out the time of your readiness to continue the race using an ovulation calculator or passing an ovulation test.

Bit of education

The high level of information technology does not necessarily mean that we all have the necessary information in full. What is the basis for the calculations of the conception calendar and how safe are “safe days for sex”?

Over the course of the menstrual cycle, the female body is in different ways ready to be restructured and allowed to settle in the new life. Those days when full sexual intercourse with ejaculation does not lead to conception are called safe days, and the most suitable days for germination when the most active sperm cell is able to fertilize an egg quickly and quite successfully - days of ovulation or favorable for conception.

The moment of ovulation is the time when the female germ cells are in “active mode,” that is, fully prepared to perform their functions. This moment comes in the middle of the menstrual cycle and lasts 2-4 days, so it is easy to calculate ovulation, if you know exactly the duration of your cycle. For automatic calculation, a special ovulation calculator has been developed, which in a few seconds is able to calculate ovulation and indicate the best days to conceive.

It should be remembered that every human body is a purely individual mechanism, so it’s not worth fully relying on the ovulation calendar to count the days for safe sex. Because the concept of safe days that exists in the terminology of obstetrics, relating to the topic of pregnancy planning, has a indirect relation to the prevention of unwanted pregnancy. It is illiterate and stupid to calculate the conception calendar in order to choose the days when you can have safe sex without protection, because the “dangerous” days for your body can be ... at the end of the menstrual cycle (and this happens when the cycle is unstable and the time of ovulation is stretched , therefore, it is not possible to calculate ovulation correctly).

How to get a wonderful man

No one will argue that everything around us affects our state of mind, our worldview, and, ultimately, our lives. But few people think that the roots of this influence are very deep. They are hidden in the innermost sacrament - the moment of conception. Therefore, if with the help of the ovulation calendar you have determined the most auspicious day for conceiving a child, try to turn it into a real holiday - bright, joyful, happy. Even if you are an unbeliever, then let the results of medical research, claiming that even flora respond to beautiful music and grow plants faster, will tell you the right way to show your child that they want, wait and love already.

It is not without reason that in many languages ​​there is the romantic name for the act of copulating a man and a woman - making love. Let sex on your chosen day for conceiving a child become not just a love affair, but a desire to share your love not for two, but for three - you, the parents, and your baby. And then, as you wanted, your child will be the smartest, most beautiful, most healthy, most-most ...

What is the female ovulation calendar

The female ovulation calendar is a marked date of menstruation, ovulation and dates favorable for conception. To master the principles of its preparation, it is necessary to clearly understand how ovulation occurs, what precedes it, and what days can be effective for fertilization.

On the ovulation calendar, there are days of ovulation and days favorable for conception.

How are the processes of ovulation

In every organism, an egg is produced every month. There are situations when two or more of them may form, but such cases are infrequent. Under normal conditions, the processes proceed in this order:

  1. Several vesicles filled with fluid appear in the ovary. This occurs immediately after the onset of blood discharge during menstruation.
  2. One bubble begins to develop rapidly, increasing in size.
  3. The nucleation of a future cell occurs in it, which gradually forms until the follicle reaches 20-25 mm. The remaining bubbles by this point are disappearing.
  4. The cell breaks through the bubble shell, freeing itself. At this point, it is fully consistent with the characteristics of the egg and is ready for the procedure of fertilization.
  5. Once in the genital tract, it gradually moves forward. If this happens to contact with the male cells, it will go to the uterus and penetrate the endometrium. With successful implantation, the embryo begins to develop.
  6. In the absence of sperm, the cell dies after 24 hours. The remains of it are displayed with menstrual bleeding.
  7. In the place of the rupture of the shell grows yellow body. It is necessary for the production of a hormone that affects the normal development of the embryo and the fertilization process.

At each stage, the body is affected by a different type of hormone, the content of which increases in a specific period. Under their influence, some physiological characteristics also change, according to which it is easy for a woman to recognize the processes occurring in her.

Estimates and Observations

Today you can download the ovulation calendar or calculate it yourself. In any case, you need to know your performance, which should follow the body for some time. You need to purchase a calendar and fill it with the dates of menstruation. Based on the marked dates, it is easy to make certain calculations and clarify such points:

  • Having counted the number of days between the marked numbers, the woman finds out the length of her cycle. This is a key indicator to calculate ovulation. Normally, it is 25-29 days, but some deviations are possible. With rates of 21 or 35 days, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist. Short or long parameter indicates abnormal body function. Perhaps you just need to lead a healthier life or change your diet, or you may need to drink a course of vitamins or hormones to bring rhythms to normal.
  • It is necessary to compare the length index in different months. Ideally, it should be the same with an error of one day. If the fluctuations in the length of the rhythm in a woman are very significant, this indicates irregularity. Disruptions can stresses, hormonal drugs, changes in living conditions (climate). If, after removing the cause, the rhythms have not returned to normal, a more in-depth examination should be carried out followed by treatment. Worrying because of a single failure is not worth it, a single case does not indicate a problem. In a healthy body, a one-time failure is quite possible once a year.
  • Watch the progress of the menstruation process. If the bleedings each time have the same characteristics, profusion, frequency, duration, experience less. If there are leaps, this may indicate a disease. Different characteristics of menstruation are normal only for a young girl in the process of becoming a function or for an adult lady during menopause.

Phases of the female cycle

To compile the ovulation schedule, you need to understand when the cell is released in a particular case. Specialists divide the women's cycle into two phases:

  • Follicular It starts from the first day of menstruation and ends with the release of the cell.
  • Luteal. Lasts from ovulation to the onset of menstruation.

The very same ovulation occurs between them and lasts about 1-3 days. The first period is different in length for each woman. The speed of follicle development depends on the level of estrogen and its increase in the desired proportions with a gradual growth.

Phases of the female cycle to form the ovulation calendar

But the second period is the same for everyone. This is explained by the time of the functioning of the yellow body. It is a broken graph of the vial, the walls of which collapse (after the cell leaves), and due to lipids and lutein pigment changes color to yellow. After cell death, the corpus luteum ceases to produce a hormone necessary for the development of pregnancy and is structurally destroyed. In general, it takes 14 days. In exceptional cases, there are indicators in 12-13 days, but this is rare.

Calculate ovulation days

To make an ovulation calendar and calculate favorable days for conception, it is necessary to determine the date on which the follicle gap falls. Knowing the second indicator, it is easy to determine the first: to subtract 14 from the cycle. For example, with a length of 27 days, the cell will be ready for fertilization on day 13 (27-14 = 13) after the onset of menstruation.

Thus, on your calendar you can count the received number from the previously noted dates of the monthly and fill in the days of ovulation for each month. If a woman, according to early observations, the processes were rhythmically, it is easy to register and predictions:

  • dates of the month, counting the length of the cycle from the previous
  • dates of ovulation, adding to the days of the monthly length of the calculated first phase

Online Calendar - Usability

If you do not want to make calculations yourself, you can get a calendar online, but how to calculate the ovulation in women should be presented. Today, such a service is very common and accessible. In the parameters of the calculator you need to drive your own criteria:

  • duration of intermenstrual periods
  • date of the beginning of the last menstruation
  • duration of bleeding
  • number of months for drawing up the calendar

The calculator works on the basis of the same formulas and algorithms that we considered above, and therefore will show a similar result. After analytics, the woman will receive calendars for the following months with the numbers already noted in them. It is very convenient and allows you to save yourself the result for observation and planning. In the days painted on them, it is required to carry out productive acts if there is a desire to conceive a baby. But in view of the errors in the calculations and the characteristics of cell activity, the acts can be assigned before this date.

Form for drawing up the ovulation calendar on our website

These calendars also help keep track of rhythms and glitches. For example, when menstruation occurs earlier or later than the specified number, it is clear that the date of ovulation will also change and must be recalculated.

Calendar conception boy or girl

If you want to calculate the ovulation calendar online on our calculator, then you can order a forecast regarding the sex of the newborn, which depends on the date of sexual intercourse and fertilization. To do this, it is enough to put a tick in the line “include a floor forecast” in the corresponding column. As a result, the following marks will be put on the calendar for each month:

  • days of the month
  • numbers conducive to conceiving girls (3 days)
  • numbers, conception which will lead to the birth of a boy
  • egg day

On the basis of the data obtained, it can be seen that the girl is predicted if the act is carried out three days a day before ovulation, and the boy is being projected on that day, the next day and the day before. It is worth noting that this forecast was not invented, but was revealed by experts.

Ovulation calendar with the forecast of the conception of a boy or girl

Features predict the sex of the baby

To understand the factors affecting the assignment of male or female type of semi chromosomes, you need to recall the basics of anatomy:

  • XX: if the sperm with the X chromosomes makes contact with the female cell, the embryo acquires the female gender,
  • HY: a son is born during fertilization with Y-sperm.
Gender prediction increases the probability, but does not guarantee the result of conceiving a boy or girl

The female cell itself has no effect on the floor. This is due to the presence of her only X chromosomes. So, we know what type of male cell we need. And how to influence that fertilization was made by him? It is quite simple, if you know the characteristics of each of them.

The best days for conceiving a boy

If we need to make an ovulation calendar for the conception of a boy, we should be guided by the following concepts:

  • Y-cells are very fast and mobile. They are easily ahead of X-cells, which are not competitors in speed.
  • Y lives extremely little - just a day.

Knowing these factors, it is clear that when the spermatozoa go inside, the cell should already be in the genital tract. In this case, Y will easily catch up with her, but X will not have time. Therefore, the best days for the birth of a son are the exact moments of ovulation. In the online calendar, days and the day before and after are taken, because it is not easy to identify the specific moment of cell appearance only by calculations. And she lives all day, as we remember. The woman herself has the opportunity to confirm this point in several ways:

  • To conduct tests. The easiest way to see the change in shade on the strip, which is characteristic of a surge in the level of LH. And this happens on the eve of the rupture of the follicle.
  • The appearance of specific secretions. Before the bubble ruptures, mucus, under the influence of estrogen grown in concentration, is significantly diluted and manifests outside. In the absence of it in the first period of the cycle, this fact cannot be ignored. Characterized by mucus transparency, thickness and profusion. In other periods of this type of discharge there is no, as other hormones act.
  • Breast swelling. It is observed immediately after a bubble rupture, when the hormone progesterone is already acting.

The best days for conceiving girls

If necessary, make an ovulation calendar and calculate the best days to conceive a girl, you need to be guided by this knowledge:

  • Y-cell dies in a day.
  • X-cells live up to 3 days, less often - up to 4-5 days.

Proceeding from this, so that Y has no chance, it is necessary that the spermatozoa be inside for some time before the appearance of the female cell there. Ideally, she should be “born” when all Y are already dead. Then the slower X will no longer have competitors. Therefore, in order to give birth to a daughter, it is necessary to outline productive acts a couple of days before the expected ovulation.

Increase the likelihood of having a boy or girl

Since in this situation, the methods for identifying the exact day indicated above are not relevant, then you can confirm your calculations in other ways. The most reliable will be ultrasound. The doctor observed the growth of the follicle, starting 5-9 days after menstruation. According to the speed of its growth and the content of the hormone, it will determine the date of ovulation in advance.

Ultrasound examination on the day of ovulation increases the chances of conception

Independently, this moment can be designated with the help of a reusable device that shows the structural changes in salts contained in human saliva. One month you can watch the strokes every day and see how the pattern is gradually changing. Так женщина поймет, что в ее случае, рисунок из пунктирных линий и нескольких четких говорит о разрыве фолликула через 1-2 дня.

Прибор для наблюдения за мазками позволит точнее определить день овуляции

Также можно использовать замеры температуры ректально. При этом нужно вести дневник наблюдений и прорисовывать график. Резкий спад температуры говорит о скором приближении нужного момента, а резкий рост показателя после этого – о выходе клетки.

Additional Tips and Predictions for Gender

Having made a personal calendar of ovulation and conception of the baby of the right sex, you need to know about the additional features. In particular, each type of male cell requires certain microorganisms and through the consumption of products with their content, it is possible to improve their habitat and increase vitality. In particular:

  • For a boy: fill the diet with foods containing sodium and potassium and lower calcium intake. It is better to enter into the diet: meat products, sausages, smoked meats, fish, egg white, potatoes, rice, semolina, mushrooms, lentils, peas, dates, prunes, bananas, cherries, apricots, mineral water with soda.
  • For a girl, products containing a large amount of calcium are more relevant: sour cream, milk, eggs, cottage cheese, almost all vegetables and fruits, peanuts, hazelnuts, chocolate, cocoa, honey. It is necessary to limit the meat, especially pork and beef and salt intake. Bread and pastries to eat unleavened.

Predict the floor today offer a blood type or its renewal from parents. The first option is quite reliable, but it has some exceptions. The second is based on the understanding that a person has systematically updated fluid. This happens every three years for girls and 4 for the stronger sex. If you count from the year of birth to the present moment these years, you can identify the spouse, whose blood rejuvenated last. It is believed that the same sex as this spouse will be a baby, because its cells are stronger and more active. If there was a large blood loss (or childbirth), then calculations should be made from the year when it happened. At this point, rejuvenation occurred out of plan.

Many today trust special tables that predict gender by month of conception. These tables were compiled quite a long time ago and have their followers. Working with them is easy and understandable:

  • Chinese The lines indicate the years of the future mother. It is necessary to find your line and follow up by month (marked in vertical columns) when a son or daughter is predicted.
  • Japanese First you need to find a check digit for your spouse with your spouse. Based on this figure, analyze the prediction for each month. It is presented in the form of probability ratios at the conception of a son or daughter.
Japanese table for determining the sex of the unborn child

As far as they are reliable, the debate has been going on for a long time, but if you wish, you can try this option. Of course, it is better to “fix” it with your own knowledge about the viability of sperm and be guided by calculations.

Planning the birth of a boy or girl on the Chinese table

By making an ovulation calendar online or independently, a woman gets the opportunity to designate the best moments for conception, and even with the probability of affecting the sex. In addition, with the calendar it is easy to monitor your rhythms and detect deviations and failures in time. If the pregnancy is not currently interested in the lady, she can be guided by the calendar in order to know the most “dangerous” days for unprotected acts.

Menstrual cycle

There is a common misconception that a woman’s menstrual cycle should last exactly 28 days, and ovulation should take place “on the 14th day of the cycle” or “in the middle of the menstrual cycle”. This is not true.

In fact, the menstrual cycle is divided into two phases - the follicular (before ovulation) and luteal (after ovulation).

Luteal phase

The luteal phase (the phase of the corpus luteum) starts from the moment of ovulation and lasts about 12-16 days.

In place of the co-follicular follicle, a yellow body forms within a few days after ovulation. Its main function is the synthesis of progesterone and estrogen to support future pregnancies. If the pregnancy does not occur, then in 10-12 days the corpus luteum undergoes reverse development, which leads to a drop in the level of hormones, after which the next menstruation begins. If the pregnancy has come, the corpus luteum continues to function and support the pregnancy.

In the absence of pregnancy, the level of progesterone reaches its maximum value approximately one week after ovulation - at this time it is recommended to take a blood test for progesterone to assess the function of the corpus luteum.

Duration of the menstrual cycle

The follicular phase may differ in duration (both in different women and in one woman throughout life). Typically, the length of this particular phase of the cycle determines the length of the entire menstrual cycle and affects the delay of menstruation - for example, if follicle maturation occurs faster or slower than usual, or does not occur at all. The luteal phase usually has a constant duration (from 12 to 16 days).

Child sex

The sex of the future child does not depend on the location of the stars in the sky, the menu of the future parents or the position at conception. The sex of the child depends on which type of sperm fertilizes the egg cell - the male Y chromosome or the female X chromosome. Spermatozoa "male" sex, as a rule, easier and faster move, compared with the "female", but more sensitive to external conditions and adverse influences. Spermatozoa "female" sex, on the contrary, less mobile, but more enduring. Thus, if sexual intercourse occurs on the day of ovulation or later, the probability of a boy’s birth increases, and if sexual intercourse takes place long before ovulation, the probability of a girl’s birth increases and the probability of conception decreases. However, experts believe that the reliability of this method does not exceed 60%.