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How can men increase the number of sexual acts?


Good sex does not happen too much and this is a really proven fact. Knowing this and wanting to fully satisfy their partner, men wonder how to increase the number of sexual acts in a row at a time or for a night. The question is not only very relevant, but also quite complicated, so it’s necessary to find the right answer to it.

Of course, each representative of the stronger sex is trying to be a real macho in the eyes of his beloved, but whether this will affect the state of his intimate health negatively is another question.

Are men able to have sex several times in a row?

Once, one intelligent person stated that there is nothing unreal for a person and this is indeed the case. This statement is also relevant for men who think whether they can satisfy their partner a couple of times in a row. To increase the number of sexual acts per day, men need to know some tricks and then everything will be fine in their intimate life. And now we are not talking about taking pills or other similar means, you just need to be able to have sex correctly.

This is elementary! To return and repeatedly strengthen the potency, you need every evening.

Opinion of doctors about this

Medical experts have come to the conclusion that several coituses for men in a row - this is completely unhealthy. Everything needs to know the measure, but in the process has its own subtleties. It all depends on how good the young person is in good health, what his temperament is, how long the sexual act lasts. Of course, going to daily records is very harmful, but it is quite possible to have sex a couple of times a day and it will not cause problems.

What affects the number of sexual acts?

Not everyone can perform several sexual acts in a row. The ability to realize this desire depends on many external and internal factors, among which the following should be noted:

  • temperament of a specific representative of the stronger sex,
  • how exciting is the atmosphere and setting
  • Does the male partner cause strong sexual desire?
  • at what age is the representative of the stronger sex,
  • Does a man have physical or mental health problems?
  • how long are sexual intercourses,
  • Do partners use additional stimulation techniques?
  • how long a man has not had sex.

Before asking how to have sex several times in a row, a man should really assess his capabilities and think about whether this would be appropriate for him.

How to increase the number of coitus man?

To increase the number of times per night, a man or a guy will have to try very well. For a start, the representative of the stronger sex needs to be in good physical shape, and then you can think of several sexual contacts over night.

To make sex with your beloved woman more vivid and a man could do it for a long time, you can safely use these practices:

  • apply the technique of additional stimulation of the penis, what should a woman do,
  • ask the fair sex to wear the most beautiful lingerie and put on a marafet,
  • try to start after one sexual intercourse by watching an intimate video,
  • regularly eat foods that have a positive effect on the male reproductive system,
  • Do not make the first sexual contact too long, because after that it is quite difficult to achieve the desired success the second time.

Some men, in order to achieve their goal, use different ointments and medical preparations, which increase the cavernous bodies and promote blood flow, but this is hardly the best way out.

Men who have the desire to have sex a couple of times in a row can be given a couple of useful tips. For example, to have a good result in bed, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle and say goodbye to excess weight. You need to eat right, choose a partner who is most satisfying to a man in bed and practice additional stimulation.

But you shouldn't be fanatically addicted to such a process and go to records, because it certainly doesn’t promise anything good. It is necessary to have sex only when the desire really arises, without trying to set some world records at the same time, bringing harm to their own health. Even excessive amounts of vitamins are harmful, and this is worth remembering if you once again want to set a sex record.

How does age affect the potency

Age has a decisive influence on male potency and sexual desires. Sexual contact is most often made in a transitional period.

Often during the honeymoon or in the early years of the marriage period, the young spouse tries to surprise his soul mate and wants to have sex almost all day and night. Against the background of such an emotional outburst, a situation may arise when the body is depleted and weakened.

Therefore, doctors warn that every intimate contact should end with ejaculation. If a situation arises when arousal does not reach its orgasm, then this is already the first signal that the body is failing.

But in the coming years, intimate relationships become more even and stable, the number of sexual acts reaches 2-3 times during the week, as advised by doctors.

Sexual activity in a man is directly connected not only with his age and with his sexual constitution, but also with the presence of social, biological and domestic factors that differ in each age category.

Thus, during puberty, the predominant factor is biological. Having become somewhat older, the young man begins to realize the social importance of intimate relationships and his personal activity in them.

In a more mature age, male sexual activity becomes more even as a result of an equal ratio of those and other factors. The older a man becomes, the more significant the biological possibilities of sex become for him.

At different periods of life, sexual activity and the libido of the male population increase. And this contributes to many cumulative factors, both social, personal, and biological.

  • increased demands of a sex partner, as with age women begin to feel a much greater need for intimate relationships,
  • may change the familiar situation, moving to a new apartment or changing the place of residence,
  • finally creating an enabling environment for sex in terms of psychological, well-established and longer trusting relationships in the family, deep knowledge of how to satisfy a woman who has been around for so many years,
  • the use of dietary supplements for stimulation, by this time the one that is suitable for a particular man is better than others.

But all these reasons cannot be permanent. Over time, the novelty of sensations disappears, and the frequency of sexual intercourse is still set the way nature intended it according to the sexual constitution of this particular man.

The reasons for low sexual activity and a decrease in libido are the same.

  • These are social factors, such as unfavorable housing conditions, family or career troubles, frequent stresses and depressions, etc.
  • Personal factors - frequent failures of the spouse in mutual proximity, her weak sexual activity, chronic diseases acquired by this time, including prostatitis or urinary and genital diseases.

Conditionally physiological rhythms of sexual potency

Conventionally, the peak of sexual activity of a man can be called age from twenty-eight to thirty-two years. Then the representative of the stronger sex enters the so-called phase of conditioned physiological rhythms. It differs in regularity and stability of sexual contacts. On average, a man who lives in a full-fledged marriage, makes up to three sexual contacts per week, which end with ejaculation.

But there are exceptions, again, it is men who depend on the sexual constitution. Therefore, in marriage, it is he who sets the rhythm and frequency of sexual contacts. A man who has a strong constitution is capable of five and even 10 sexual acts per week. And it happens a long time. Approximately around the age of fifty such men begin a period of physiological rhythms of sexual activity.

The factors on which the frequency of intimate acts depends may be religious and national in nature, may depend on moral and ethical standards, upbringing in the family, and the inner culture of the man.

Proper nutrition as a factor of good potency

How to increase the number of sexual acts? A man should think about it at an early age. And the beginning of a healthy lifestyle is brought up in the family. The representative of the strong half of humanity must be active and physically resilient. And that means, he should always play sports, move more, swim or walk. Eliminate bad habits in the form of smoking, alcohol, coffee and energy abuse.

As a result, with age, sexual activity will be significantly higher than with a sedentary lifestyle, when during the day - the office, in the evening - TV and beer. The more a person receives positive emotions, the better his psycho-emotional state, the more intense intimate relationships.

Great importance for increasing the number of sexual acts is nutrition. After all, the production of sex hormones is directly related to the content in the body of vitamins A, E, B, as well as zinc. There is a whole list of foods that a man should eat daily, including them in his diet or using them for cooking various dishes.

This list includes:

  • diet poultry and game, red meat without fat,
  • fish, especially fat varieties - flounder, mackerel, salmon,
  • seafood - shrimps, mussels, crabs, lobster meat, squids, oysters,
  • fermented milk products - kefir, sour cream, airan, especially good koumiss, cream, cottage cheese,
  • eggs, preference should be given quail. They can be eaten raw or boiled. Source of vitamins A, B6, E,
  • nuts of any kind, up to 100 g per day,
  • pumpkin or sunflower seeds raw,
  • natural honey
  • natural black chocolate
  • fruits and vegetables, especially fresh - black currants, citrus fruits, sea buckthorn,
  • seasonings and greens - parsley, mint, celery, anise, basil, do not forget about onions and garlic.

Many products from this list are powerful natural aphrodisiacs that can increase sexual activity and libido in a short time.

At the doctor’s office about male problems, he first advises to change the diet.

After all, these products reduce cholesterol, normalize metabolic processes, clean the blood vessels. All this leads to increased blood flow to the pelvic organs and the penis, which contributes to increased potency and enhanced testosterone production.

But from fatty, fried, heavy food should be abandoned, gradually changing their culinary passions. They clog the blood vessels, pollute them, thereby worsening the flow of blood to the intimate organs.

  • semi-finished products containing carcinogens, dyes and preservatives,
  • potato, because it contains starch in large quantities,
  • rice - there are a lot of carbohydrates
  • pasta, bread products made from white flour,
  • large amount of coffee
  • soda and energy cocktails.

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs - the enemies of potency, as they reduce the production of testosterone, worsen the work of the cardiovascular system, reduce the number of sexual acts.

You will definitely increase your sexual potential even without medication, if you go to the gym, move more, eat those foods that increase libido and increase potency. Try to get more joy from every minute of your life. This contributes to the production of hormones of happiness in your body, which make life bright, full of impressions and bright colors. With confidence, the same can be said about intimate relationships.

Top 19 techniques on how to increase the duration of sexual intercourse in men at home

Let us analyze the topical topic on how to increase the duration of sexual intercourse in men.

You need to understand that a quick finish during the intimacy with a girl becomes a problem if it happens. regularly.

If you have a love affair for the first time or after long abstinence, then the fact that you quickly “shot out” is perfectly normal.


In determining the average take time from the beginning of the introduction of the male body until the "finish". That is, it is exclusively a friction stage and foreplay is not included there.

  1. According to medical statistics from different countries, the same numbers are given: from 2 to 6 minutes! This is the average duration of sexual intercourse.
  2. According to the same statistics, 75% of the male finish periodically in 2 minutes after entering!

Abnormal and rare exceptions

  • There are people with an accelerated eruption, when they come to the finish yet not having time go with a woman in a horizontal position or undress. This happens either because of long abstinence, or because of the reasons described below.
  • There are people who find it difficult to reach the denouement even after 40-50 minutes of intercourse. They have such a deviation delayed finish.

How much should you really hold

In fact, to give a woman pleasure and satisfy her desires, you need to at least 20-30 minutes And this is the minimum!

With some women you need about 1 hourso that they are really satisfied.

Of course, girls have rare exceptions, but these are just rare exceptions.

When it is a problem in other words

  1. When the liquid end came even less than 2 minutes.

When a woman remains dissatisfied and unhappy after a night in bed with you, you should also think about how to increase the duration of the act in a man at home.

  • When in most cases a partner can not control your body, can not keep in bed as much as I would like, which brings tension and discomfort in the relationship.
  • Causes

    • neurosis in everyday life they are tense during intimacy,
    • it is also hampered by conviction in the head like “intimacy is immoral and bad”,
    • long absence of women
    • decline libido,
    • the appearance of a new girl
    • tensions or quarrels in a relationship
    • suppression your desires at a young age
    • greater organ sensitivity,
    • fear of failing
    • injuries lower back or spine, hernia in the same areas,
    • sedentary lifestyle,
    • thirst for smoking
    • alcohol abuse.

    Now let's look at the 19 best tips on how to increase the duration of sexual intercourse from the average to the most necessary and desirable high rates for both partners.

    1. Pay more attention to foreplay

    Prelude is foreplay with a girl.

    Having allocated at the beginning of their due time, then during the very intercourse, the girl will get more pleasure with you, will remain satisfied and get more buzz.

    What you should pay attention before intimacy:

    1. Sniff her neck. It creates such a sensual moment when you sniff one side of her neck, you look at your lips, building up passionate tension, and, without discharging it, you move to the other neck.
    2. Kisses in lips.
    3. Touching her back.
    4. Kisses and caresses her cleavage.

    2. Kegel Exercise

    • The second way to increase the duration of sexual intercourse and the time of making love is to train special the muscles using a special kegel exercise.
    • Exercise is to tension and relaxing the same muscles used to stop urination.
    • And every time you go to the toilet, practice stopping and restarting again. jet fluid. We also talked about this technique in other publications.
    • Thus, you will have a trained pubic-coccygeal muscle, which is very useful in bed with your beloved.

    3. Special compression technique

    This technique is used at the moment when you feel that you have crossed the critical line, and your prostate is already beginning to contract rapidly.

    In this case, do the following:

    1. Use squeezing Kegel muscles as when stopping the jet in the toilet.
    2. Now with the index and thumb of one hand squeeze the body around the bridle and the entire top.
    3. Other hand like ring clasp your organ at the base.
    4. There should be no extra incentives. This is all the essence method. In another article, we described similar techniques for combating ailment.

    4. Watch your breath.

    • Correct and conscious breathing is what determines the duration of sexual intercourse and the average performance of many guys. Try not to breathe too fast.
    • Breathe in twice deeper than usual, take a pause, and only then take a deep breath.
    • So will slow down pulse, the heart will not beat too intensely, and all this will postpone the premature finish.

    5. Technique "Slow down and get"

    1. The bottom line isthat you need to be able to stop if you feel the approach of the moment of discharge. Sometimes it is useful not to move at all and wait until you let go.

    If this does not help, then, in general, you get your dignity and wait again. You wait as much as you need.

    Follow this method, implement it, and ask fewer questions on what to do if I am quick.

    6. Alternating different frictions

    • The essence of the method in alternating short shallow frictions along with deep and slow frictions.
    • That is, first You can make one long and slow friction and four short and fast ones. Then there are 2 deep and 3 shallow, and so on. At the end you resume the circle on a new one.
    • This sixth technique for achieving the normal duration of sexual intercourse in a man will also be useful to those who like to accelerate, but cannot afford it due to their delicate problem.

    7. Technique “Pull - pull”

    The reflexes of our body are such that before the very end of the bed our testicles begin to pull up nearer to the body.

    We should, on the contrary, drag them away. way down and slightly upwards with moderate average strength. Do not squeeze them hard. Just took in ring and pulled away from you.

    8. Technique of a thousand frictions

    • Before the start love affair you tell yourself and set yourself up that you will not come to the finish line until you make 1 thousand reciprocating movements.
    • Remember thatthat with such mental adjustment during the proximity, after 20 minutes it will become much easier.
    • If you feelthat suits, I remembered how much I did, stopped, pulled out and switched to other affection of her zones (the very first piece of advice). After all, the inability to take a pause is one of the main answers to the question of why a man ends quickly.

    9. The mentality of experienced guys who do not put an end to the first attempt

    An experienced man will not give a quick first finish of great importance. For him, this is not the finish, but only Start. He will not be alarmed, but will simply wait out a little time and try again.

    That is, you should not be limited to only one go and not necessary put a cross on this. This is another important awareness on how to increase the time of sexual intercourse for a man without pills.

    10. Choose a posture with the lowest tension in the body.

    Sometimes even the slightest exertion in the press, buttocks during intimacy with a woman leads to a liquid end.

    Watch for complete body relaxation. in zones pelvis, abdomen and even arms. It is the voltage of these zones that is a frequent cause of rapid ejaculation.

    In what positions least tense body:

    1. posture woman on top,
    2. lying on your side
    3. the man behind.

    12. Do not stare at her figure.

    1. Do not stare during the closeness of her charming figure. We also advised this reception in our other guide.
    2. Visual images are very impressive men.

    And especially dreamy Sometimes they draw her body into something super-beautiful, which accelerates the approach to the finish even more.

  • Therefore, either look away to the side, or close your eyes, or just do not stare.
  • 14. Be sure to be friends with sports, exercise is required

    Most likely, the blood in your pelvis is very badly circulates, which negatively affects the bed.

    Sport is especially needed for those who work a lot. is sitting. This solves your many concerns on how to increase the duration of sex.

    What is useful:

    • sign up for yoga
    • do runs,
    • regular squat exercises
    • stretch the groin muscles
    • perform circular rotations of the pelvic region,
    • various cross-fit exercises.

    15. Healthy food

    1. Quail eggs (amino acids and vitamins),
    2. Boiled fish, cod (rich in protein and phosphorus),
    3. Cabbage broccoli, parsley (vitamin C and zinc),
    4. Kiwi and citrus fruits (vitamin C),
    5. Tomatoes and other products.

    Proper nutrition also helps to achieve the norm of the duration of sexual intercourse and perfect endurance in bed.

    18. Do not change partners, be in a relationship with one woman.

    • If you always If you change partners, then with each new one there will be extra stress and psychological pressure for fear of spoiling everything again. And your questions on how to increase the duration of sex with his beloved, will continue to bother you.
    • Big step forward will be a regular love affair with one partner. Your only woman will treat your illness with understanding, and together it will be easier for you to overcome it.
    • Some fear confess to the girl in her problem and often run from her. Open up and tell her. And you will see that this will only benefit.

    19. About surgery

    Surgery is worth resorting to. only in the latest case! Only when you have tried all these methods and completely in a deadlock.

    Do not recklessly go to the surgical table.

    The essence of surgery is that the skin on the organ is removed and it becomes less sensitive. Only after 2-3 months after surgery will be visible changes. Although it helps, but you should go for it only at the very least.

    How can men increase the number of sexual acts? - Home treatment

    The question of sexual opportunities is very important for any man. Many adhere to the erroneous opinion that with intensive sex life their sexual opportunities at some point will be exhausted.

    In addition, almost everyone thinks about how many sexual acts can be considered normal. A sufficient number of sexologists consider 2 times a week. However, many men want to impress their partner with their capabilities and often think about how to increase the number of sexual acts.

    Why increase the number of sexual acts?

    Inflated ambitions are especially characteristic of young men. But doctors recommend to refrain from the desire to perform the maximum number of acts for 1 meeting, so as not to wear out the body. Excessive activity in the sexual sphere can lead to increased fatigue and reduce the mental abilities of a man.

    It is believed that the body is depleted if sexual intercourse does not end with ejaculation. A large number of acts can be hazardous to health.

    To reduce the risk of prostate cancer, urologists recommend 5 sexual acts per week. Prevention of this disease is associated with the fact that carcinogens leave the body along with the seeds.

    The highest sexual activity is characteristic of young boys. Sexual activity may be associated with certain emotional experiences, for example, in the first time after the wedding, the newlyweds may have sex several times a day. With age, most men come to moderate sexual activity and do about 2-3 sexual acts per week.

    It is worth paying attention that it is impossible to deduce a certain norm in this matter, since sexual activity is an indicator of purely individual. In addition to biological factors, social phenomena can influence the ability of men to have sex. In the transitional period, the personal component is of great importance. In adulthood, the influence of extraneous factors is gradually smoothed out.

    What affects sexual activity?

    The reasons that can cause a temporary increase in sexual activity can be the following:

    • the sexual activity of a woman and the desire to satisfy her,
    • favorable psychological climate
    • changing the usual environment
    • the influence of various pathogens
    • personal installation.

    However, none of these factors are able to constantly maintain sexual activity at a high level. Subsequently, it decreases and comes into compliance with the individual sex constitution.

    Such adverse factors as change of work, lack of comfortable living conditions, low sexual activity of a female partner or state of health can reduce sexual activity of men. The peak of male sexuality is considered to be the age from 28 to 32 years.

    At the age of 33-35 years, most men go to the frequency of having sex 2-3 times a week. Such a rhythm is called conditionally physiological. As a rule, it lasts for 15-20 years.

    If a man has a strong sexual constitution, then during this period the frequency of having sex for him can be 5-10 times a week.

    Only by the age of 50, these men come to the rhythm 2-3 times a week.

    The level of sexual activity can be largely determined by non-physiological factors. For example, cultural and religious traditions in society may dictate certain norms of sexual behavior.

    How to increase the number of sex?

    To increase the sexual activity of a man, it is necessary to monitor the general state of health, since a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition can significantly increase the intensity of sexual life.

    The physical and emotional state is largely determined by proper nutrition. Negative emotions often occur in those people who lead an unhealthy lifestyle, eat harmful foods.

    And the emotional background, in turn, is one of the main factors determining sexual activity.

    Sexual activity increases with increased production of sex hormones. In the male body, their production increases vitamins A and E (they are also called reproduction vitamins). The high content of these vitamins in chicken eggs, carrots, cod liver and animal fats.

    In addition, group B vitamins have a positive effect on sexual excitability. They are ingested with potatoes, legumes, dairy products, meat and fish. Improving blood circulation will affect the general state of the body and sexual activity in particular.

    This can be achieved if you eat foods rich in vitamin C: greens, citrus fruits, black currants, sea buckthorn and Bulgarian pepper.

    The increase in the number of sexual acts may be hindered by certain things, which will have to be excluded by those who seek to increase the number of sexual acts. For example, drugs that reduce libido and can lead to impotence with prolonged use, alcohol and smoking.

    Abuse of alcohol causes the destruction of testosterone in the body of a man, and smoking leads to a violation of blood circulation in the genitals. It is recommended to refuse heavy foods (fatty, fried), since these products lead to blockage of the arteries. This affects the bloodstream, respectively, worsens the blood circulation of the genitals (and not only).

    It is harmful to use flour in large quantities, as the flour products contain a lot of gluten, which adversely affects the intestinal activity.

    It is necessary to lead an active lifestyle, play sports. Exercise causes an increase in endorphins, which elevate mood. As a result, increased sexual activity.

    Now it became known how to increase sexual activity. For this, it is enough to eat properly and perform certain physical activities. In addition, you must give up bad habits. All this in a complex allows you to improve the overall condition of the body, which will certainly contribute to an increase in the intensity of sexual life.

    How to increase the time of sexual intercourse: 10 reliable ways for men

    A man in his desire to give a woman pleasure during intimacy is most susceptible to negative evaluation.

    Short intercourse is often a cause for concern and even criticism from the sexual partner.

    The problem that every third man faces is not considered a urological ailment and often does not require serious medical intervention.

    Short sexual intercourse is a relative concept. Do not confuse "fast" sex with premature ejaculation, which occurs within a minute and a half from the moment the penis is inserted into the vagina. Short intercourse lasts a long time, just the duration does not suit the man.

    The reasons for the short time of sexual intercourse include:

    • Hormonal disbalance.
    • Increased excitability.
    • Prolonged abstinence.
    • Short bridle
    • Injuries to the urinary organs.
    • Inflammation of the urethra, prostatitis or STDs.

    The reason for a short intercourse may be hormonal failure or prolonged abstinence.

    The presence of bad habits exacerbates the state of sexual function. Inexperienced men find it difficult to control ejaculation during sex, usually after 25 years there is an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse to the optimum rate.

    Physical intimacy may end prematurely due to tensions with the spouse or unrest associated with a change of partner. Self-doubt or individual phobias of a man (fear of catching an infection or facing unwanted pregnancy of a woman) lead to psychogenic sexual disorder.

    PA Extension Techniques

    There are many ways and recommendations to prolong sexual intercourse and learn how to quickly regulate the process of arousal. You can independently, without pills and other chemistry, master the art of prolongation of sex, however, a man will need maximum patience and an adequate level of motivation.

    To increase the time of sexual intercourse, you can use:

    Respiratory gymnastics. When approaching an orgasm, do not hold the air. Too intense breathing during sex tones the man's body and increases heartbeat, and therefore the body reflexively throws the seed out. In order to stretch the pleasure from coitus, one should inhale deeply, then take a short pause and just as deeply exhale.

    Taoist technology, the essence of which lies in the alternation of deep and short frictions. For 5 minutes, produce three shallow and one full penetration. Next, increase the number of short frictions and reduce the number of long-term frictions. The method not only prolongs sexual intercourse, but also increases the degree of excitement of the partner during sex.

    Termination of frictions. The method is popular among men who are not satisfied with the duration of sexual intercourse. If you stop for a while and “catch your breath” so that the tension subsides, then ejaculation will occur later than usual.

    Physical effects on the penis. This method involves the help of sexual partner. At the first signs of approaching ejaculation, a woman with a thumb pushes against the head of the penis at its junction with the bridle. Mechanical effects on the genital body returns a man control of erection.

    Distracting thoughts. If a man, having sex, thinks about an outsider - the upcoming work or rest, decides in logarithms in his mind, etc., then the process of arousal will slow down. It is important not to overdo it, so that instead of prolonging the sexual act, the desire to have an intimate relationship does not disappear at all. Background sounds, voices outside the door or an uncomfortable bed also do not contribute to quick sex.

    The use of condoms or special lubricants slightly dulls the sensitivity of the penis head. It is known that repeated sexual intercourse lasts longer than the previous one.

    Many men use this and achieve the first orgasm through masturbation, and not during classic sex.

    Do not ignore the foreplay, a sufficient amount of vaginal lubrication prevents strong friction of the penis on the vaginal wall, thereby postponing the time of onset of ejaculation.

    Physical impact

    Regular exercise exercises the muscles involved in the conduct of the sexual act, improves blood circulation in the urinary organs. Having made a choice in favor of an active and healthy lifestyle, a man is guaranteed to increase the number of sexual acts, and most importantly, their quality.

    Having made a choice in favor of an active and healthy lifestyle, a man is guaranteed to increase the number of sexual acts, and most importantly, their quality.

    The following exercises are used to increase sexual intercourse and stamina of a man in bed:

    • During urination, interrupt the flow of urine for 2-4 seconds, feel the tension of the penis. Kegel exercise improves blood flow to the pelvic organs, prevents prostatitis, is performed 3 sets of 10 times. To prolong intercourse, you should take 30-second breaks between sessions.
    • Slowly squeeze and unclench the pubic-coccygeal muscle, trying to move the penis. You can alternate long compressions (15–20 seconds) with a minute of rest. If you do 5 approaches each day out of 10 repetitions, the time of sex will increase noticeably, penis arousal will occur later.

    Monotonous intercourse affects its duration, the development of new poses in sex will benefit the man. If the psychological mood of a man does not allow to eliminate a delicate problem, then consultation with a psychotherapist will not interfere.

    Folk councils

    Due to the good performance and the absence of side effects, folk methods of prolonging sexual intercourse are in considerable demand. A man’s broth based on chamomile, raspberry leaves and currants, cooked at home, or pharmaceutical extracts of peppermint and lemon balm will help to temper the sexual fervor.

    To increase the duration of sexual intercourse apply:

    Oak bark. In the bark of a deciduous tree is natural thiamine (vitamin B1), inhibiting the work of the nerve endings of the penis. Чайную ложку сухого сырья заливаем 200 мл горячей воды.

    Кипятить средство на медленном огне или водяной бане около 10 минут. Drink half a glass for 20 minutes before a meal. The drink retains an erection for a long period, without reducing the man's libido.

    If after a week the quality of sex does not improve, then the course is extended for another 7 days.

    Infusion of cornflowers. Brew 1 tsp. petals of a plant with a glass of dill, insist 10-15 minutes. To reduce the sensitivity of the penis and have sex without limiting yourself in time, it is recommended to drink the infusion immediately before sexual intercourse.

    Wheat oil. Vial of vial inhale before planned physical proximity. The smell of essential oil saturates a man's body with entemorphin, which stimulates the work of the central organ of the endocrine system - the pituitary gland. Restoration of hormonal balance returns male power and leads to the prolongation of sexual intercourse.

    Bee products. Regular consumption of propolis and raw honey activates the synthesis of testosterone, increases blood flow to reproductive organs, eliminates anxiety and nervousness before sex.

    So, the potency and duration of sexual intercourse will noticeably grow if you take 40 grams of propolis, 200 grams of honey, a handful of walnuts and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Dessert consumed in the morning and evening for 2–3 tbsp. l

    for 2 weeks.

    Zinc, potassium and magnesium are important elements of a stable and long-lasting erection.

    Fish, pork and beef, poultry, raw eggs, as well as cocoa, nuts, cereals and legumes, replenish minerals in the body.

    Give up overeating, those extra pounds have a bad effect on a man’s endurance during intercourse. Spicy foods stirs interest in sex, which makes it difficult to control the process of ejaculation.

    Prolonging means

    The pharmaceutical market every year expands the range of drugs that prolong the time of sexual intimacy, giving a man a range of pleasant sensations from sex and a bright orgasm. An andrologist or a urologist has the right to prescribe medications based on the patient's complaints and the results of the examination of the male body.

    Medicines that increase the duration of sexual intercourse are available in the form of:

    • Pills Dapoxetine is popular in Europe, the drug belongs to the antidepressant group of SSRIs. With coursework, medication prolongs the time of sexual intercourse at least 4 times. As part of complex drugs, it is produced under the name Super P-force with the main active ingredient of Viagra - sildenafil. Super Vilitra tablets contain Dapoxetine hydrochloride and vardenafil. Thanks to Dapoxetine, it is possible to surprise the sexual partner not only with the duration of the sexual act, but also with a strong, persistent erection.
    • Spray. Preparations with lidocaine should be used if the time of sexual intercourse is less than 2 minutes. So, spray STUD 5000 is applied to the hypersensitive head 15 minutes before sex. Unlike the tablet form, the aerosol acts on the nerve endings of the sexual organ for no more than 1 hour. It is advisable to have sex in a condom so that lidocaine does not cool a woman’s desire.
    • Capel Remedies for local or oral administration contain extracts of aphrodisiac plants, vitamin C and L-arginine, which can prolong the pleasure of sex. The disadvantages of droplets include the lack of evidence about their effectiveness.
    • Creams and gels. Lubricants with a cooling effect reduce the friction of the penis against the vaginal wall, which contributes to the prolongation of sexual intercourse. Before using the cream or ointment, carefully read the instructions, the components of the prolonging agent may corrode latex products.

    The desire of men to engage in long and productive sex is quite natural. The rapid onset of ejaculation sooner or later becomes a stumbling block in the relationship between sexual partners. Choosing the right way to extend the sexual act is the key to a successful solution to an intimate problem. Take care of yourself!

    How to increase the number of sexual acts in men

    The cause of concern for most men is that their life and sexual resources will be exhausted in conditions of active sex life. According to modern medicine, there is no cause for concern.

    But men still often wonder what the number of sexual acts is the norm. Sexologists say that twice a week will be enough.

    Young men, in order to impress women with their abilities sexually, try to carry out as many intercourse as possible in one meeting.

    How to increase the number of sexual acts

    Doctors say that with excessive efforts, the body can combat weakness, and mental abilities will decrease. Following their advice, your body is better not to wear.

    Not constitute a threat to the male body is considered the number of sexual acts, how many of them end in ejaculation. Missing ejaculation is the first sign that the body is completely depleted.

    Urologists have a slightly different opinion - they argue that the number of sexual acts for men should be five times a week, explaining that, in this way, you can minimize the risk of prostate cancer. Because carcinogens are also excreted from the body along with sperm.

    Effect of age on potency

    Increase in sexual intercourse

    Often age becomes a factor affecting the number of sexual acts. The highest sexual activity is observed in young guys. The transitional age can be especially brightly accompanied by sexual acts.

    An example of this can be young couples (newlyweds) who during the honeymoon period can have several sexual acts per day. Already with age, the rate of sexual sex life becomes more measured and can be established 2-3 times a week.

    But none of these examples can be considered the norm, since the frequency of sexual acts can be established only in accordance with the sexual constitution. This means that the intensity of sexual life for each age period is characterized by a combination of social and biological factors.

    The pubertal stage is characterized by a predominant number of biological factors. In the transitional period, personal and social factors predominate. The period of mature sexuality is marked by the alignment of those and other factors. Although in the next, involutionary period, the importance of biological factors begins to increase.

    Many factors are causes of increased sexual desire and sexual activity at a particular age period of life.

    The main reason is the perseverance on the part of women, which leads to the desire of men to satisfy her.

    Also, the main reasons include: a change in the familiar environment, a good climate for the psychological state, the effect on the organism of pathogens or tonic agents.

    But they can not constantly influence sexual activity, increasing it, because over time everything will be established in accordance with the personal sexual constitution.

    The causes of reduced sexual activity can result from social factors that are often not entirely comfortable for a man (change of job, living conditions). Low activity of the woman and some of the aspects of medicine can also affect.

    Proper nutrition for men

    Initially, men should adhere to a healthy diet and monitor their health, because few are aware that sexual activity and sex life depend on nutrition and lifestyle.

    Cheerfulness and physical activity - depend on proper nutrition. People who do not eat healthy food and lead the wrong way of life have the most frequent negative emotions. There are several nutritional rules and a list of foods that contribute to sexuality, turning it into a brighter and longer-lasting act.

    First of all, the food should be natural, not contain preservatives, additives should be environmentally friendly.

    If in sufficient quantities to use the vitamins of "reproduction" (A, E) in the male body will form sex hormones. Such useful vitamins are found in the following products: chicken eggs, carrots, animal fats and cod liver.

    Vitamins of group B will be useful for sexual desire and excitement. Such vitamins are found in dairy products, potatoes, legumes, fish and meat dishes. Vitamin C - normalizes blood circulation, in excess it is found in citrus and greens (celery, parsley), black currant.

    Bulgarian pepper and sea buckthorn are also rich in vitamin C.

    There are also such products (substances) that will need to be eliminated or reduced in their use, if you want everything to be in order with the sex life.

    The list of harmful substances is headed by drugs that can cause loss of libido, and with long-term use of them - and impotence! The next position is for alcohol - it destroys the sex hormone in men (testosterone) and causes erectile dysfunction.

    Smoking also has a negative effect on sexual life: nicotine impairs blood flow to the genitals, which causes impotence. One of the enemies of sex is fatty food, which the body is difficult to digest.

    As a result, long-term consumption of fatty foods can cause blockages in the arteries, and accordingly, poor blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain. All this can significantly affect the performance and sexual function.

    It is desirable to reduce the amount of flour consumed: flour contains quite a lot of gluten, which, in turn, complicates the work of the intestine.
    At the same time, pay attention and time to physical exertion - sports, trips to the gym. The load of such a plan has a positive effect on the body, increasing the number of endorphins, which undoubtedly improves mood and increases sexual activity.

    Summing up, we can safely say that proper nutrition in combination with physical activity can significantly improve your sex life, making it rich, memorable and vibrant.

    Below is a video on how to cope with early ejaculation:

    Increasing the duration of male sexual intercourse

    How to increase the time of sexual intercourse for men? When sexual intercourse takes place over a fast period of time on an ongoing basis, it becomes a problem in an intimate relationship. If this happens during the first sexual intercourse or because of prolonged abstinence, the phenomenon is not considered pathological.

    How often men are faced with the problem of short sex

    Quick sexual intercourse happens in 35% of the male half of humanity. These men are very unhappy with their position, however, just like their sexual partner. I would like to extend the time of intercourse.

    How to deal with injured coughing

    Scientists from different countries confirm the actual short time of sexual intercourse, with such partners it is 2-4 minutes. Most males would like to linger on the bed of love for a longer time.

    This is the time in which only the condition in which the organ is located in the female vagina is included. That is, the frictional time (from the moment of introduction of the organ to its ejaculation).

    The average duration of sexual intimacy, without the time it takes to prelude, is 3-6 minutes.

    In 80% of cases, the partners wanted to extend this pastime. Medical statistics says that the main part of the men comes to the finish within 3 minutes after the introduction of the phallus.

    Exceptions and some deviations

    Occasionally, an accelerated eruption happens when a man does not have time to lie down, even to undress. Such a phenomenon can be observed in those representatives who have had a long abstinence. Another exception to the norms is when a man cannot reach the finish line after 45 minutes of intercourse.

    In order for a woman to enjoy, she needs 15-30 minutes. Some representatives of the weaker sex need about an hour of lovemaking for full-fledged pleasure, but this is not the case for all women.

    In what cases is it necessary to increase the time of sexual intercourse? The duration of coitus must be increased when it comes faster than in 2 minutes or in the case when the woman does not have time to get satisfaction. Take urgent measures need and those partners who can not exercise control over your body, because of what get overstrain with discomfort.

    What is the reason why the phenomenon of quick ejaculation during sexual intercourse can occur?

    • The reasons for this condition are many.
    • Casual neurosis.
    • Negative thoughts about sexual intercourse.
    • Prolonged abstinence.
    • Low libido.
    • New partner.
    • Scandal or quarrel with the partner.
    • Psychological deterrence of desire in his youth.

  • Oversensitive organ head.
  • Fear of failing.
  • Injury to the lumbosacral region or spinal column.
  • Addiction to alcohol.
  • Sedentary work.
  • Smoking.

    How to increase the duration of sexual intercourse, what are the ways to solve this problem?

    Technicians that help solve the problem

    1. Sexual act must begin with preludes. Thanks to the preliminary caresses before the intercourse, the woman can become more sensitive, as a result of complete satisfaction.
    2. Extending the act with Kegel's increasing exercises.

    These classes contribute to the extension of sexual intercourse by relaxing and relaxing the pubic-coccygeal muscles. The same exercises help eliminate the pathology associated with the flow of urine. For this, a man should, when urine outflows, renew and stop the stream of urine.

    Another exercise is as follows: the thumb and index finger of one hand squeezes the penis around the head, and the fingers of the other hand compress the organ at the base. Stimulation is not necessary. Well increases the duration of sexual intercourse, proper breathing. Breathing should not be frequent. Breaths should be twice as deep as normal.

    For this, a pause is made, after which you can take a deep breath. It helps to slow the pulse, reduce the heart rate, which removes the premature ejaculation. The sexual experience of many men says that in order to prolong sex, it is necessary to slow down, sometimes it is better to stop at all, as a last resort, an organ should be obtained.

  • When asked how to increase the duration of sexual intercourse in healthy men, sexologists recommend alternating short, slow and shallow fractions. That is, the man initially makes one long-lasting fraction, then two deep ones and 3 not in-depth ones. Thus, a circular alternation occurs.
  • Exercise pulling - pull.

    Before the eruption of the seed, the testes are pulled closer to the penis. To carry out the exercise, it is necessary to delay them, taking the ring with your fingers to the bottom and a little to the top. It is impossible to compress the organs. Psychological attitude. Before intimacy it is necessary to tune in to the fact that until 1000 frictions are done, ejaculation does not happen.

    Such mental adjustment during sexual intercourse helps a lot in delaying the finish. Pauses during sex are made in order to prolong the time of sexual intercourse, during pauses a man should caress a woman.

  • Some men cope with their failures quite simply. They just do not stop after the first unsuccessful attempt, but continue sexual intercourse, I consider the first ejaculation the beginning of the act.
  • Problems with the conception of the child.

    If you and your partner had unprotected sexual intercourse for a year and you still could not conceive a child, it means that you have problems regarding infertility. There may be several reasons for this problem. In men, one of the main causes of infertility is low sperm count. In women, the cause of infertility may be uterine fibroids or ovarian cyst, and obstruction of the fallopian tubes. Also, when a woman is 30 years old, her reproductive system begins to show signs.

    Not enough sex? Consider orgasms or improve relationships? Sex

    . But if we apply this approach to problems in the sexual sphere, we get a model of behavior with an emphasis on sexual dysfunctions rather than feelings and emotions. Good sex: the quantity or quality of subjective experience associated with sexual pleasure, is replaced by an objective list of easily controlled criteria, looking, however, too simplistic: erection, sexual intercourse, orgasm. Sexuality is blocked and killed by attempts to measure and analyze everything, and even more so to compare our own relationships with some statistical indicators. Newsweek magazine writes that if partners have sex no more than ten times a year, it is generally accepted that c.
    . Newsweek magazine writes that if partners have sex no more than ten times a year, it is considered that there is no sex in marriage. If partners manage to have sex at least eleven times over a period of twelve months, they can be calm. Recently, we have been worrying too much about the number of sexual acts and orgasms. How often do we have sex? How intense? Do we do well? О более расплывчатых и не поддающихся подсчету аспектах сексуальной жизни: любви, близости, влиянии и подчинении, чувственности, возбуждении — редко пишут на первых полосах газет и упоминают на обложках журналов. Мы не говорим больше об искусстве секса,.

    Мужское здоровье: хорошая потенция и способность к зачатию.

    . And it is precisely with this that increasingly there are problems - today, every fifth man of reproductive (child-bearing) age sperm quality is significantly below the norm. How can a decrease in sperm quality occur? Outwardly, most often this condition does not manifest in any way. A man remains temperamental and capable of sexual intercourse, and he feels rather well. And only when carrying out a specific analysis - spermograms - it turns out that the number of sperm cells is reduced, their mobility leaves much to be desired, and the structure is broken. It is not surprising that the quality of sperm of a modern man is decreasing. After all, each man, as a rule, lives in a hard schedule, eating from the next.
    . The main components of Sperm Strong male remedy are L-arginine and L-carnitine, vitamins B, C and E, the extract of a medicinal plant astragalus, zinc, manganese and selenium. All these biologically active substances increase the number of spermatozoa produced in the body of a man, increase their concentration in the ejaculate, improve mobility and generally have a positive effect on the ability of a man to fertilize. In addition to the activation of spermatogenesis, the natural male remedy Spermstrong improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, increases potency, stimulates the immune system, normalizes metabolism and has a beneficial effect on.

    Female orgasm: 4 phases of sexual intercourse and one mandatory.

    . In half of women, the size of the clitoris increases, and its head becomes visible. The external genitals become moist, covered with lubricant, which is produced by the large glands of the vestibule (Bartholin glands), small glands of the vestibule and due to the sweating of fluid from the venous plexuses surrounding the vagina. Now there are drugs that supposedly contribute to enhancing the pleasant sensations in women during sexual intercourse. All of these drugs have the same mechanism of action: they increase the blood supply to the genitals. This is how Viagra works for men. But we must remember that Viagra does not cause sexual arousal and does not increase desire. Viagra and similar drugs facilitate blood flow to the genitals in response to stimulation and sexual desire. Simple.

    Need an orgasm? Learn anatomy: points of pleasure in women.

    . In order to get the full range of sensations from sex, women are not enough skilled partner and relaxing foreplay. Sometimes, according to the gynecologist Dmitry Lubnin, to achieve a full orgasm it can be useful to understand the anatomy and physiology of the genital organs. It turns out that female and male orgasms occur in the same place! As everything was conceived by nature Female and male genital organs are created from the same fabrics, they are simply given different.

    Male impotence - diseases and causes moloditsa.rf.

    Erectile dysfunction Until recently, sexual impotence in men was designated by the term “impotence”, but at present this condition is commonly called the term “moveton”. This pathological condition may be due to the following reasons: Vascular factor. Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system (gonads). Prostatitis (acute and chronic forms). Hormonal factor. Vascular factor The anatomical structure of the male genital organs, namely the presence of cavernous.

    Contraceptive pills: 9 questions about emergency.

    How to avoid abortion: the tablet the next day. For or against?
    . However, women should not refrain from accepting funds simply because she had several unprotected sexual acts. At the same time, she should be aware that the effectiveness of the fuel and energy complex may be limited if the earliest of unprotected sexual acts occurred more than 4–5 days ago. She should limit herself to one dose of TEK at a time, regardless of the number of previous unprotected sexual acts. 7. Repeated use of ECP tablets are not intended for intentional reuse or use as a regular, systematic method of contraception. Women who do not want to get pregnant in the future are advised to start or continue the use of contraceptives, which they are constantly using after taking the fuel and energy complex.

    Stimulation of childbirth: 5 ways. Introduction of drugs or sex?

    . All such actions can cause premature detachment of the placenta! When can not be used? With preeclampsia and other complications of pregnancy, with indications for cesarean section, for up to 40 weeks of pregnancy, for chronic diseases not related to pregnancy. Sexual intercourse Why do you need? The semen contains natural hormones prostaglandins, which soften the cervix, and the orgasm contributes to its muscle contractions. Massaging the breast (especially the nipples) increases the oxytocin content in the blood. How do? In the old manner and taking into account the interesting position of the mother: the woman in demolitions should not hurt, but be comfortable and pleasant. Advantages and disadvantages. And what if the pair wants nothing at all? Then the spouses will have to give up sex (and the woman will only have to go on duty.

    How to bring the desired conception? Conceiving a child

    . to move in the “right” direction in particular. Saturating the body with amino acids, L-arginine and taurine, necessary for the formation of healthy sperm of the correct form, "SpermPlant" facilitates their getting "to the destination". Increases the viability of sperm - one of the most important indicators of the quality of male sperm. L-arginine and taurine not only contribute to the formation of healthy cells, but also help to increase the number of "live" sperm and prolong their activity. In addition, the drug as a whole has a beneficial effect on the state of the male urogenital system, thanks to nettle extract. Nettle contains a range of essential vitamins and minerals that are important for the health of men. In addition, it is an excellent diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent, which also has a positive effect on the state of the "genital organs." "SpermPlant" does not contain any "chemistry", all its components are natural substances found in nature. But the concentration of these substances is selected so as to have the maximum positive effect on the quality of sperm and improve its fertilizing properties. The composition of "SpermaPlant" tested in practice: it is identical to the composition of the most popular, proven Western drugs. But at the same time, SpermaPlant is produced in Russia, and its price is much more affordable than that of imported counterparts. "SpermPlant" is a universal and effective tool that has helped many couples to create a full, happy family. Let your dream of becoming a father and mother - and give your grandchildren to your parents - come true as soon as possible.

    Conception is a sacrament and calculation. Conceiving a child

    . In addition, the day of ovulation can be tracked by ultrasound, the change in basal body temperature (temperature measured in the rectum), using a special instrument for drawing the crystallization of saliva, by the calendar method. Another important point for the “meeting” of the sperm and the egg is the position during sexual intercourse. There is no connection between the sex of the future child and the posture at conception, no matter how much we want it, but it is possible to increase the probability of conception with the help of posture. From the mechanics of intercourse depends on which part of the vagina sperm falls. In some poses (for example, a woman from above or a standing position) it is difficult to achieve deep penetration of the penis, so part of the sperm will simply be lost. The position of "man on top" or "man behind" will be optimal. It is better if 20-30 minutes after intercourse is the same.

    Preparing for pregnancy: what depends on the man.

    . It is shown that the probability of conception depends, among other things, on the frequency of sexual acts: in healthy partners with sexual intimacy 2 times a week, the probability of pregnancy during one female cycle is 20-25%, at a frequency of 4-5 times week it rises to 40-42%. The probability of conception with repeated sexual intercourse is reduced due to the fact that the second portion of sperm contains less than full-fledged sperm, and excess volume leads to its leakage from the vagina. At present, it is considered that normal pregnancy should occur within a year of regular sex life without contraception. Of course, the probability of pregnancy depends on the quality of sperm. The smaller the number of sperm, the more immobile.
    . At present, it is considered that normal pregnancy should occur within a year of regular sex life without contraception. Of course, the probability of pregnancy depends on the quality of sperm. The smaller the number of sperm, the more immobile sperm, the less chance that the egg will be fertilized. It is important to remember that male potency is not automatically a confirmation of his fertility, i.e. ability to have children. It is not uncommon for sexually weak males to have excellent sperm and, conversely, sexually active males have low or absent spermatozoa. Assess the quality and potential fertilization.

    Disrupted balance - about vaginal dysbacteriosis.

    . Possible complications So, there is a situation in which a large number of pathogenic bacteria are in the vagina. Sooner or later, these bacteria will cause inflammation of the vaginal wall and cervix - the organs with which they are in constant contact. This is manifested by a sharp increase in the amount of vaginal discharge, the appearance of unpleasant sensations in the genitals (itching, stinging, burning, pain) and pain during sexual intercourse. One of the first symptoms of inflammation is often the lack of a sufficient amount of lubricant during sexual intercourse. In addition, bacteria from the vagina can get into the uterus, which leads to the development of endometritis (inflammation of the endometrium - the inner wall of the uterus) and uterine appendages, with the prospect of developing adnexitis - ovarian inflammation.

    Circumcision. Newborn

    . And the head of the penis has a much lower sensitivity, comparable, for example, with the sensitivity of the sole. Now it is clear why the duration of sexual intercourse increases when the foreskin is removed, which is even recommended for men suffering from premature ejaculation. Reducing the number and quality of tactile receptors prolongs sexual intercourse, but by reducing the intensity of sensations. There are smooth muscle cells in the foreskin that can contract or relax as the ambient temperature changes. When the temperature decreases, they contract, and the foreskin tightly covers and closes the head, performing a protective function. This process also contributes to the presence of a large number of elastic fibers, good.

    Female orgasm: the moment of truth. Sex

    . The causes of this condition and its manifestations in women are very diverse, and not all of them are considered sexual disorders. With extreme forms of anorgasmia, a woman has never had an orgasm and she does not know what it is. In mild cases, the frequency of reaching orgasm is only reduced. It is considered to be the norm if a woman at the age of mature sexuality feels an orgasm in at least half of all sexual acts. Of course, provided that she is completely satisfied with this and does not feel anxiety and psychological discomfort about this. Anorgasmia: norm or sexual disorder? The absence of orgasm in a woman at the very beginning of sexual life is considered completely normal. At this time, the awakening of female sexuality, its adaptation.

    Additional recommendations for increasing the time of sexual intercourse

    How to increase the duration of sexual intercourse in men, based on the simplest recommendations?

    Pose should be selected with the lowest loads. Sometimes even a slight overstrain during the act can cause early ejaculation. The body should be completely relaxed, especially in the pelvis, peritoneum, and arms. These parts of the body, or rather their overstrain, cause rapid ejaculation. The lowest body strain: the position of the woman on her side, the partner — the rider, the partner behind.

    To solve the uncomfortable problem, you can use special medicines, such as Dapoxetine or Viagra.

    Sexologists recommend not to consider a female figure during intercourse. Visual inspection of the female silhouette is very impressive to a man, which is the reason for the rapid emission of semen.

    If a man feels that an ejaculant will be released now, negative thoughts about a conflict situation will help to prevent this process.

    Bad memories help to stop the quick end of sexual intercourse.

    The only thing that should not be forgotten is that bad thoughts do not have to be remembered for a long time, otherwise this process can lead to the fall of a member at all, which is also very bad for the act of intercourse.

    A man must have good physical training, and for this you need to play sports. Fast ejaculation can occur due to poor blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

    Sports are necessary for those men who lead a passive lifestyle, have a sedentary job, or often, drive a long time.

    Exercises can be in the morning runs, visits to the gym, the usual exercise of squats, stretching the groin muscles, circular, pelvic movements and others.

    The duration of sexual intercourse depends on the utility of the diet. The menu must include eggs, better quail.

    They contain amino acids and a complex of vitamins, as well as:

    • parsley (vitamin C with zinc),
    • citrus with kiwi (vitamin C),
    • tomatoes,
    • broccoli,
    • boiled fish.

    With proper nutrition, men never face the problem of short copulations.

    Some men use folk methods to eliminate the problem. To do this, you can use a decoction of oak bark, raspberry foliage, inhalations with wheat oils, tincture of the color of cornflowers.

    To eliminate excessive sensitivity, you can use a condom. To do this, use a condom with a special lubricant (anesthetic). Condoms should be fat, some men use two condoms at once.

    In order to avoid incidents, it is not necessary to change partners often. With frequent change partner, there are unnecessary stress and psychological pressure.

    Such a feeling may arise from the fear of a new contact.

    The regularity of sexual life with the same woman, excludes incidents of rapid ejaculation, if a man has a similar phenomenon due to a disease, then she will understand this pathology with understanding.

    In the most difficult cases, experts recommend surgical methods of treatment. However, this option comes when all the methods have already been tried, and the desired result has not been obtained. However, experts do not welcome surgical methods, and advise them to avoid those men who are in childbearing age.