The value of the name Fedor, character and fate


The mystery and meaning of the name is the mystical world that envelops the child the moment he receives it. A name can bring with it joy, tears, subtleties of character, sharpness of mind, and even a penchant for art or science. Therefore, the choice of a name is very important for a child, and knowing what the name Fyodor means, his strong and weak sides will help him skillfully and confidently to weave the web of life.

The history and origin of the name

According to experts, the origin of the male name Fedor, its modern form, originally belongs to the ancient Greek culture. There it came from the original name of Theodoros, which later grew into Theodoros. In translation, it means "God's gift" or "bestowed by God."

Today, this nomoform is considered to be already Christian and is included in the compendium on the Holy Trinity - in the church sounds like Theodore. In European countries there is also a female twin name - Theodora.

True, in most countries it sounds like Theodore. As for the interpretation itself, in the world it has more than a dozen different variations, depending on the culture.

The meaning and origin of the name Fedor

The male name Fedor sounds solid, beautiful, thoroughly. And all because it came from the ancient Greek word "Theodoros", which means "the gift of God", "bestowed by God." The origin and history of the name Fedor are simple and unambiguous. The Greek version remains the first and only.

If you divide the word into parts and translate Greek roots, you get this:

• “theos”, which means “god”, “divine”, “deity”,

• “has grown” - “gift”, “gift”.

In the meaning of the name Fyodor, some researchers admit variants by translating the word as "the messenger of God." This version also has the right to exist, especially if we recall such Orthodox saints as Fyodor Tyrone and Fyodor Stratelates.

The history of the origin of the name Fedor

Fyodor is a Russian male name, which has a Greek origin and is translated as "God-given." Despite the fact that the morpheme "feo" (God) is characteristic of Christian names, the origin of the name Fyodor goes far back into pre-Christian names. The most striking example is Fyodor Kirensky, an ancient Greek mathematician who lived in the 5th-4th centuries BC.

In Russia, the name Fedor was very popular. The secret is that there were quite a few days in the year when saints with that name were commemorated. Therefore, by the end of the XIX century the name Fedor became the most common among men. Over time, the frequency began to fall. According to statistics, from 1954 to 1968, babies were not called Fedors at all. The revival of interest in the name was noted only in the 1980s.

The influence of the name on the fate of the child

The value of the name Fedor for a boy means a huge gift for parents. This child will not be capricious, he is not satisfied with hysterics and does not show a nasty character. The boy will be modest, quiet, well-mannered, sometimes even serious. He rarely dabbles and pranks, rather friendly, which allows him to quickly find potential buddies. However, he is not in a hurry to go deep into friendship. He will not have pronounced leadership qualities, but I will have to be sad too alone. From childhood he knows how to understand people and without any problems determines the motivation of their actions. The child is quite sociable, but in very rare cases, he will let someone into his personal space. Such a feature makes the boy mysterious and mysterious, remains with him throughout his life.

The meaning of the name Fyodor for a child, when he is very small, is ingenuity and accuracy combined with stubbornness and gloominess. It will cause tenderness of adults and detachment and peers. Fedor will not be distinguished by generosity and in childhood, and in conscious age. What is on the playground, that in adulthood, he is guided by the principle "my - this is mine." Therefore, he will always bring all his belongings home, and his parents will not hear from him the phrase "I lost." Present in the meaning of the name Fedor and some secrecy. Without the need, he will not talk a lot, so he will have very few school friends.

For the boy, the meaning of the name Fedor will be expressed in good academic performance. Here, at the right time, his seriousness and responsible approach will come in handy. But there will be two extremes: Fedor either thoroughly prepares for the lesson, or does not do it at all. This calm and self-confident student often creates the impression the opposite of an excellent student, which often affects lower scores than he deserves. However, this does not upset Fedor at all. He will show a negative attitude towards teachers' favorites, since he is well aware that their level of knowledge is much lower than that of his.

Named Fedor

Fedor is celebrating his birthday on January 4, January 9, January 24, February 1, February 5, February 10, February 12, February 17, February 21, February 27, March 2, March 4, March 5, March 7, March 10, March 18 March 19, April 17, April 23, April 28, April 30, May 3, May 4, May 5, May 25, May 29, May 31, June 3, June 4, June 5, June 6, June 7, 18 June 20, June 21, June 21, June 28, July 4, July 6, July 8, July 17, July 19, July 22, July 25, July 27, July 29, August 2, August 3, August 8, August 14, August 21, August 24, August 25, August 27, September 2, September 4, September 5, September 10, September 15, September 17, September 18, September 25, 2 October, October 3, October 11, October 15, November 2, November 3, November 13, November 14, November 16, November 20, November 24, November 27, November 29, December 2, December 5, December 6, December 6, December 10, December 11, December 12, December 16, December 31.

Meaning of the name Fedor

This is an ancient Greek name (from "Theodoros"), and its translation reads about "God-given." It is believed that meaning of the name Fedor Initially, the boy promises a special fate. Since childhood, this is a gifted, but too independent man, who prefers loneliness to noisy pastimes with friends. He tries to retire and live his life, not a convivial one. He does not like to communicate, is neat and responsible, decent, clean and attentive.

This is a listener and assistant, ready to help. Able to speak beautifully, but not sociable - mistrustful, suspicious, suspicious. This is an authority, they always come to him for advice, but he gives advice without zeal and desire - he does not respect those who doubt themselves and weak people.

Early childhood

The early childhood of the boy, whom his parents decided at birth to choose the rare male name Fedor, is filled with indulgence, restlessness and noise. The value of this baby gives carriers in early childhood usually such traits as restlessness, vigor, activity, disobedience, self-indulgence, talkativeness, and principles. True, at the same time other traits are bestowed - among their huge list are friendliness, eloquence, honesty, justice, kindness, sincerity, sociability, openness. The value of a boy named in this way can be a spoiler and restless, but with a good soul - that is, despite his difficult character, he will never do a bad deed, never deceive anyone, and will always act solely on his conscience. As for the relationship with his parents, it’s all very difficult here - firstly, he never obeys, neither mom nor dad, secondly, he can often cross parents in their teachings, argue with them, speak in all against them, and thirdly, Fedor is too unpredictable, for which it is natural and will receive "lyuly" from parents. But with his peers he has a good relationship, he can have many friends, with all he can communicate on an equal footing, he does not seek leadership, but at the same time everyone listens to his opinion. In other words, in society, at least in children, he can be quite a respected person.

The meaning of the name Fedor of a teenager boy, so named, doesn’t endow anything new. Restlessness, talkativeness and talkativeness, activity and energy, the desire to move and go forward all the time, the inability to be attentive and serious, disobedience and self-indulgence - all this is equally present in Fedor, and all this prevents him from becoming a good student or exemplary son. He is too restless, always looking for something new, suffers from loneliness if he finds himself in it, and is extremely hard for the criticism from people from the environment. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for a boy with the name Fedor to value and bestow such qualities as diligence, commitment, persistence and assertiveness, which in turn helps to cope with any difficulties, both everyday and in school. Fedor can easily study both humanitarian and exact sciences, he has a unique mindset and logic, which can only be envied, but there is no main thing in it - perseverance. Another not less bad moment is the unwillingness to obey, bestowed by such a factor as value — he rereads everything and everyone, does not obey anyone, all his movements and actions are aimed at opposing the decrees of teachers and parents. By the way, as for relations with parents at a teenage stage - usually a boy named Fyodor is not interested in motherly opinion, but as far as his father is concerned, he obeys him in everything. Fedor, this is a person who can be called "Papa's little boy", and you can't argue with that ...

Value for baby

With the name of the child receives a certain fate and inclinations to certain cases, deeds and accomplishments. The interpretation of it, opens many secrets. Fedi by nature silent. These are children who can be called pedants from a very young age. They are hard-nosed, they stand their ground even if they know that somewhere a little guilty. They try to be on their own, being a little apart from the rest of the guys in the garden or school. For this, at times, they are excluded from common companies. However, the boy is not too upset because of this, preferring a modest company of his own toys, books or video games.

With study and school lessons the kid, as a rule, communicates on “you”. Teachers like for their diligence and stubbornness, even though he learns to hard fours. On the boy's desk is always neat, with him and compasses, and a spare pencil, and a ruler. Although he is not in a hurry to share even spare things, as he does not allow anyone to write off, he does not prompt him in class. For this, a neighbor on the desk is often offended and asked to sit down from a miser comrade.

Male middle name imprints on the character of the child. It is most advantageous to choose the name Fedor for a baby with the following patronymic names Antonovich, Alfredovich, Alekseevich, Anatolyevich, Vladimirovich, Veniaminovich, Germanovich, Petrovich.

Personal life

The meaning of the name and character of Fyodor is revealed in excellent comradely qualities. Adult Fyodor will be a wonderful and reliable friend on whom you can rely on a difficult moment. However, he does not present this opportunity to everyone, but mainly to colleagues and employees. The man usually does not have close companionship.

Fedor Bondarchuk

Often the owners of such a name have golden hands, they can cope with any task in the household. This person is not afraid of any difficulties, can do any work. His car is always perfect, and he himself will become an excellent and responsible driver.

All its main characteristics are manifested in love relationships. To create a family, Fyodor will never choose an occasional companion, following the fleeting impulses of the soul. A man named Fyodor, which means "God-given," and a woman will choose for himself as a gift. The selection will be carried out with special care, he needs an economic girl. To her, he will look closely for a long time before deciding to make an offer to marry. Therefore, most often married Fyodor is happy. The atmosphere of calm, comfort and care reigns in his house.

All the fair sex, who are hoping to quickly get the heart of a man named Fedor, will have to say goodbye to his venture. It is impossible to attract this man to bed, although he will not refuse offers to have sex. However, this will all end, the crown of a girl he will not call.

The meaning of the name Fedor says that this man will become the best dad and a wonderful husband. He will also have a good relationship with his wife’s relatives, despite the fact that they consider him too dry and unemotional.

Business and career

The name Fedor, which means the messenger of God himself, is able to achieve considerable success in life. He can provide decent income for himself and his family. However, material values ​​are not central to his life. He only uses them as a means of living. A man can easily give up financial values ​​and big money if they go against his moral convictions and ideological values.

The nature and destiny of Fyodor in the sense of the name allows a man to build a career in many fields of activity. Usually these people are gifted more than others, have a wide range of interests, therefore any profession can be chosen. Fedor can become a good master, a specialist in the field of exact sciences and technology, a politician, a military man, a traveler. Some talented individuals develop and find themselves in creative professions. The name Fedor, which means the desire to move towards a goal and a dream, is given to a person with a strong spirit. He will surely hold a leadership position, having all the organizational skills and the necessary qualities to translate global projects into reality.

But it is best for Fedor to link his work with creativity or technology, if this is really the soul. In these areas, his talents will reveal most clearly. It is worth looking at such professions as a physicist, electrician, cameraman, mechanic, engineer, writer, art historian, journalist, musician. Close to him will be the field of tourism.

Name character

Attentive listener - that is what the name Fedor means. Although this man shows the makings of a closed, constrained and inhospitable person who does not want to join the circle of comrades, friendship is very important to him. The best entertainment for him is a live communication with people close and important to him. He will patiently listen to someone else's opinion and wait for his turn to give advice. He likes to do this with or without him. He clearly has such a trait of character as philanthropy.

The meaning of the name and the fate of Fedor largely depends on the time of year when the person was born. For winter Fedor is characterized by maximum responsibility and dedication. Fedya, born in the spring, loves compliments and can be bought off with flattery. Every now and then he will seek recognition from the female, since the source of his inspiration in life is a warm feeling of love.

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Fedor, born in summer, is a kind, docile person. Employers will appreciate his diligence, as any business that he undertakes will bring it to the end by all means.

Fedya, born in the fall, is a serious and unhurried man. All the main character traits inherent in the name Fedor are manifested in a person who was born just in the autumn time of the year.

Name feature

For Fedi, the meaning of the name also affects the ability to work: he tries in everything and always. Most often, such aspirations are rewarded: on the school bench - with good grades and praise, and in mature years - with a successful position. Has a brilliant feature at work. Always conscientiously performs any tasks, whether cleaning the house, or a responsible presentation at the company. He does not like to make trouble, he always tries to find a logical compromise from any situation in order to avoid conflicts and quarrels. Responsible, knows exactly the meaning of the word "need." Always performs work on time. Checks that everything was by the rules, "under the ticker."

This is one of the most exemplary family men. But it’s not so easy to wait for the offer of a hand and heart from him, because he tends to choose his life partner once for the rest of his life. Therefore, to look closely and look at the chosen one can take a very long time. But if she waits, she will get an almost perfect husband. Fedor is a loyal man and does not betray his second half, because they chose them for so long. And if this happened, it means that one should pay attention to the situation in the family and renew the positive atmosphere at home. Children, like his wife, the head of the family loves, although not often it shows, because of its characteristics: natural constraint and closeness.

If Fyodor wants to figure out something, then nothing can resist him. He is scrupulous and accurate, can fix anything. This male name means that the family will be a real master - he loves to do something with his own hands, and does not recognize the challenges of specialists, for example, to repair a tap or a door. Very neat about driving a car. Always observes the rules of the road, even walking on foot or by bicycle. Садится за руль только по делу, а гонки и катания не признает вообще. Поэтому, и аварии им практически не грозят.

Тайна имени Фёдор

Тайна имени Фёдор заключается в умении этого человека контролировать себя. Его практически невозможно вывести из себя. В его жизни такое состояние появляется очень редко. Но когда такое случается, окружающим лучше не сталкиваться с Фёдором в ярости. Under the secret name of Fedor understand such correspondences:

  • the planet of protection is Pluto,
  • perfect zodiac - Scorpio,
  • totem animal - maybug,
  • Fedor's color is yellow,
  • a suitable plant is a peony, a nut among the trees,
  • stone mascot - topaz.

The best qualities that characterize a man from the positive side are reliability, honesty, energy, self-confidence, organization, practicality, the ability to adapt to any life circumstances, ideological. This person always preserves the honor and dignity, fiercely fighting for justice.

Among the negative qualities can be identified irritability, aggressiveness, excessive seriousness, sometimes cruelty. In children, these are such negative features as stubbornness, silence, isolation. Young Fedor will be inclined to excitement, adventurism, undue risk. But old Fyodor becomes a conservative, saves grievances and avoids people.

Name Dependence on Season

  • The “winter” Fedorov (born in winter) is dominated by a calm type of character, sometimes with hints of gloom. "Winter" boy - the ideal of stability and dedication on the way to the task. There is a saying “Theodore the Studite (Rev.) the land of the studs”, the meaning of which reveals the solid male characters.
  • The mystery of the "spring" Fedorov is that they stand out from the general picture by some amorousness, which manifests itself to everything: to women, to work, to beloved work, to weather, to art, and more. They love compliments, praise, encouragement, although they try not to show it.
  • If this name was the name of a boy who was born in the summer, then this will be the most benevolent child of all. He will be a joy for everyone around him because of his courtesy, sweetness and courtesy. Always conscientious and completes the begun to the end.
  • In autumn, the most reliable and serious Fedora are born. They are leisurely, but with confidence, they take on all the work, they love to tinker, do something with their hands. They know what accuracy is, duty, responsibility. They try to do everything exactly according to the instructions and conscience.

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Adult male

The adult Fyodor has the nature of the already not spoiled boy, which was discussed above - no, this is already a serious, kind, fair, systematic and hardworking man, in ninety percent of cases seeking the set goal and all the time going towards the result he longs for. Sociability, eloquence, ability to support the conversation and any of its topics, the desire to help everyone around, kindness and kindness, goodwill and honesty - these are the features that a man named Fyodor can boast. But he has his drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is usually excessive gullibility - the value usually gives him a good soul and gullibility, which a man should not have, he trusts everyone and always, and this often brings fruit that he does not count on. And the value can turn Fyodor in adulthood into a romance and sophisticated suitor, into one that women simply cannot help but admire. The hard worker, workaholic, careerist - all this is both about him and not about him. Fedor can achieve incredible career growth. He can become an excellent boss and a good specialist in any business he chooses, the value is favorable, but Fyodor himself is such that he does not want to be above any of the environment, and therefore he will do his best to remain in the position of society, with everyone on an equal footing.

What character is endowed with Fedor

As a child, Fedor pleases his parents with prudence and calmness. If a boy is born melancholic or phlegmatic, he may seem too serious and even sullen. Little Fedor is accurate and pedantic. He doesn’t need merry big companies, the boy feels much more calmly alone or in the company of his parents. Feodor studies diligently, with teachers in good standing.

Fyodor who grows up is of interest to others, because it seems mysterious. It combines kindness and strength, prudence and creative streak. It is pleasant to communicate with Fedor, especially if you belong to the category of friends and good acquaintances. For those who are considered friends, this person is able to move mountains.

Those who know what Fedor's name means are not surprised at the thoroughness, energy, and intelligence of this person. He is reliable, practical, organized, he has enough strength to realize all his goals. If something is needed for him or a loved one, he will achieve his pressure and not retreat before adverse circumstances.

Among the unpleasant features of Fedor the misanthrope are grumbling, irritability, eternal discontent with the world, stubbornness, suspicion. If these traits begin to outweigh the usual friendliness, then in old age Fyodor may remain completely alone. Thrift is inherent in this man, which can grow into a stingy. Fedor does not like to spend, but knows how to earn.

Defending justice, Fedor can bend over and be cruel, especially if his dignity and honor are at stake. At the same time, he often displays kindheartedness, philanthropy, and knows how to make friends and properly evaluate people. Fedor, unlike many men, feels good people at the level of intuition, and most importantly, he knows how to listen and draw conclusions. Friends can always count on his help and practical advice.


Regarding the zodiac compatibility with the name Fedor, the best option would be the sign of Scorpio. The second appropriate sign is Leo. That is, boys born from July 23 to August 23, the ideal name. Under the leadership of Lev, the owner of the name will be endowed with increased initiative and focus on success, will acquire such qualities as energy, organization, dedication, and creative abilities. All his ideas will be filled with the activity and energy of other people who are ready to follow Fedor.

The most successful union with Fedor will be women who are named after Valeria, Oksana, Nadezhda, Elena, Tatyana, Sofia, Svetlana, Olesya, Veronika, Victoria, Zinaida, Gloria, Snezhana.

The names of women that are unsuitable for an alliance with Fedor are Vasilisa, Vera, Raisa, Taisiya, Maria, Lydia, Elizaveta, Ekaterina, Inna, Inga, Kira.

Relationship with women

As for the relationship of the man, who is patronized by the meaning of the name Fyodor, with representatives of the opposite sex, so here and there everything is very, very simple. Fyodor is a romantic by nature, sincere companion, and also a skilled suitor, easily seeking the disposition of a woman. With such skills, he will be able to seduce any woman, but the main thing is not even in this, but that he will do it only if he wants a serious relationship with her. From an early age Fedor can begin to dream of family, wife, children and his own house, and when the moment comes he will truly become a good father and husband, a little weak character, but loyal, honest, loyal, responsible and reliable.

Fedor's Fate

In the meaning of the name Fedor, the concept of "gift" plays a special role. This person becomes a real gift for someone who truly loves. Marry a man late, hasty romances and random children does not start, and generally differs cleanliness in relationships. Intimacy without love is not for him.

The character and fate of Fedor reflects the idea of ​​nepotism. He treats marriage with respect, does not change his wife, because he loves her. There are usually no love dramas and divorces in the life of Fedor. Responsible in everything, he is looking for the second half for a long time and is not going to part with it. Feodor's ideal spouse is flexible, able to endure his rare temper, as a woman wise, smart.

Fyodor likes homeliness, and he in every way seeks to support him. His hands are golden, so everything will always be in perfect order at home: knives, doors, cranes, etc. But he does not know how to play with children, although he loves them. Therefore, Fyodor’s children can always count on the help of their father, and it’s unlikely that they can enjoy recreational joint leisure. The maximum that can be obtained from such a father is well-made toys in childhood and guaranteed help in adulthood.

Fedor in childhood

As is known, the character of a person begins to form in deep childhood. And the name plays an important role in this process. For example, parents are interested in how the child will be, if you call him Fedor. The origin of the name and historical patterns allow us to draw the following conclusions:

  • the child will be stubborn and persistent in fulfilling their desires and achieving goals,
  • the boy is characterized by silence, gloom and thoughtfulness,
  • communication and games with peers, he prefers a lonely pastime,
  • does not seek leadership in the children's team,
  • at school, he does not flinch before teachers, does not strive to become a pet, but proves his superiority with diligence and knowledge,
  • the boy Fedor looks after the neatness of his appearance,
  • does not make close friendship with peers,
  • does not like to share,
  • shows independence
  • from an early age shows a tendency to thrift and accumulation.

Teenage years

Despite the fact that by the age of 7 the character is usually formed, the adolescent period brings a lot of new things to the personality. So, in adolescence Fedor can be described as follows:

  • becomes an active restless person who seeks to constantly learn something new and move forward towards creative or educational goals,
  • disobedience first manifests itself, it may surprise and even somewhat frighten the boy’s parents, who were previously exemplary,
  • looking for communication with peers and starts to suffer from loneliness,
  • thanks to diligence and pressure, copes well with the tasks and life difficulties,
  • thanks to a unique mindset, it copes well with the humanities and the exact sciences, without spending hours on textbooks,
  • tries to defend his opinion, even if it does not coincide with the parent (but the father, as a rule, remains an authority).

Adult character

If you want to name the child Fedor, the origin of the name should interest you. This is important, since the fate of the boy depends on your decision. When he grows up, he will have these traits:

  • consistency in attitudes, beliefs and affections,
  • confidence in yourself and your actions
  • honesty with others and the requirement of the same attitude from others,
  • practicality and thrift in respect of material values,
  • organization in work,
  • self-respect and honor,
  • the desire to protect the weak and to stand up for the unjustly offended,
  • great sense of humor,
  • the ability to listen to the interlocutor and give valuable advice,
  • responsiveness and kindness,
  • directness in the statements and actions.

Do not forget that there are negative sides to the name Fedor. The origin of the name and character for the boy determine such negative character traits:

  • irritability on trifles,
  • grouchiness,
  • excessive seriousness
  • cruelty to offenders.

Characteristics of Fedorov, born at different times of the year

Recently, there is a growing interest in the origin of the name Fedor. It is important for a child to choose the right name so that his fate will be favorable. Interestingly, in those namesakes that were born at different times of the year, the character can differ significantly.

  • calm balanced temperament
  • stability of mood and attitudes
  • dedication and diligence in work.
  • amorousness,
  • changeable hobbies,
  • penchant for creativity.
  • friendly attitude to others,
  • cheerfulness
  • politeness and courtesy,
  • the habit of doing the job.
  • seriousness in everything
  • reliability in work and friendship,
  • creative inclinations
  • a heightened sense of responsibility.

If you call the child Fedor, the origin of the name and the fate of its carriers should interest you. In particular, the name determines the hobbies of a person:

  • all sports
  • pets (as a rule, Fedora prefer dogs),
  • cars (in particular, their internal structure),
  • gardening,
  • household chores (minor repairs, landscaping, and so on).

The origin of the name Fedor and the fate of the boy are closely related. In particular, the name affects the type of activity and future profession. Fedor, as a rule, is very talented and developed comprehensively. The work is agreeable and friendly towards colleagues. With regard to professional activity, the most successful will be the following areas:

  • scientific activity,
  • economy,
  • pedagogy,
  • warfare,
  • politics,
  • folk crafts.

Fedora should not devote themselves to business. They are very cautious and do not like to take risks, therefore, as a rule, they fail to achieve serious success in their own business. Moreover, Fedor is trustful than unscrupulous partners use. If he nevertheless decided to open a business, he is strictly forbidden to enter into any transactions and agreements that cause even the slightest doubt.

Health status

Surely you will be interested in the origin of the name Fedor. Both character and talent are all important. But first you need to think about health. As a rule, such problems are characteristic of people named after Fedor:

  • in childhood often suffers from colds, but in older age the immunity becomes stronger,
  • there is a tendency to diseases and disorders of the nervous system,
  • possible problems with the musculoskeletal system.

To prevent health problems in the future, Fedor from childhood should be taught to moderate physical exertion. Yoga works especially well. It is also useful to take a course of general wellness massage twice a year.

Love and family

Understanding the fate of a person determines the knowledge and origin of the name. Fedor can not be called frivolous man. He takes a responsible approach to the choice of a life partner and is in no hurry to enter into intimate relationships, unlike other peers. Physical proximity is permissible for him only in the case of complete spiritual unity. He seeks for his wife a devoted, docile and economic girl. Entering into marriage, Fedor demonstrates such qualities:

  • jealousy, which, at times, turns into a pathological form (if the wife is suspected of treason, the marriage is likely to disintegrate)
  • absolute loyalty to the spouse
  • prefers to spend free time at home with family,
  • gets along well with his wife's parents,
  • strongly attached to children, loves to play with them and learn something new,
  • considers himself a breadwinner and is doing everything possible so that his relatives do not need anything.

For Fedor, vivid love experiences and spiritual intimacy with a partner are important. As a rule, such alliances are obtained with Alice, Angela, Antonin, Galina, Veronica and Helen. Inna, Xenia, Svetlana, Lyudmila, Larisa, Nina, Zinaida, Tatyana are best suited to create a strong and friendly family of Fyodor. But with Anna, Victoria, Anfis and Catherine, happy and strong unions are extremely rare.

Name symbology

Recently, there has been a tendency to increase the popularity of traditional Russian names. In particular, Fedor is of interest. The origin of the name should be considered not only in the historical context, but also from the point of view of astrology. It is necessary to highlight such auspicious characters:

  • Zodiac sign - Scorpio. Children who are sponsored by this constellation, this name is great.
  • Man is patronized by the planet Pluto.
  • Of the gems most favorable topaz. Well, if Fedor will have some sort of jewelry or a talisman with this element.
  • The colors of this name are yellow, brown and blue. They must be present in the clothes and in the interior of the room.
  • The mascot tree is a nut. It brings good luck both to the plant itself, and its images, as well as its products.
  • A successful plant is a peony. Since this flower does not belong to indoor, it is useful to light an aroma lamp with peony essential oil in the room.
  • Animal symbol - May beetle. Fedor is recommended to have a talisman with the image of this insect.
  • Auspicious day is Tuesday. It is on this day of the week that you need to plan some important things.
  • Happy season is autumn. For this period, plan fateful decisions (for example, marriage), large purchases and travel.

Fedor, famous throughout the world

Studying the origin of the name Fedor, it is impossible not to say about the famous personalities who bore this name. These are volitional, purposeful and intellectual people. The most noticeable figures are:

  • Fkdor Konyukhov (born 1951) is a famous traveler. He also showed himself as an artist, writer and priest of the Russian Orthodox Church. This is the first Russian who conquered Everest and visited the South Pole. He has 6 round-the-world voyages and 40 unique expeditions.
  • Fyodor I Ivanovich (1577 - 1598) - Tsar and Grand Duke of All Russia, descendant of Ivan the Terrible. This is the last representative of the dynasty of Rurik.
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821 - 1881) - the famous Russian writer and thinker, who became famous not only in his homeland, but throughout the world. Streets, universities, metro stations and theaters are named after him. Самое известное произведение - "Преступление и наказание".
  • Федор Тютчев (1803 - 1873) - знаменитый русский поэт, которому принадлежит авторство строк "Умом Россию не понять. ". Также проявил себя, как выдающийся дипломат и публицист.
  • Федор Ушаков (1745 - 1817) - флотоводец и адмирал, который был одним из основателей Черноморского флота. ROC ranked him saints as a righteous warrior.
  • Fyodor Chaliapin (1873 - 1938) - Russian opera singer. He was a soloist of the Bolshoi and Mariinsky Theaters. He performed in the Metropolitan Opera. His work has had a significant impact on the development of opera around the world. Also proved to be a painter and sculptor.
  • Fedor Plevako (1842 - 1909) - the famous lawyer and lawyer. He had an outstanding oratorical talent. Served as a state advisor.
  • Fedor Podshivalov - the serf philosopher. Working at a confectionery factory, the Stam became a high-class chef, who was valued even in Switzerland and in France. Independently mastered French. For the treatise "Sky", which proclaimed universal equality, was imprisoned in the Solovetsky monastery.

Profession Fedor

Hardworking, persistent, prudent Fedor possesses a technical mindset by nature. However, many famous people with the same name achieved success in the works.

This person knows how to obey, fulfills all the requirements of his superiors, does not like to lead a team very much. He is much more comfortable working alone than trying to lead people. However, if you entrust Fyodor with a serious project, he will do the job perfectly and show himself as a real leader.

He can achieve a lot in any business, provides his family fully, often attains a high position in society. He establishes strong working relations with his colleagues, rarely conflicts, but does not make friendly relations, preferring not to confuse personal life and working relations.

The origin and history of the name Fedor are directly related to the royal dynasties. In Russia, it is Fedor III Alekseevich, Fedor Ivanovich, Fedor II Borisovich.

Famous people named Fedor:

• Fyodor Dostoevsky, writer,

• Fedor Tyutchev, poet,

• Fedor Ushakov, admiral,

• Fedor Glinka, publicist, Decembrist,

• Fedor Shalyapin, singer,

• Fedor Emelianenko, athlete, wrestler,

• Fedor Konyukhov, traveler,

• Fedor Bondarchuk, actor, producer,

• Fedor Dobronravov, actor,

• Theodore Roosevelt, 25th President of the United States.

The interaction of character Fedor with the seasons

Spring - this season gives the carrier of the world the name Fedor with a hard-working, purposeful, responsible character, who is able to give advice and help. This is a hard worker, but too sensitive and suspicious, touchy and capricious. There is not enough for him - whatever he has achieved, he always wants more. In a relationship, one should not wait for initiative, he needs a “leading” lady of the heart.

Summer - summer boy will become a born leader, responsible, strong, resilient, patient and fast. Uncompromising, principled, never inferior in disputes, he considers himself the most intelligent. But he is weak in moral terms - any criticism can be unsettled. Depression in his life are frequent, and only a sensitive and cautious woman will help fight them.

Autumn - born capricious autumn months in the future will become an extraordinary and complex person. Irregular, unstable, freedom loving and independent. Set many goals for himself - rarely achieve what he is headed for. He lacks perseverance and hard work. He avoids a serious relationship - he is afraid of losing his freedom, because of this, he often remains alone.

Winter - winter representative of this name will be demanding and strict, especially to people. His goals are simple - self-realization, luxury, wealth, leadership, management. Do not tolerate lack of attention - trying to attract the attention of others in any way. To the experiences and misfortunes of people indifferent - selfish, narcissistic and self-confident, and this frightens many.

The fate of the name Fedor in a relationship, love, marriage

The fate of the name itself is also a very difficult factor. Anyway, to predict what will be the fate of a person, focusing solely on the characteristics of the name, almost unreal. Nevertheless, in the case of Fedor, the researchers tried their best. Nevertheless, they managed to find out several interesting factors concerning how Fyodor’s fate should develop in love, relationships with women, and personal life in general.

So, according to most researchers, the fate of the name-form Fyodor suggests him an early zeal for serious relations and the same earlier appearance of thoughts about family and children. Fedor, this is usually a man belonging to the category of serious-minded men. These do not dream of a rich sex and personal life, and do not build relationships without seriousness. But fate may not just play a trick on Fedya - most of the partners are likely to turn out to be self-serving and frivolous, which in turn will push Fedor away.

On the other hand, the fate of this name implies the final formation of a man so called a good father, an exemplary husband, an excellent protector of the family. Fate and character will not allow Fyodor to betray his family or spouse, and he will never give offense to his children, this is a matter of principle for him.

Astrological Symbols

  • Stone mascot - Fire Opal.
  • The patron planet is Jupiter.
  • Patronizing element - Air.
  • Animal symbol carrier Fedor - May beetle.
  • The plant symbol is Nut.
  • The best zodiac is Sagittarius.
  • Happy day - Sunday.
  • The perfect season is Spring.

Famous people

Fedor Biberstein (German botanist, silk culture)

Theodore Kirensky (ancient Greek mathematician)

Fedor Konyukhov (Russian traveler)

Fedor (Tudor) Casapu (Moldavian weightlifter)

Fedor Lukyanov (Russian international journalist, political scientist)

Fedor Bakunin (Soviet military leader, commander of the 61st rifle corps)

Fedor Anchutin (Russian journalist, broadcaster)

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