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Mavit ULP 01


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I used it more than once. I did not help. I think that I don’t have it at all.

But this is just my opinion.

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there are other opinions.

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Exacerbation at 3 sessions is the norm. It was not necessary to throw. So it works. Worse if there is no aggravation. The last session should come back to normal.

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Pragmatist wrote:
Exacerbation at 3 sessions is the norm. It was not necessary to throw. So it works. Worse if there is no aggravation. The last session should return to normal. [/ Quote]

Perhaps you are right, but I’m unlikely to repeat the sowing procedure. The memory goes hand in hand, it was too bad, and it was worth a lot to eliminate the consequences.

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I read and look in the mirror. There is no better definition.

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It is better to find a good physiotherapy room, with different equipment, it will be more confusing. I am now treated with four different ones. Just a week I go, but the result was not long in coming. Pain like a hand gone. And forget to even think about mavit. Dregs of it all.

In what cases is shown

The device is recommended to be used as the main or additional therapy for diseases of the prostate organ. Best results are seen when using Mavit with medication. Indication for therapy - adenoma.

It acts gently, less traumatic in the treatment of prostatitis. According to reviews, there are practically no side effects from its use.

Positive effect on the following pathologies:

  • Chronic prostatitis
  • Hyperplasia (benign),
  • Copulatory dysfunction
  • Prostate vesiculitis,
  • Uretroprostatitis.

Before using Mavit, you need to visit a doctor to take into account the contraindications for which it cannot be used.


Eliminate contraindications can be after passing the necessary diagnosis.

Contraindications include:

  • Acute inflammation of the prostate
  • Exacerbation of the chronic course
  • Oncology of the prostate and rectum,
  • Prostate tuberculosis,
  • Acute inflammatory process in the pelvic organs.

If one of the listed pathologies is suspected, it is forbidden to use the device, since the effect of it may be reversed and will only aggravate the condition.

Operating principle

The device is supplied with a power supply, operation indicator, buttons, a cable with an applicator and a network cable. The material from which it is made is polystyrene and medical plastic. The applicator consists of a core and an electromagnet. Its shape provides a convenient introduction to the rectum, the working surface is adjacent to the prostate gland. Fixation of the device occurs physiologically.

The therapeutic effect is achieved by the created magnetic field, thermal effect and massage. This effect accelerates tissue repair, improves metabolic processes in them, increases blood flow and reduces inflammation.

The action of the device significantly increases the result from drugs, which is confirmed by clinical studies and positive reviews of the stronger sex.

Order of conduct

It is recommended to use the device regularly. After each session rest for half an hour. The break between courses must be at least 60 days. Treatment is incompatible with the use of alcoholic beverages. It is forbidden to use the device simultaneously with sedatives and psychotropic drugs. It is advisable not to overload the body with intense physical exertion, to avoid mental fatigue.

The procedure is carried out in the following sequence:

  • It is necessary to empty the intestines and bladder,
  • Then you need to take a supine position,
  • Process a condom with petroleum jelly, place a probe in it,

  • After this, the probe must be inserted into the rectum. After fixing the device in the desired position to include vibration. Impact - 30 minutes. Repeat the procedure for 7-9 days,
  • When the procedure is finished, turn off the device,
  • Pull the probe out of the anus,
  • After that, disinfect the device with the use of detergents (they are listed in the instructions).

If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after two months.

Therapeutic effect

Regular use of the device increases tissue microcirculation in the prostate gland, reduces pain, relieves puffiness caused by inflammation. This effect is possible due to the combined effect of the magnetic field, heat and vibration. With the help of Mavit, inflammation is reduced, the general condition of the genitourinary system is improved.

Men suffering from a chronic disease, noted a decrease in pain, discomfort, increased sexual function.

Mavit ULP is an effective device with a pronounced therapeutic effect against prostatitis, which has helped many men get rid of this common pathology.

What is Mavit?

The device was developed specifically for the treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland and is one of the best inventions of modern medicine. Its distinctive feature is that a man can use the device on his own, at home, and for its use it is not necessary to visit the medical institution each time.

Mavit is an excellent addition to the main treatment of prostatitis. The combination of drug therapy with physiotherapy is a guarantee of a quick recovery and a reduction in the likelihood of side effects.

What does Mavit look like for the treatment of prostatitis?

Mavit in its kit has a power source with a cord and a figured applicator, which has a small size, convenient contours and a smooth surface, thanks to which it is convenient to introduce it into the rectum.

This process does not cause inconvenience to a man and does not cause additional pain. When the device works, its surface heats up to 38-42 degrees. Since the temperature in the rectum is higher, the man will feel only heat, but there will be no burning sensation.

When Mavit works, a magnetic field is also formed that a person does not physically feel. Massage is achieved by vibration. Thus, the device has a therapeutic triple effect on the diseased male organ.

Impact of the device: the therapeutic effect for the prostate

The device Mavit for the treatment of prostatitis has the following effects on the diseased organ:

Thus, Mavit improves the effectiveness of drug therapy. Physiotherapy methods today are widely used in medical practice and have shown quite a good result. Therefore, the purchase of such a device would be a justified decision.

Mavit's use for prostate and possible contraindications

The device can be used for chronic prostatitis, as well as for some other diseases of the urethral canal, prostate gland dysfunction and impaired functions, for example, copulatory.

But also Mavit can be used to prevent the occurrence of an inflammatory process in the prostate gland or when the first and minor signs of prostatitis appear. It helps to cope with stagnation - blood or secretion. Improves the work of the genitourinary system as a whole and each individual organ.

Of course, consultation with a physician is required before purchasing or using the device. There are a number of contraindications, the use of which may lead to sad consequences, and the patient does not always know about the presence of a particular disease in himself.

It is forbidden to use the device Mavit for the treatment of prostatitis in the following cases:

  • Inflammatory process in the prostate gland in acute form.
  • Prostate tuberculosis.
  • Chronic acute prostate inflammation.
  • Diseases of the rectum in acute form.
  • Malignant neoplasms in the rectum or in the prostate gland.

What reviews did the device collect?

The device Mavit for the treatment of male prostatitis is widely known among the men who have had this disease, as well as among urologists. It is important to note that he has no analogues on the market, as he has 3 actions at once: thermal, magnetic and massage.

In the opinion of consumers, Mavit, in combination with drug therapy, is indeed able to shorten the time of treatment and quickly return the man to his former, healthy life.

What is Mavit (UPL-01) for prostatitis

Treats the prostate with heat, a pulsed magnetic field and a soft vibratory massage.

The main actions in inflammation of the prostate:

  • relieves pain and other unpleasant symptoms, restores the frequency and strength of the jet during urination,
  • removes the feeling of constant fullness of the bladder,
  • stops the growth of prostate tissue, normalizes its size to the optimum.

In violation of sexual functions:

  • restores potency to the age maximum,
  • increases erection, time of sexual intercourse and orgasms,
  • enhances the sensations
  • increases excitability and libido,
  • returns self-confidence, removes fears and stresses, normalizes psychological state.

How the device works:

  • enhances blood supply in the pelvic organs and penis,
  • boosts local immunity
  • has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect,
  • enhances the effect of antibiotics during treatment,
  • eliminates painful and other unpleasant symptoms,
  • has sedative and antispasmodic properties,
  • improves trophism and prostate tissue regeneration,
  • normalizes the work of the pelvic floor muscles, their ability to contract,
  • normalizes the urogenital system as a whole,
  • enhances potency and reproductive capacity.

It does not have contraindications for use, is easy to use, is distinguished by reliability, high quality and safety of the material of manufacture.

The main advantages of the device

These buyers and doctors include:

  • a quick onset of improvement - after the first procedure,
  • comfort when using, without prying eyes and degrading hand massage,
  • improves all aspects of sex life with a 100% guarantee,
  • does not cause allergies, as it is made of high quality medical plastic,
  • do not need special knowledge and skills in the field of medicine,
  • simple and easy to use
  • The price justifies the quality.

The device is designed and manufactured in Russia, fully complies with all requirements of international medical standards.

The composition of the apparatus Mavit (UPP-01) from prostatitis

Produced at the Elatomsky Instrument Plant in Russia. Each package includes:

  • the device itself, the base unit:
  • detailed instructions for use,
  • probe applicator.

Works from an electric network of 220 V.

The base unit is designed to control, the massager is in direct contact with the skin and has a therapeutic and prophylactic effect.

How to use the device

Detailed instructions with all treatment regimens are attached. Can be used without consulting a doctor. But it is better to visit him and discuss the treatment with him. It is perfectly combined with the general therapy of prostatitis and prostate adenoma, increasing the effectiveness of drugs. For any age - from 18 to 90 years.

Doctors reviews about the device

Vadim Popov, urologist

My patients note the effectiveness and speed of action. When used, painful symptoms disappear within a few days, sleep and normal urination, potency and erection are restored. Excellent prevention of many diseases of the urinary organs.

Customer reviews about the device Mavit (ULP-01) for men's health

The device is always somewhere nearby. An excellent helper for any inflammations - hypothermia, infection, decrease in libido with fatigue.

Nikolay, 62 years old

Very convenient - once bought, and do not often need to go to the doctor. You can help yourself quickly and easily. Especially if you already know the treatment regimen.

Svetlana, 57 years old

I read the reviews, consulted a doctor, he recommended. Ordered for her husband, the result is excellent, and the cost pleases.

Sometimes I use as a prophylaxis. Especially when I feel that some problems begin. Or sex failed, or in the cold stayed for a long time. I really like, I recommend.

Mavit ULP-01

Treats prostatitis

The device is a battery and a tube that must be inserted directly into the anus. This is necessary to get as close as possible to the inflamed gland without surgery.

Many go for a massage to the doctor, but it is much more convenient for me to conduct sessions at home. It is simple to use, at first, however, it is necessary to carry out cleaning procedures, namely an enema. After that, you need to take a new condom and treat it with special petroleum jelly.

I bought the most inexpensive sterile vaseline at the pharmacy. And to enter inside to a mark.
After the procedure, you need to lie down for at least an hour so that the magnetic effect becomes as effective as possible.

Of the minuses: at the time of therapy I had to give up alcohol, even from the minimum that I can afford, for this I am reducing my assessment.

I must say, this device helped me a little. I expected a completely different effect from him. Especially since it cost quite expensive and I still hoped for a more realistic result. This procedure should last 30 minutes.

It is necessary to clean the rectum (mandatory) and the bladder, then take a condom, lubricate it with petroleum jelly, insert it into Mavit and insert into the anus, turn it on. It sounds terrible, but when prostatitis got out and you don’t go for that.

Then after the procedure you need to lie down for at least 15 minutes. It was necessary to do all this for a week, the procedure seemed to me torture. But finally, when it was all over, I did not get the expected result.

The general condition improved, the pain seemed to pass while urinating, but the inflammation itself did not go away and had to be treated with medication. Strange, the reviews about Mavita are very good, but he helped me a little.

I, alas, did not help

The principle of action of Mavit ULP-01 is simple: warming and massage of the prostate. I began to do the procedures for instructions that goes to the unit. The “electrode” itself is small, warms slightly and vibrates. Only here such impression that these vibrations and heat do not reach a prostate. I did a few procedures, 9-10 and abandoned. It is very difficult, they are given, but there is no quick effect.

For the treatment of prostatitis

A good device, they use it not only at home, but also in hospitals, they have never met any analogs, so I am satisfied with my purchase.

I was attracted by the fact that literally after 2-3 sessions I had a lasting improvement in the state of the prostate gland. The device itself is fairly easy to use, with constant exposure to the prostate gland with heat and electrical impulses and the elimination of inflammation occurs.

Sessions usually spend the evening, before bedtime. Since after the procedure at least an hour to move is not recommended. Unfortunately, I can’t afford this luxury during the daytime, so the optimal solution is to make the procedures for a future sleep.

For the procedure need condoms, buy the cheapest, absolutely no difference. I don’t need any additional lubricants.

It is a pity that the kit does not include at least a couple of dozen condoms. It would be great, would not have to buy on their own.

It is very expensive

Mavit - a good thing for a prostate massage at home. There is nothing pleasant in this procedure, but the fact that I do this at home and on my own makes everything much easier.

Naturally, there is no point in treating prostatitis purely with Mavit alone, the device complements the comprehensive treatment and I doubt very much that he himself would have given me some kind of result. It costs about 10 thousand rubles. When I bought it, I doubted it very much, because I counted on only 1 course of treatment.

But, alas, prostatitis is an insidious disease that periodically returns.

As for the very use of the device - there is not much different from the classic prostate massage. The nozzle is inserted deep into the anus so that it is close to the gland, it vibrates, heats and emits magnetic impulses. After the massage, the sensations are pleasant. The main thing is to relax during it. The device fully justified its cost and more than once I was useful.

The procedure is unpleasant, but useful.

The device is small, it includes a power source, which is plugged in, and the massager itself is connected to it with a cord. The source is a plastic box the size of half a palm, can be put on the table, on the floor, put next to you on the bed.

If the socket is far away, connect via an extension cord. The cord leading to the massager is long, in action does not limit. The method of application is described in detail in the instructions; there is nothing complicated there, it is necessary to observe safety precautions and not allow moisture to get on the massager.

It is easy to enter it because of the form, you do not need to hold it with your hand, it is fixed by the pressure of the muscles. Frankly, there is nothing pleasant in the procedure, but for the sake of recovery you can suffer.The massage lasted half an hour, then I cleaned the device and lay still for half an hour to give my body a rest.

I did it every day for a week, then I went to the doctor, he approved. According to him, Mavit ULP-01 acts no worse than a therapeutic massage.

Prostatitis device

The therapeutic effect of the use of the device felt quite quickly. I like such means, which almost immediately give relief. The device is quite popular, as the effect really gives. It is easy to use and compact.

I usually use it before bedtime, the session lasts about half an hour, the first time is much less, because I had to get used to the sensations that the apparatus caused. But after the first procedure, I felt better, fell asleep faster and slept until morning. I didn’t expect that, since then I have sessions every day.

Mavit acts directly on the prostate gland, relieves inflammation and pressure, relief comes almost immediately.

The device could help me

I purchased the device in the online store and now with the necessary regularity, namely, I use 40 minutes every evening. At first it was a bit unpleasant to introduce this device into oneself, plus I felt discomfort in the bladder area.

But over time I realized that the closer it is to the prostate gland, the better for my recovery. The main thing is to give the procedure 30 minutes, and preferably 1 hour.
The device is easy to use and has no side effects, it is better than taking medicine and pills.

I can especially advise those who, due to their employment, are not able to attend a massage.

Apparatus mavit price and reviews

Practice shows that the treatment of prostatitis with conventional drugs does not always bring positive results. Therefore, scientists have developed a device that allows you to productively cope with this problem in combination with medication. What is the effect of the medical device Mavit on the prostate, and what reviews about it leave men?

What is the device

Mavit is a specialized device intended for treatment both in the hospital and at home of chronic prostate inflammation and erectile weakness.

Mavit allows you to improve the well-being of men, reduces inflammation and enhances the effect of drugs.

The apparatus operates in three functions:

  • warmth
  • soft vibromassage,
  • magnetic pulses.

What can the device:

  • eliminate inflammation and improve prostate function,
  • improve microcirculation, increase immunity, increase the concentration of antibiotics,
  • has anti-edema and anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates pain,
  • stimulates prostate muscle contraction and stabilizes their tone, relieves signs of irritation,
  • normalizes the work of the genitals and increases the potency.

Patient Reviews

In order to find out if a drug or device is working or not, you need to turn to the opinion of those who have already experienced it. And only after that you can begin treatment.

After being examined by a urologist, I received a recommendation to use Mavit, which can replace manual massage for the treatment of an enlarged prostate. It became a little easier, I will try further. It is much cheaper to do a massage at home than to go to a doctor for a massage.

Used the device Mavit two years. Not only did not help, but aggravated the situation. The device only aggravated chronic prostatitis.

Dmitry, 53 years old.

After the second use of the device I felt uncomfortable. And I decided not to risk it and put the device on the shelf. Maybe I'll try again sometime.

Used for preventive purposes. It seemed to me the device is not finalized. It would be good if the frequency of vibration and warming up in the apparatus could be adjusted. In general, the device, in my opinion damp, needs some work.

Alexander, 57 years old.

I use the device Mavit. After two months of treatment, there was relief in the urogenital system and the whole body. I am pleased with the results.

The doctor recommended the apparatus Mavit. And I decided to try. After using it for two days, the disease improved rapidly. Continue to use.

What do the doctor's say

Reviews about the device Mavit ambiguous.

Urologists about work Mavit expressed as follows:

  • Mavit is very effective in preventing disease. If a 40-year-old man regularly uses the device (is undergoing treatment), he can extend the normal functioning of the prostate and maintain his male strength. If the situation has already developed into a more serious stage, then this apparatus will not correct the situation.

It can be used as an additional method for drug treatment, and then only if there is no exacerbation of the inflammatory process.

  • The effect of the drug can only be learned from practice. For example, a 44-year-old patient drank Prostamol for a year, and there was no improvement. After the appointment of the device, things went smoothly: the man stopped complaining of pain. From the manual massage of the prostate, he categorically refused (for psychological indicators).

The patient should remember the main thing: no massage will not help if you do not regulate your diet and lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, it all depends on how you approach the treatment.

Knowledge of the instructions on the use of the prostate massage device will make its operation more efficient and safe. And do not forget about the recommendations of experts.

Among the variety of prostate massagers, the Mavit apparatus is very popular. Instructions for use, as well as reviews of doctors and customers about Mavita is the topic of our article today.

Knowledge of how to properly use a device such as a prostate massager is important for proper, and most importantly, safe operation.

How to apply Mavit

First of all, we must deal with the appointment of the apparatus. Mavit is used for prostatitis in the period of reducing inflammation or remission of the disease.. procedures may be the only way of treatment, and go in addition to medical treatment. Any special skills and knowledge to work with the device is not required.

Among the general rules of the instructions for the use of Mauritius are the following:

  • It is advisable to perform the treatment procedure at a strictly defined time of the day, expecting rest for 30–60 minutes after the session is over.
  • The course of treatment can last up to 10 days and will be repeated not earlier than in two months.
  • During treatment, eliminate the use of alcohol, excessive physical exertion and avoid any overwork (including mental).

Before use, the Mavit unit should be left to warm to room temperature (if different). It is also necessary must be disinfected devices before use, paying particular attention to the applicator and the adjacent section of wire about 10 cm long).

Before use, it is necessary to completely empty the bladder and defecate. Apply the applicator apparatus Mavid only in wearing a condom and smeared with vaseline ointment.

The optimal position of the patient will be lying on the bed and raised legs (pressed to the chest). Turn on the device and perform the procedure for up to 30 minutes 1 time per day.

After use according to the instructions, the device must be thoroughly disinfected.

Mavit St. 01 Elat - customer reviews

Mavit ulp - 01. Reviews of this device anyway care about all those who are somehow affected by the problem of prostatitis. Yes, the most common disease came to me some time ago.

I will not describe all of the disease, I think everyone by that who will read this text they should be good are known. And it is difficult to describe them, to be honest. That stuff yet. Well, of course not about the symptoms I came here to write.

And about that - that the device Mavit - probably still not a panacea in the fight against prostatitis. Or rather, I would like to say that this is not a tool at all. And according to some doctors, it is also quite a dangerous device.

But, I can not claim the truth, as it is possible that this device helped someone. But what can I say for sure: Mavit did not help me at all.

Yes, and I bought it because I read reviews about Mavit ULP 01 in a newspaper with some crossword puzzles. I would never have thought that I would turn to alternative medicine. But, to be honest - I was already overwhelmed by prostatitis at the age of forty. True, one way or another, you always pay attention to the reviews and advertising of any means to combat prostatitis.

And so, I read the reviews in the newspaper, showed my wife. We have with her the issue of treatment of prostatitis is acute, so she only supported the purchase. I would even say insisted. Well, you must understand.

Sex for me is often flour, and for her flour to live without it. So it was decided - she said - find out the price and order, suddenly help.

And for some reason it did not occur to me at that moment - that Mavit ULP 01 is another divorce a la retona.

You should add that at that time I went for a long time to massage the prostate, swallowed endlessly with various pills and all this complex gave only a temporary effect, the symptoms somehow appeared again.

And it was annoying. I have no words. So the purchase of Mavit would take place regardless of the price they would have asked for. As a result, they asked for nearly 12 thousand wooden rubles.

Found on sale in the one-line shop dealing with similar.

And the device came. Then I do not advise you to read particularly impressionable, since my speech momentum regarding the operation of this device will be quite epic)))

As the manufacturer tells us, the device Mavit ulp - 01 treats prostatitis with several effects.

The first is the heat effect. That is - that “scion” that needs to be immersed in itself is a little warm.

The second is the magnetic effect. Here I am not an expert of course, but I treat every “magnetic” effect with a great deal of skepticism, so given that this device does not help me at all, I will say that there is no effect.

The third is the vibro effect. Well, you understand, it vibrates.

And imagine. I'm a 40 year old man. I silently go to the hospital for a massage. I take pills. I hope for a miracle. To be honest with me, from the first use of Mavit, I had a great surprise. You know, the feeling is that this device was created not for those who are sick with prostatitis, but for the weak part of the strong half of humanity. On the rainbow guys.

On the rear wheel drive, if you want. Do not misunderstand me homophobic. But the sensations from the fact that you have in one place something vibrates and warms are not the most pleasant, and they make you think, you know.

Add to this a size that could well be smaller — and you get what you get — a large, warm, vibrating object in one place.

Well, okay - I thought. There is a sense to tolerate, an night will help.

Did not help. maybe there was some effect, but it is insignificant, absolutely, since after a FREE massage in the clinic - the effect is much higher than from the device with the space name Mavit ulp 01.

Yes, and reviews of Mavit ULP 01 Elat on the Internet indicate that this device still does not help. Personal experience says the same thing.

This is a strange device. And now I understand that the price is too high, that it is advertised by black methods with the help of feedback from the owners and other stupid ads.

A kind of guest from the nineties, this Mavit. My reviews are the worst. Honestly, do not buy - go to the doctor.

And the doctor's opinion about mavite was not the most flattering one. Literally - if he helped, I would know about him. These are the words of my doctor.

So draw conclusions gentlemen. All this is a divorce - this is my opinion.

Dangerous medicine

Today we decided to talk about magnetic therapyin particular devices Almag (01) and Mavit (UPL-01)produced Elatomsky instrument factory. Almag is designed to relieve symptoms of inflammation and pain by running a pulsed magnetic field. Mavit is designed to treat prostate problems.

Influences a pulse magnetic field and carries out vibration massage. As you can see, the effect of these devices is based on magnetic therapy - a method that is still controversial and unproven.

For example, in Wikipedia, you can read that in the US, the method of magnetic therapy is recognized pseudoscientificIn particular, in 2002, in the report of the US National Science Foundation, magnetic therapy was named "Completely unscientific".

American medical experts call magnetic therapy a pseudoscientific method, explaining the mechanisms of its action - “fantastic” and claim that there is no clinical evidence of its effectiveness.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines prohibit the sale and advertising of any magnetotherapy products as medical devices, since claims about the therapeutic effect of such devices in the USA are considered to be unfounded. In Russia, magnetic therapy is used and the turnover of medical devices is growing year by year.

We consider it necessary to announce the list of diseases and conditions in which magnetic therapy is absolutely contraindicated:

  • • the presence of a pacemaker,
  • • bleeding and tendency to it,
  • • systemic blood diseases,
  • • acute thrombosis, recurrent, thromboembolic complications,
  • • aneurysm of the heart, aorta and large vessels,
  • • cardiovascular insufficiency above stage II,
  • • severe cardiac arrhythmias,
  • • acute myocardial infarction,
  • •mental disorders,
  • • active tuberculous process,
  • • infectious diseases in the acute stage,
  • • individual intolerance.

Sellers of medical devices of the miracle often position their goods as accessible and authorized for use by the whole family, while omitting that the effect of the device on a patient with a pacemaker, for example, is deadly dangerous. The use of such devices for pregnant women, especially in the early stages is absolutely contraindicated

The pricing policy of sellers and manufacturers of Almagov and Mavitov also raises many questions from potential buyers. for example Almag factory price is 8,000 rubles, but Mavit costs 10,000 rubles.

Agree, this is not quite an adequate price for a box with a magnet. But this is the price of the manufacturer. If you try to order these devices from resellers for advertisements in the media - you can voice a completely different, inflated price.

You risk not only overpaying, but also buying a fake.

One way or another, we do not take the responsibility to state something unambiguously, but simply inform our visitors. As always, we are waiting for your feedback on magnetic therapy in general, and Almag (01-02) and Mavit (ULP-01) devices in particular.

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Mavit - instructions for use of the device, indications for use and precautions

Prostatitis is a very common problem in men over 35 years old. When this disease develops stagnation in the prostate gland, which leads to its inflammation and edema.

As a result, urination problems, erectile dysfunction, the man experiences pain and discomfort in the perineum.

Developed by Russian scientists at the Elatomsky Instrument Plant, the Mavit apparatus, the instructions for use of which describe its effect in detail, is suitable for the prevention and treatment of the chronic form of prostate inflammation.

The device Mavit (technical name of the ULP-01- "ELAT") consists of the following components:

  • Power supply with power cord. On the power supply there are light indicators, a button for turning the device on and off. Their work with the inclusion of the apparatus Mavit is described in detail in the instructions for use.
  • Applicator that connects to the power supply with a special cord. On the applicator there are recesses for fingers for ease of use. Details consider the massager can be in the photo on the Internet.

On one side, the applicator has a flattening, which, when turned on, starts to emit magnetic pulses with an amplitude of 3 to 30 mT and a frequency of 20 to 100 Hz. In addition, the tip of the massager vibrates with a frequency in the range of 20 - 100 Hz, and is heated to a temperature of 38.5 - 42 ° C.

Such a combination of vibration, warming and magnetic therapy provides a comprehensive effect on the prostate gland and other organs of the urogenital system.

With regular use of the device Mavit, according to the instructions for use, the device has the following effect:

  • The rapid decrease in swelling of the tissues of the prostate gland.
  • Normalization of spermatogenesis and secretion of prostate secretion.
  • Stimulation of blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  • Restoration of sexual function.
  • Relief of urination
  • Acceleration of the effects of drugs taken by the patient for the treatment of prostatitis.

Doctors have always recommended physiotherapeutic procedures, in particular massage and magnetic therapy, as an addition to drug therapy for prostatitis.

Vibration in combination with the heat emitted by the applicator of the Mavit device ensures acceleration of the blood flow, stimulation of the regenerative processes, removal of the inflammatory infiltrate.

The magnetic impulses of the device Mavit contribute to the removal of pain, swelling, stimulation of metabolic processes in the prostate gland. In addition, one of the main advantages of the device is the complete absence of side effects and disadvantages during operation. Подробное видео описание работы прибора можно найти в сети.

Показаниями к использованию устройства Мавит являются такие заболевания:

  • Хронический простатит.
  • Adenoma (benign hyperplasia) of the prostate.
  • Chronic inflammation of the seminal vesicles.
  • Difficulties with erection.
  • Infectious inflammation of the urethra and prostate gland.

In addition, many doctors recommend using the device Mavit for the prevention of inflammation and stagnation in the pelvic area. This is especially true for men over 35 years.

Mavit can be used as a separate treatment or in combination with the medication prescribed by the doctor.

According to the instructions for use, there are such limitations to physiotherapeutic procedures using the Mavit apparatus:

  • Inflammation, cracks, tumors of the rectum.
  • Malignant neoplasms in the prostate gland and other urinary organs.
  • The defeat of the prostate mycobacterium tuberculosis.

The device Mavit cannot be used in the acute course of prostatitis or in the phase of exacerbation of the chronic form of inflammation of the gland.

The effective impact of the Mavit apparatus is confirmed by numerous positive reviews from both buyers describing their sensations after the procedure and specialists. Patients notice relief after 3 - 4 use of the device, the absence of exacerbations of chronic prostatitis for a long time.

There are also negative feedback. Many men have a negative attitude to the method of using the device and prefer traditional treatment with drugs, for this reason, the procedure scheme is often violated, the duration of the break between courses is also longer than the recommended period.

The price for the device Mavit from the official representative of the manufacturer a little above 11,000 rubles. In pharmacies and online stores, its cost is significantly higher and amounts to about 12,000 rubles. The warranty period of the Mavit device, as indicated in the instructions for use, lasts one year. However, the manufacturer guarantees at least five years of uninterrupted operation of the device.

Mavit - instructions for use, advantages and disadvantages of the device

If you experience symptoms of acute prostatitis, you should not self-medicate, you need to seek professional help from a urologist.

The operation of the device Mavit instruction is strictly prohibited in the period of exacerbation, therefore, it is necessary to achieve the remission phase of the disease with the help of drugs.

After consulting with a doctor, it is possible to start a course of supporting medical treatment with simultaneous use of the Mavit device, which, according to the instructions, is not a contraindication to the procedure.

To use the device Mavit instruction prescribes as follows:

  1. Disinfect the applicator with a special solution. It can be specially intended for disinfecting plastic products or ordinary medical alcohol. Care must be taken to ensure that liquid does not get inside the device.
  2. Turn on the device in the outlet. At the same time, the "Network" indicator should light up.
  3. Put the condom on the applicator and lubricate it with a lubricant or Vaseline.
  4. Lie on your back, spread your bent legs and gently insert the applicator into the rectum.
  5. Turn on the device with the "Start / Stop" button. There will be sensations of vibration and heat. The Start / Stop and Operation LEDs on the power supply light up.
  6. After 30 minutes the timer beeps. The device must be turned off with the button, remove the applicator and disconnect the device from the network.
  7. After use, the massager must be re-sanitized.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to empty the intestines and bladder, if necessary, it is recommended to use an enema, after that you need to carry out the necessary hygienic procedures.

The course of using the device Mavit according to the instructions is 7 - 9 daily procedures, each of which lasts half an hour. Mavit should be applied at about the same time of day, after the procedure it is recommended to rest for about an hour. The next course of treatment should be repeated after 2 months.

For the prevention of prostate inflammation and erectile dysfunction, Mavit is also used in accordance with the instruction manual. The manufacturer recommends a seven-day treatment with a break of two months.

The advantages of the device Mavit include:

  • The possibility of self-use at home without help.
  • To use the device does not need medical knowledge and skills.
  • Safety of materials of which the applicator is made.
  • The speed of the effect.

It is not difficult to use the instrument Mavit, the instruction for which describes the procedure step by step. However, before using the device, it is necessary to obtain additional advice from a doctor in order to exclude the presence of contraindications.

Mavit in urology for prostate massage in men: indications, contraindications and scope

Doctors confirm the fact that the number of men facing diseases of the prostate gland is growing.

Their treatment is challenging, as the prostate is located in a remote place. In addition to medications that are prescribed to the patient, to alleviate the symptoms of the disease and relieve inflammation, it is necessary to cope with stagnation in the body.

They occur due to lack of physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle of a man. Prostate massage is one of the necessary methods of treatment that the doctor prescribes for patients.

Most men are negative about its conduct, as they are held captive by prejudices, and they are not ready to allow a specialist to influence the body in this way.

To solve this problem, Mavit ULP-01, a specially developed device by doctors, is used to mechanically affect the prostate for therapeutic purposes. His invention is an achievement in urology, as its effectiveness is recognized by doctors and patients and is confirmed by numerous reviews.

The price of the massager fully justifies itself, since the patient, having paid once, receives a device that can be used many times as needed in comfortable conditions for him.

Indications and contraindications to the use of the device

Mavit is a physiotherapeutic device, it acts on the prostate gland in three ways at once: by raising the temperature of the tissues with the help of the generated heat, vibrating and creating a magnetic field. This method of exposure determines the indications for use of the device specified in the instructions.

Mavit treatment should be carried out in patients with chronic prostatitis in remission, as well as prostatic hyperplasia. He is also prescribed for other urological problems (prostate vesiculitis, urethroprostatitis). Before using the device, the patient should visit the doctor and be diagnosed for an accurate diagnosis.

The use of Mavit has a number of contraindications, the absence of which you need to make sure before starting treatment. Each patient needs to know that the device cannot be used in the acute form of inflammation of the prostate gland and pelvic organs, as well as during the exacerbation of the chronic course of the disease.

Oncological processes in the rectum, prostate, intestine or bladder are an absolute contraindication to the use of Mavit. These include organ tuberculosis or suspicion of it.

The device Mavit will be useful for men who monitor their health and do not have contraindications to its use.

It is not necessary to wait until diseases of the prostate gland appear, it is possible to start their prevention in time.

Massaging the prostate with the Mavit apparatus is very useful for men's health, it will help increase libido and increase potency, as well as adjust the metabolism in the gland and enhance the process of tissue regeneration.

One of the causes of prostatitis is stagnation in the body. They contribute to the accumulation of dead cells in the tissues that cause the inflammatory process.

Therefore, prostate massage is a good method for the prevention of prostate diseases. Men who already have prostate diseases need to purchase the device after consulting with the urologist.

He will become a reliable assistant in the fight against illness.

With it, you can massage the prostate gland at any time, in a comfortable environment for the patient. This will ensure greater efficiency of treatment and enhance the effect of drugs prescribed by the doctor.

Patients before treatment should take into account one nuance, to influence the prostate at the time of acute inflammation is not recommended, as this can aggravate the situation. The price of the massager is fully justified by the benefits that it can bring to the patient, because the device can be used for treatment many times.

The device Mavit is a certified device and has been successfully used to treat prostate diseases for many years. During this time, gathered enough information about its effectiveness, which can, if desired, become familiar. The experience of doctors and patient reviews speak for themselves. Moreover, if treated correctly, the possibility of side effects is practically excluded.

The assembly of the Mavit apparatus consists of only a few elements. The cardboard box contains a small white device made of polystyrene.

A power cord and a cable with an applicator for the patient leave him. Each device is accompanied by a user manual, which has all the necessary information for the buyer.

On the cover of the Mavit unit, there are several indicators that glow when it is turned on.

The duration of his work is controlled by the built-in timer. It affects the body with a warm, vibratory massage, as well as a magnetic field, thereby achieving a high efficiency of the procedure.

When purchasing a Mavit apparatus, a man should carefully study the instructions, as well as take care of the availability of additional funds necessary for treatment with his help.

The procedure itself can be divided into several stages:

  1. Should prepare the body. To do this, the patient must empty the bladder and rectum. If you do not want to go to the toilet, it is permissible to use an enema.
  2. To make the procedure comfortable and hygienic, the nozzle inserted into the body should be placed in a condom and smeared well with petroleum jelly.
  3. Treatment should be supine. The applicator is placed inside the rectum so that its flat end adjoins it in the area where the prostate is located.
  4. The duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. After this time has elapsed, the device will turn itself off and the lights on its case will go out.
  5. The nozzle should be carefully removed from the anus, remove the condom and do not forget to disinfect it in the manner indicated in the instructions.
  6. A man is recommended to take a rest after the procedure, so the healing effect will be better fixed.

Despite the fact that the Mavit device is recommended to use a doctor, not all patients are ready to purchase it, partly because of the fear that there will not be a proper effect from its use. You can verify the groundless doubts by studying the principles of the device and reading reviews about the results of treatment with it.

This is not a placebo, which acts on the body only because of the belief in its effectiveness of the patient. How the device Mavit works can be seen with my own eyes. To do this, just touch his tip and make sure that it heats up and vibrates. The need for a prostate massage, no one there is no doubt, as it is confirmed in practice.

Therapeutic effect

The patient feels the therapeutic effect after several procedures. Especially if the treatment occurs not only with the help of the device, but in combination with taking the necessary medications, which are necessarily prescribed for chronic prostatitis and other problems with the gland in men.

The device Mavit enhances their action, and the patient quickly goes on the mend. Some patients after a session have exacerbations of the disease, this is not a reason to cancel the treatment and by the end of the course everything is normal. But this is true only for those patients who have consulted with a doctor and are confident in the absence of contraindications.

Each patient answers this question for himself, after consulting with the doctor. On the Internet there are many reviews of men, for whom the purchase of the device has become a profitable investment in their health. Regardless of whether they were treated or used the device for prevention.

Health is one of the most important values ​​in a person’s life, so no need to spare money to save or return it. Moreover, the cost of purchasing the device pays off with the benefits that a man receives from him, without being lazy to undergo treatment in the recommended time frame.

Where can I buy a Mavit device and what is its price

The device is manufactured by Elatomsky Instrument Plant in Russia.

It can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or ordered from dealers, having first made sure that they are sellers of the original goods.

The price of the device Mavit Elat depends on the policy of the seller and may be somewhat different, usually being within 10-12 thousand rubles. We advise you to examine the offers on the market before you buy, in order to find an offer that is profitable for you.