Hilak Forte: instructions for use, composition and release form


Hilak Forte: instructions for use during pregnancy and in childhood. When and in what dosages can hilak forte be used?

In the treatment of various infectious diseases and conditions united by the concept of dysbacteriosis, drugs are used - probiotics. The most famous of them - Lactobacterin, Linex, Bifidumbacterin - contain strains of beneficial bacteria that inhabit the human intestine. Hilak forte fundamentally different composition and mechanism of action, but at the same time it is no less effective. What is its uniqueness?

What is Hilak forte medicine?

Hilak Forte - drops of 30 or 100 ml in a bottle of dark glass. The solution is intended for ingestion and consists of substances released during the life of microorganisms. To prepare the drug, the bacteria themselves are not used, but the metabolic products of lactobacilli, streptococci, which normally inhabit the large intestine, and non-pathogenic Escherichia coli. They suppress reproduction and lead to the death of colonies of various pathogenic microbes, freeing up a niche for beneficial microflora.

In addition to the main components, Hilak Forte also contains important excipients: lactic acid, citric and phosphoric acids, phosphates of sodium and potassium. These are acidic and buffering bases that create in the intestine a certain pH value of the food lump and parietal mucus. The drug maintains the acidity of the nutrient medium, on which pathogens die, while the beneficial ones actively proliferate.

Thanks to the restoration of the normal microbial biocenosis in the intestines, patients strengthen local and general immunity, reduce the activity of allergic reactions, improve digestion, reduce the attacks of colic, increase digestibility of food and production of vitamins.

Hilak Forte for kids - what is it?

  • The drug is a light yellow liquid, which has a sour smell and a similar taste.
  • The composition of Khilak Forte includes specially selected groups of bacteria that contribute to the normalization of the activity of the natural microflora.
  • Hilak Forte children is indicated for use for recovery of natural microflora baby is not fully formed intestine through natural resources.
  • Taking the drug to a newborn can improve the condition of the intestinal mucous membranes, and also nourishes the body with vitamins K and B.
  • Thanks to Hilak Forte, the immune system functions correctly, not only its resistance, but also its efficiency increases.

Before using the drug, you should consult with a competent specialist - a pediatrician. Before direct use should read the instructions for use.

Instructions for use Hilak Forte

It is necessary to draw your attention to the fact that the preparation includes high concentration of live bacteriatherefore, it should be stored in a dark and cool place, no more than six months, avoiding direct sunlight on the container.

Sometimes an obligatory therapeutic measure for a newborn is taking an antibiotic - an aggressive drug that has not only a positive, but also a detrimental effect on the body. After such stress for the body of the newborn, it is necessary to restore the natural intestinal microflora in the right way, otherwise the organs and systems of the small body begin to suffer. With the help of the stipulated drug, it is possible to balance the intestinal microflora, normalizing its natural composition by biological means.

The composition of the drug includes biosynthetic lactic acid, as well as buffer salts and auxiliary active ingredients that contribute to the normalization of the acidity of the gastrointestinal tract of the infant, despite the reduced or increased acidity of the body. Actually, this is the uniqueness of the drug.

Another, no less important, its feature is the fact that its composition is active in removing salmonella from the body of a newborn, after detecting its erythritis Salmonella disease. This is due to the fact that the growth of anaerobic flora increases during the taking of the medicine in the infant's body, which has a strong resistance to Salmonella.

Indications for use Hilak Forte child

  • Salmonellosis in infants in convalescence.
  • The manifestation of allergic reactions on the skin, for example, urticaria or chronic eczema.
  • Enterogenic problems with the activity of the gallbladder and liver.
  • During the period of the therapeutic course of acute infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Atrophic or chronic gastroenteritis (a disease accompanied by inflammation of the digestive organs).
  • Inflammation of the large intestine, pathology acquired the name - colitis.
  • Stomach disorders that are accompanied by flatulence, diarrhea, or constipation.
  • Pathology in the development or dysfunction of the digestive organs, dyspepsia.
  • If a newborn often regurgitates.
  • After taking antibiotics to restore the natural intestinal microflora.

Dosage regimen according to instructions for adults and children

  • The permissible daily intake for an adult is 40 to 60 drops three times a day, it is recommended to be taken with meals.
  • A newborn baby must be added to the liquid from 15 to 30 drops of the drug, with the exception of dairy products. It must be taken three times a day.
  • Once it has been possible to stabilize the activity of the children's gastrointestinal tract, it is necessary to take dose reduced by exactly half and continue taking as a preventative procedure.

Regarding the use of the drug by an adult woman during pregnancy or during breastfeeding, numerous studies have shown that he carries with it no danger to the fetus or mother.

Contraindications and side effects

Due to the natural origin of the drug, it is not able to cause pronounced negative manifestations on the body of the newborn. The following conditions may occur:

  • Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug and the manifestation of an allergic reaction in the form of a rash and itching on the skin.
  • In the first days of taking the drug, there may be slight malfunctions in the digestive organs, for example, constipation or, conversely, diarrhea.

In most cases, the drug Hilak Forte is well tolerated, but only by adults, but also by newborn children, which at this stage is extremely vulnerable.

With regard to contraindications for use, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Hypersensitive to the components of the drug, which are part of it, for example, lactic acid or buffer salts.
  • The drug Hilak Forte is strictly prohibited to be taken simultaneously with any dairy or dairy products.

Interaction with other drugs

Have there been any cases of overdose of a drug by a child? We want to note that if you strictly adhere to the scheme of use of the drug, then overdose does not occur. Otherwise, allergic reactions can occur on the skin of the newborn, as well as disorders of the digestive system.

As for interaction with other drugs, in most cases it is prescribed as a supportive agent during the active therapeutic phase with the use of antibiotics, as well as other aggressive drugs that have a detrimental effect on the stomach, liver and intestines. In this case, problems with the interaction is not observed, the only thing with which it is not recommended to take Hilak Forte, so it is with antacid medication, as the lactic acid is neutralized in Hilak Forte.

The advantages of using the drug Hilak Forte

The drug, tested by time, has a fairly large number of advantages, these should include:

  • Quite an acceptable cost compared to identical counterparts,
  • The drug Hilak Forte has been around for over 50 years. During this time, he managed not only to recommend himself well, but also to undergo numerous scientific studies,
  • The convenience of use. The drug can be diluted with juices or other sweet liquids,
  • Thanks to the active and auxiliary components of the drug, it is possible to restore more than 500 species of various bacteria, which are an integral part of the natural intestinal microflora,
  • It has a quick effect.

As we have said, prebiotics are afraid of sunlight, so the drug must be stored in a cool and dark place, and also carefully monitor the expiration dates that are indicated on the package.

Leading pediatricians recommend taking Hilak Forte for any disorders of the digestive system. Quite often it is indicated for use as a prophylactic agent. Based on the numerous reviews of young mummies, the medicine Hilak Forte allows stop colic and bloating in the newborn. But you should pay your attention that all cases are individual, and also the positive effect of taking Hilak Forte is not always immediately noticeable.

Not to put into words how I felt sorry for my newborn long-awaited daughter when she squirmed and cried because of colic. The pediatrician appointed us Hilak forte. He came to us completely. Baby calmed down and colic problem stopped stand before us so keenly. I advise everyone!

I was always overcome with panic when I realized that my newborn baby would have to give medicine. I did my best to limit myself to popular proven recipes. However, during the journey, our child had a hard time. He became restless, often crying and overwhelmed colic. In the telephone mode, our pediatrician advised us to try to give Hilak Forte.

Of course, I began to surf the Internet to make sure it is safe for newborns. At one of the forums, more experienced mothers convinced me that the composition of this drug is safe, it is given to many newborns even as a prophylactic. In general, I want to note that an overwhelming number of reviews have been positive.

We immediately went to the nearest pharmacy for Hilak Forte. He has become our panacea. Mark's condition improved, his appetite became better, he began to sleep and stay in a good mood. I want to add that now, if necessary, we accept Hilak Forte in order to normalize all the processes occurring in the digestive organs.

What is the drug "Hilak Forte"?

Instructions for use, price and reviews are presented below. However, before reading them, you need to find out what kind of drug it is.

“Hilak Forte” is a medicine that comes in the form of drops. In the pharmacy chain you can buy a bottle with a capacity of 100 or 30 milliliters. It is worth noting that the price of medication in a larger volume turns out to be more profitable. So, one package of medicine with a capacity of 30 milliliters will cost you about 300 rubles. If you get a big bottle, then be ready to give at least 600 rubles for it.

The composition of the drug includes a variety of beneficial bacteria in the required human dosage. Also among the active substances can be found several acids that enhance the work of the first.

Can I take Hilak Forte during pregnancy?

As you know, in the period of carrying a baby, every woman should be especially attentive to her health. After all, the condition of her future baby depends on it. The drug "Hilak Forte" during pregnancy is not contraindicated. This is evidenced by the instruction. What do experts say?

Doctors say that taking this medication during pregnancy is possible. However, for this to be valid evidence. Before prescribing this medication, it is necessary to take into account possible contraindications and restrictions. You should also choose an individual dosage in each case.

Indications for use drops

When do doctors unconditionally prescribe “Hilak Forte” during pregnancy? The following situations can be considered indications for taking the drug:

  • strong toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy,
  • digestive problems
  • diarrhea or constipation caused by the new position and hormonal changes,
  • treatment with antibiotics or other drugs that violate the intestinal microflora,
  • flatulence and gas formation,
  • poisoning,
  • diseases of the stomach, liver and gallbladder (in combination therapy),
  • some skin diseases.

During the period of carrying a child, the doctor always takes into account the severity of the symptoms and, starting from this, selects the appropriate dose of the drug.

Method of use of the drug

How to take the drug "Hilak Forte" during pregnancy? Shake the medicine before use. After that, drip the amount of drops specified by the doctor and, if desired, dilute with water. You need to drink medicine before meals or during meals three times a day.

A single dose of the drug can be from 40 to 60 drops. It all depends on the severity of the symptoms. As soon as the expectant mother begins to feel better, the dose of the drug is reduced and ranges from 20 to 30 drops. The duration of treatment is always chosen by the doctor. Sometimes it is conducted by courses.

Reviews of the drug "Hilak Forte"

What is better, "Hilak Forte" or another prebiotic? Reviews of consumers say that this drug has a lot of advantages. Thus, one package of the drug is enough for several months of administration. While the usual beneficial bacteria in the tablets end very quickly, and are expensive. Also, future mothers talk about the convenience of taking medication. Many pregnant women face toxicosis and cannot drink regular pills. Drops dissolved in water are practically not felt and do not cause a gag reflex.

Doctors often prescribe the drug "Hilak Forte" or "Linex." However, the latter medication is recommended to be taken along with dairy products. The drops described above exclude this condition. The instructions indicate that they are not recommended to drink with milk and other similar products. That is why the drug "Hilak Forte" is recognized as the most versatile and safe during pregnancy. It is worth noting that the drug can be used in late pregnancy. While other medicines penetrate into breast milk and may have a negative effect on the body of the child.

Pharmacists suggest that pregnant women use this drug more often than other prebiotics and complexes of beneficial bacteria. After all, every expectant mother takes vitamin complexes. The described drug contributes to the proper absorption of vitamins. The composition of the drug also has a regenerating effect. "Hilak Forte" promotes healing of the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines of the future mother. It restores acidity, regardless of its original values.

Summing up or conclusion

You now know whether it is possible to use the drug "Hilak Forte" during pregnancy. Despite the positive reviews and the safety of the drug, you should not use it thoughtlessly. Before each course should consult a doctor. Remember that now the health of your future baby depends on you.

Can Hilak forte during pregnancy?

Hilak Forte is a natural and safe drug that is easy to take and dispense. The effect of its reception can be felt almost immediately - and this is another “plus” of this tool.

During pregnancy, the overwhelming majority of women have certain digestive problems, which is connected, first of all, with an increase in the uterus, which puts pressure on the internal organs - the liver, intestines, and stomach. Therefore, constipation, heartburn, indigestion - in future mothers is not uncommon.

Is it possible in this case to take Hilak Forte, or is it contraindicated during pregnancy?

The instructions for the drug indicated that Hilak Forte is recognized as a safe drug, but during pregnancy, its reception should be coordinated with the doctor. And this is correct - pregnant women should coordinate the reception of any medications and even folk remedies with the doctor. We should not forget that the period of carrying a child is a responsible and serious stage in the life of a woman, because a new human life is born inside her.

However, the safety of Hilak Forte during pregnancy is proven. The drug does not have a systemic effect, since it does not penetrate into the bloodstream, but acts directly in the digestive tract, therefore this remedy cannot harm the child.

Хилак форте: применение при беременности

Препарат разрешен в любом сроке беременности, так как не оказывает никакого вредного влияния на развивающийся плод.

  • In pregnant women, digestive insufficiency is often observed due to decreased intestinal motility and pressure on the enlarged uterus on it. Hilak forte helps with constipation, flatulence, various disorders of food digestion.
  • With the help of this drug, the intestines are freed from pathogenic bacteria and enteropathogenic viruses much faster. Therefore, it is recommended to include it in the treatment of colitis, gastroenteritis and enterocolitis of an infectious nature.
  • Shown Hilak forte with frequent for the period of pregnancy allergic conditions.
  • As with all probiotics, one of the most important indications for use are any conditions and diseases in which the patient was prescribed antibiotics or sulfonamides.
  • Treatment of dysbiosis, including thrush.

How to take Hilak forte during pregnancy? It is diluted in water or any other liquid, with the exception of milk and its derivatives (to avoid neutralization and inactivation of buffer bases). Drink before or during meals three times a day. The recommended single dose for a pregnant woman is 40-60 drops. How many take Hilak forte? After improving the condition and eliminating the symptoms of the disease, supportive treatment is carried out at half the dose for another 10 days.

Hilak Forte: Use for Newborns

The drug can be given to babies from the second day of life.. Allergic reactions, constipation or relaxation of the stool are very rarely possible. The average therapeutic dosage is 15 drops up to 3 times a day, supporting - 7-10 drops, respectively. How to give Hilak forte: diluted in boiled water at room temperature, and not in milk.

Indications for use of the drug do not differ from those in pregnant women. Depending on age, a single therapeutic dose can be from 15 to 40 drops, a supportive dose is half as much.

Can I take the drug?

The official instruction of the drug indicates that the drug belongs to the group of prebiotics. This means that the components of Hilak Forte are products of the normal metabolism of the human body.

This composition of the drug allows you to create the most favorable conditions in the intestine to increase the population of normal microflora, which helps to restore the processes of splitting and absorption of food. Also, due to the content of naturally synthesized lactic acid in the preparation, the stomach environment is normalized, regardless of whether the acidity was initially increased or decreased.

In the early stages

In the first weeks of pregnancy, all the internal organs of the child are laid down. To avoid various congenital malformations and abnormalities in the development of the baby’s body, a woman during this period is strongly advised to exclude the use of medication.

Since Hilak Forte consists only of metabolic products of the natural intestinal microflora, which do not enter the bloodstream, therapy with this drug in early pregnancy will be completely harmless to both the woman and her unborn baby.

On late terms

In the third trimester, the child’s processes of increasing the mass of muscles and internal organs take place. The health of a woman during this period depends on how much the baby will have good health and endurance.

Reception Hilak forte in late pregnancy will not only deliver the full body of substances needed for its nutrition and development, but also normalize the microflora of the birth canal, thus preparing them for the birth of the baby.

Indications and contraindications

The drug should be taken only if there is evidence for the treatment of prebiotics. Hilak Forte is prescribed when the following pathology occurs in a pregnant woman:

  • pathological disturbance of the ratio of normal microflora in all parts of the intestine,
  • flatulence,
  • violation of the frequency of bowel movements and changes in the consistency of the contents of the intestine,
  • heartburn,
  • inflammatory processes in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Since the drug contains components that were originally contained in the human body, a contraindication for taking Hilak Forte is only an individual idiosyncrasy to the substrates of metabolism.

Instructions and dosage

The official instructions Hilak Forte contains all the necessary information for the correct use of the drug during the entire pregnancy. If you strictly follow all the recommendations, the effect of the drug comes immediately after the first dose.

To restore the normal functioning of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, Hilak Forte should be taken according to the following scheme:

  • Take the drug regularly three times a day,
  • 40 to 60 drops of a prebiotic are taken at a time,
  • Do not take the drug in its pure form. Before use, a single dose must be diluted with a small amount of water
  • medicine is taken before meals or during meals.

Treatment Hilak Forte is carried out under the supervision of a physician. If the pregnant woman improves, the doctor may reduce a single dose of the medicine.

During the entire period of drug therapy, milk and dairy products should be excluded from the diet of a pregnant woman.

Side effects

Due to the natural composition of the drug, undesirable effects during treatment with a prebiotic are practically excluded. Extremely rarely, in the presence of hypersensitivity to lactobacillus, skin manifestations of allergy can be observed: rash-type urticaria, pruritus.

Also sometimes from the side of the gastrointestinal tract there may be a violation of the chair in the form of constipation or diarrhea.

At any stage of pregnancy, Hilak Forte will help the woman to normalize the stool, get rid of the unpleasant feeling of heartburn, restore the vaginal microflora, and strengthen the body's defenses.